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Ebrarian Religion Retcon

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Hello all,

I am planning to retconn Ebrarian religion somewhat. I enjoyed creating the diverse religious landscape of Ebrary but it has become somewhat unwieldy and I am not sure having so much religious diversity (even if it is all of the same general religious persuasion) is so realistic in a country so theocratic. My ideas are as follows:

  • Retire the term "Amendant", which seems to be largely useless when Protestant exists in some form. There will still be an Ebrarian Reformation, which reforms the Ebrarian Orthodox Church into the Church of Ebrary (aka Reformed Orthodox).
  • Not sure if I will call this new church protestant. Probably will. But it's a protestantism from an Orthodox origin as opposed to the catholic origin in our timeline.
  • I will consolidate parts of the pre-retcon Ebraricist church and the Christenist denomination into the new Ebraricist Church/Church of Ebrary which will be a sort of Reformed Orthodox church.
  • Will memoryhole the "Sanctity movement" which were a group of pseudo-charismatic Christians. I cannot find a good place for them
  • I will keep the Lamenter religious minority group (sort of a combo of Mennonites and Quakers). They are fun.
  • The Parishist denomination will be reduced to a minority among the Nordic Vorstish minority.
  • The modern Ebrarian Orthodox (normal Orthodox) and Ebrarian Aroman churches will still exist as minority groups.

Some implications will be:

  • A change in the Ebrarian religious landscape to be more unified with a majority state church.
  • Ebrary will be less ecumenical in orientation, generally with the majority of Ebrarians seeing their church as the one true church.
  • The retconning of the existence of the High Ecumenical Council of Ebrary with a different religious-connected body comprised solely of members of the state church (Church of Ebrary).
  • Minor alterations to other societal and governmental structures, as well as history.

This will not:

  • significantly impact Ebrary's general historical arc, but may change details.
  • Change Ebrary's current foreign policy.
  • Affect Ebrarian history at all before the Ebrarian reformation.

I know I've been fairly inactive for a bit, but I'm hoping to have an uptick in my activity. I just wanted to keep everyone informed about this, because there's always the chance of these retcons impacting something else I did not anticipate. I should be changing wiki pages to be in line with the new Ebrarian canon. If you are interested, there's iiwiki pages or sections on most of the terms I mentioned here. Also, I apologize for the rough nature of this outline.

Any questions or even ideas are appreciated. I'm always up for cool suggestions.


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