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New Lusuviyan Prime Minister

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End of Coalition Negotiations in the Rada.

For the first ever time the Lusuviyan Pirate Party won a majority of seats in the Budyonok of the Rada eating up some of the Honeycomb party's seats. Unsatisfied with Sofija Jagielsko's lax attitude towards foreign affairs and her party's unwillingness to expanding "digital voting"  head of the Pirate Party Ihor Danylovych Hnatyuk threatened to leave the coalition that had successfully lasted 3 previous governments. Unable to risk losing a left wing coalition the parties after weeks of debate agreed to make the Pirate Party the new head of the coalition on a policy of perusing closer ties and trade relationships with neighbors to strengthen global trade and to expand digital voting so that local communities can vote on where they believe local taxes should be allocated as well as new initiatives to go paperless with government forms. Federal Diet head of Home Affairs and Communication Ivan Zaikov was the first to congratulate the new Prime Minister Ihor Hnatyuk.Lusuviyan_Pirate_Party.png

Pirate Party Logo

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