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[Vision Statement] The Kingdom of Renolion

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A Brief History of Renolion

The Kingdom of Renolion (pronounced Reno-Lee-On) founded in 1687, is best defined as a nation created by necessity of cooperation. In the north, the fertile soil provided appropriate conditions for large fertile harvests, and in the south, the sea provided access to neighboring nations and their resources. These two halves were unified under the rule of King Resvichesko I, who through conversation with local officials and religious leaders secured his position through diplomacy rather then a bloody conquering spree. The unification of the North and South saw the nation begin to properly develop, the north feeding the south, and the south paying the north. This system of cooperation would led to the birth of a sense of national brotherhood, forming the early concepts of the Renolion identity.

By the 1850's this sense of brotherhood had further developed as the industrial revolution further connected the two halves of the nation, long winding rail lines and horse roads stretching around the nation and providing easier access to the fields and natural resources of the north, and to the grand harbors and factories of the south. This time is widely regarded as the most peaceful time in the history of the Kingdom, with trade flourishing. However, this era wasn't without issues, as the foundations of organized crime within the nation began to be laid, with large train robbing gangs organizing raids and others creating illegal moonshining operations. In the 1870's, new ideas began to float around the Kingdom, ranging from conversion to a republic to the establishment of an absolute monarchy. As a compromise between the two sides, it was decided that a parliament would be created to allow for the public discourse of ideas, which then could be approved or denied by the Monarch

1919 was a messy time for the Kingdom, as crime families continued to further extend their power over smaller towns and communities, the Royal Army found itself playing a game of whack-a-mole. They'd eliminate the problem in one place for it to only spring up next door. Additionally, the establishment of the Communist Party would see a further divide in the politics of the Parliament and the nation. This division however was short lived, as in 1922 a protest held in the industrial city of Pizati would boil over into a riot. This was quickly suppressed by local Army units, but it would see the nation's opinion of communism permanently in the negative and it's eventually banning in 1926. From 1930 to 1990, the nation would remain largely unchanged, only encountering the occasional labour reform or small shootout between crime families. As of today the nation remains in the constant battle against organized crime, and with the ever growing problem of drugs in the urbanized areas of the country, the government finds itself ever busy trying to keep things under control.

Future Goals

Currently the nation is looking to move away from coal and oil powerplants and step into the modern era with nuclear power, however attempts at this have been largely unsuccessful due to the lack of natural uranium deposits in the country alongside lobbying from some of the nation's larger companies keeping MP's from approving the now aging Clean Energy Act. Railway reforms are also underway to see the replacement of older diesel locomotives with newer electric models, these being largely successful with only the lack of catenary slowing the change over.

Point Allocation

Population 2, GDP 1, Land 1

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