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[Academy RP] The Infamous "Screw Your Demands" Speech (1966)

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This speech was made in October 16, 1966 by president Manuel Assarkan regarding a group of dissidents threatening the security of Reflexao.

*The president walks up to the mic, being recieved with cheering by the people*

"Good morning to all the people of Reflexao, today i bring up the demands of a dissident group in the Campalo district that wishes to overthrow our glorious government... They demanded that the Diamond Militia dissolves and demand that heir leader Shandi Gandaraha gets installed as the new president for life or "there will be blood on your hands" as it was said in this letter. This group proved to be a threat multiple times with terrorist attacks all across the country and poses a danger to democracy in general, as well as to freedom of speech, something we fight for and protect dearly within Reflexao.

With all that in mind, i say with convition: Screw Your Demands! We will not back down and let the freedom of millions get thrown in the fire! You can bring tanks, planes, jets, missiles and bombs, nothing, i repeat, NOTHING, will back us down! Our people will fight and our people will overcome this crisis, for the good of democracy and freedom, FOR THE GOOD OF REFLEXAO!!! WE WILL DEFEND OUR LAND WITH IRON FISTS!!!"

*He then leaves, being cheered by the population.*

Following this controversial speech, the dissidents invaded the states of Monteiro, Ramalva and St. Chelsea on October 17, 1966, starting the Reflexaoan Bush War (1966-1986).

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