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[Academy RP] A Bit of Reflexao's Story

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The Republic of Reflexao, also known as Upper Delta, is a country in thr Iberos region.

It gained independence after the violent Conundrum War (formally known as the Fragmentation War of 1916), where it broke free from a 16 year colonial rule.

Reflexao's first ever president, Luiz Shura Kratos, turned the small and frail Reflexaoan economy into a fair and stable economy is just 2 years until he fell victim to the ever growing communist idrology. In 1919, he was murdered in a bloody coup that installed General Edir Mançi Kalele as the new president of the country until 1923, when a civil war blew off and the government was deposed by the Diamond Militia led by Fatu Kambidalulu.

The Diamond Militia has been ruling the country since then, having democratic elections and putting civil rights, infrastructure and security above all.

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