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Facing adversity (Gadutea & Kōri-Chi)

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Kentoku Era



In the name of the Emperor,

From the Ministry of Imperial and Foreign Affairs of the Dominion of Kōri-Chi,

To the Republic of Gadutea (@Stedoria player),


It is with a firm disbelief that news of the attacks arose to our land as we faced such eventful wind. We strongly condemn such, and extend our deepest condolences to the victims. An attack on democratic institution concerns all its people regardless of their political ideology, and is an attack against all the democracies of Eurth.

We wish to affirm our support to your thriving democratic institutions and let you know that the Empire remains at your disposal for furthering ties as to help you find those guilty so that they may face Justice, and the souls of the victims may be free to move on. Our local ambassador, Kurata Hisoka, shall make sure to warm up the spirit of your people by being at their side in such moment of mourning.

Minister of Imperial and Foreign Affairs Hagana Nosha shall be traveling to Gadutea as to pay respect and visit State President Isenhour.



- Ministry of Imperial and Foreign Affairs

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