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Operation Hisame

Kori Chi

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« Therefore? » questioned Governor Aragushi.

« We are building our logistical capabilities in Takao, Myōkō, Haguro and Maya. The Shinano, Taihō and Shōkaku shall lead the operation » expressed the highest ranking Admiral in the room. « It shall be swift, and we shall be able to project the Army’s desired logistics within 3 weeks after the start » he’d pursue.

Aragushi was satisfied with the vision, as he’d still wonder « At what date shall the operation start? ».

« 7th December, the ice will be at the lowest risk there and temperatures benefit us, alongside the seas surrounding the Yakamochi peninsula which is the prime target will be most kind to us, allowing for amphibious unload, with as first priority the construction of landing grounds for the Army’s engineers, while us, the Navy shall focus on coastal installations for facilitating the logistics, as our ships shall for this 3 weeks period serve as platform for transiting » firmly confirmed the Admiral, as he’d give hostile glances towards the General, Army and Navy never having been along truly.

« How many civilians? » sharply asked Aragushi.

This time, the General would take on, « 3 000 for this year, firmly established ».

« And scientists? » would further ask Aragushi, concerned about the image the operation would render.

« About 400, including university students » confirmed the General, as he already had the war of communication in mind.

« Minister Sogami » would call now Aragushi.

« Hai! » responded the Minister Sogami, in charge of Domestic Affairs.

« Officially, exercises. You have blank check for censorship. I have secured the opposition’s support for it » ordered Aragushi, « Minister Nosha, minimise it » he’d this time turn on his right.

« Hai! » obeyed Minister Nosha, in charge of Imperial and Foreign Affairs.

« Hisame it is » whispered to himself Aragushi, as he ended the meeting.

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