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[Academy RP] The Masked Servant

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Rat-a-tat-tat! Helsi the servant tilt his head towards the entrance door where the knocking sound came from. Rat-a-tat-tat! The door was knocked again. "I am on my way. " He then walks towards the entrance as the sound gets louder. 

"Who is it?" he ask. The man who were knocking the door replied "it's me, Carli. Open the door." After hearing the reply, Helsi finally open the entrance door.

 "Welcome home master. Huh! What is going on." Helsi asked as he helps his master to walk inside and quickly lie him down on a sofa. "Why are you covered in blood." He ask while he went to grab the medical kit under the shelf. "Let me treat your wound. It seems like you were badly injured. I think we need a doctor." Helsi quickly stands up to call for a doctor when suddenly Carli hold onto his arm. "Bring me to the supreme hall. I have to meet Commander Caucasus.." speaks Carli as he slowly try to stand up. "But you are injured. I insist we get you a doctor first. Your live is more important. We can meet him later." Concerns Helsi.

After thinking for a moment, Carli look towards his loyal servant. He then speaks, "Helsi, I really need to meet him.There is a very important news that Commander Caucasus needs to know. The assassins! they were sent by one of the tribal leaders. It seems like, there is a plan to overthrow the Queen and take over the Kingdom. We have to report this now before they find the Queen's hideout. Her highness is in great danger."

Helsi's expressions suddenly change from sympathetic to nervous. "Wha...who is it?" He asked. "Adihe! He was behind this" Carli replied. "Are you sure that he did this? You should not accuse any of the tribe leader without a proof. " Helsi asked again as if he does not believe Carli's accusation. "Believe me" Says Carli as he shows his servant a piece of paper. "This is the proof. Its a letter from Adihe, stating his idea to start a rebellion but I am not sure who is the recipient of this letter. Anyway, I overheard his conversation with one of his men and apparently he was behind the assassination attempt. Here is another letter that I have found on my way here. I am not sure what it means as here it only says "end the Lord you serve". It was supposed to be sent to someone named "Masked Servant"."  Carli explained. 

After a short argument Helsi finally agree with his decision. "I guess I have no choice. Let me prepare your stuff." Says Helsi in a disappointed tone as he hands over a bag filled with tools to Carli. Carli thanked him and walks towards the door when suddenly Helsi handed him a drink. "Thank you. I know I can always count on you." Carli praises his servant and quickly sips the drink. He then return the emptied mug to Helsi and start heading to his destination when he suddenly stop moving after a few steps. He suddenly felt dizzy and his heart was beating fast." What drink did you give me earlier?" Carli ask. "Poison" His servant replied. Carli slowly falls down as his servant watches him die. Helsi then  turns around and walk away from him before he takes a glance on his master dead body and says "I am the Masked Servant". 

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