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Request NPCs: Malskia & Thransaltz

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Alright, I know this will be a lot to take in. I am sorry if I this feels a bit too much, but it has been in preparation along with Sawbrania, and with Sawbrania is a concept turning out pretty well and enriching lores of all parties, I me and other people around me agreed to collectively start working on two more NPCs, each having its rich history and contributing to the general dynamics of the region.




The Kingdom of Malskia (shorthand Malskia) is the westernmost majority slavic nation in Argis. It is sandwitched between Walneria and Littland, having a history of constant border skirmishes with both (especially Littland). Its royal regime is constitutional, with a functional democratic bicameral parliament vaguely inspired by the parliaments of Western Europe IRL. Its official language, Malskian, is real life Polish, corresponding to the fact, that there are areas in southern Littland, which to this day are majority ethnic Malskian, thus creating a sort of a uneasy alliance between the two, having its bittersweet history extending from the middle ages all the way to the present day.

Besides its majority Malskian populace, it houses a notable number of Dolch and Lusuviyan people, both of which have their minority political parties, for whom the electoral threshhold of 5% has been waived. Its capital, named "Obszariec", is located in the midwest of the country (approximately on the midpoint of the line connecting Königshafen and Blanov).

Distribution of the points: Economy: 2 points; Area: 1 point; Population: 1 point

Colaboration: @Walneria + @Lusuviya + @Samm




The Principality of Thransaltz (shorthand Thransaltz) is a micronation in central Argis, having only about 45,000 inhabitants. Historically being a principality switching allegiance between Stedorian and Walnerian states, its current predicament came about in the end of the 17th century, when the leaders of both countries agreed to keep the area as a condominium. And thus, it was kept as a neutral slit of territory, to which neither of the two held any claims, but maintained its local economy and administered it jointly (think Neutral Moresnet). Eventually, this uneasy settlement came to a crouble in 1939, when Stedoria invaded Walneria and annexed Thransaltz in process, almost without a fight. This occupation, although short lived (ending in early 1940 with the defeat of Stedoria), marked the era where local populace started asking for more and more sovereignity, eventually ending with the 1980 proclamation of state sovereignity, where Thransaltz officially declared its independence from the condominium and started acting as an independent entity.

Having little weight on the international stage, both Stedoria and Walneria still have the tendency to act as "foster parents" of the small nation, giving it more than just a local support. With the dawn of the Stedorian civil war and establishment of the Gemotam regime in Stedoria, the question remains - how will the son deal with the situation of their parents getting a nasty divorce? Its capital named "Stahall" and is located about 5 kilometers east from the border tripoint of Walneria-Stedoria-Thransaltz.

Distribution of the points: Economy: 4 points; Area: 0 points; Population: 0 points

Colaboration: @Walneria + @Stedoria

Note: that exclave is there on purpose, it is connected to the rest of Transaltz via a neutral route, similar to the situation in Spain/France.

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These both look good, all I need is consent from those who collaborated with you to create these NPCs (@Lusuviya / @Samm / @Stedoria) and especially so for Lusuviya as Malskia blocks their future expansion territories.

Thransaltz on the map would more than likely be shown using the city state icon, due to its small size.

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