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(Academy RP) The Legend of Red Hill

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It is a known fact that the Chyrcassians greatly respect the honor and dignity of a king. Every soveriegn  king is believed to be blessed and protected by the Royal Curse to a point that a king can only be killed in an honorable way.

It is believed to have started during the battle of Red Hill. It was a war between the Chyrcassians as the invaders and the native kingdom of Red Hill on the defensive side during the early migration of the Chyrcassians to the region which later became a part of the Chycassian kingdom today. The war began with the siege of Red Hill by the Chyrcassians where they finally broke through the natives defence, giving the Chyrcassians an opportunity to go in an all out attack. The natives were able to hold their ground and fought back for a moment before they eventually surrendered to the Chyrcassians. It was a bloodbath as many of the natives were killed during the battle while those who survived were captured and gathered by the Chyrcassian army. Eventually, the native king of Red Hill were captured by the Chyrcassians and were dragged all the way to Cacausa, the military commander who led the Chyrcassians during the battle of Red Hill. “No one can stop us. Not the people, not the army and not even this incapable king. This should be a lesson and a warning to everyone who wish to fight against us, the Chyrcassian army, the loyal servant of the Great Central Empire.” Cacausa beheaded the native king of Red Hill where the body were throw into a pit of fire, while the rest including innocent civilians were mercilessly executed to death. The genocide was extremely cruel and blood flows trough out the town where it eventually were given the name Red Hill

Several weeks has passed and many Chyrcassians has settled in the newly occupied territory. “Arghh, we need help. There is a headless men riding a horse in Red Hill. He is murdering the civilians.” Cries a young man, as he gasped for air after running all the way from Road Hill to Orange Hill, a neighbouring town. The news spreaded throughout a Chyrcassia but it was mostly ignored as many considered it a nonsensical rumour. As time pass, more and more people were murdered. Eventually, the Chyrcassian started to believe the rumours causing fear and unrest throughout Chyrcassia. With the increasing number of murder report, the Chyrcassian army were finally deployed in search of the headless men but unfortunately they fail to capture it and eventually it vanishes as the sun rises.

The issue finally concern the tribal chiefs and a meeting were taken place in the royal hall regarding the issue after many unsuccessful attempt to catch the murderer. “That murderer is a no human. I have witness it with my own eyes. He is a headless ghost.” Says one of the witness. “Yes, he reminds me of the king of the native of Red Hill that we be headed during the war. Maybe he is coming to get his revenge.” Says another witness. “He can’t be killed. Many of our soldiers were killed. We can’t do anything. He is indeed unkillable.” Says one of the soldiers who had witness the headless men. As the discussion goes own, suddenly an old woman who happens to be one of the few surviving Red Hill natives and a slave of the nobles of Chyrcassia stands and said, “Every sovereign King is blessed and protected by the Royal Curae. Any part of a king’s body should never be separated from the body. Chyrcassia will be doomed till he gets what he wants.”

 It is believed that the curse has finally ended during the “Great War” after the settlement Red Hill were completely destroyed in the battle.

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