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In the name of God

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5 July 2022, 9:27 PM, skies over the seas off the coast of Ferdinandes.

“Roger. VOLTAN 444. Contact Ferdinandes center on 134.9. Thank you and good night.”

Captain Teima Rader finished signing off with air traffic control at Bohlos, Eldorado. It had so far been a pleasant and uneventful flight from Vien to Bogd Gioro. There was little to no turbulence, the skies were clear. Visibility would be perfect if it wasn’t night. It seemed everything was going fine for these people.

Teima changed the frequency to that of Ferdinandes tower so he could check in to them. Didn’t want them to be surprised at an aircraft approaching their airspace. They might still be over the ocean, but checking in was still required. Besides, he needed to follow protocol to the letter. So he pushed the button to switch the radio frequency to that of Ferdinandes.

“Ferdinandes center, VOLTAN 444 checking in. Passing AMOOR at flight level 350, heading 030. Over.”

Next to him, his first officer and the pilot flying smiled. He was Johan Muler, a relatively new pilot to Voltan Airways. He had just started flying the 787 and barely clocked in 100 hours on it, but so far was making a distinguished pilot.

“Seems all is quiet, eh?” he said.

“Definitely,” Teima answered. “It’s almost too quiet.”

“Don’t fall asleep on me!” Johan chuckled.

“Ha! Don’t worry about it.” Teima said “But let me focus on the handover to ATC now, alright?”


With that, Teima refocused back to his exchange with ATC, waiting on an answer from them. Things were so quiet now, with weather conditions perfect and the plane having just come out of maintenance, there was nothing that could possibly go wrong. Right?

In the passenger seat, 6 passengers in different parts of the plane got up and took various toiletries out of their carry-on bags. 4 went to the lavatories, the other 2 stayed in their seats as they prepared. It wouldn’t be long before they carried out their master plan, in the name of the great lord. They thought it sad that such drastic measures were needed, but if it would bring about ollin then they knew it would be needed. Those sacrificed in the process would enjoy a good life as martyrs in the heavens, and thus they could rest easy.

Now, they just needed to pull it off.

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