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Operation Hisame

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  • 7 months later...

« Please, do » Aragushi expressed his approval, through a simple gesture of his hand, as to allow a Captain who’s been in the ground to proceed to his presentation.

« Aligato » said the Captain in thanks, as he got a sign of the head from the Admiral to do so, before proceeding. « Delays due to the weather cost us 12 days, but allowed us to firmly establish a provisory light harbour with the Army’s engineers within the first 2 days. This was followed by the creation of a rudimentary air field, before having to cease again due to poor weather forecast. The weather was deceitful, costing us another 3 days of delay » he started, as he presented his slides with clear map indications and a timeline on the side. « A small air corridor was established, with the Shinano, Taihō and Shōkaku unloading finally most of their equipment and materials as to dig a deep water harbour. The work was finally launched, and is estimated to be achieved in the next 3 months, as we have impressive capacities, given that speed is our prime objective. Meanwhile, provisory buildings have been established, that shall allow to be operated safely through the Antargic winter, for 2 years, giving us time to create better infrastructures next year and the year after. Enough, even if not in the best conditions, to host 3 000 civilians, with the required side management, such as healthcare, library, schools. We plan however to shut it down to only 500 civilians for the winter, which is a great number still, but the number of scientists shall remain the same. Studies for developing long-term infrastructures shall begin within 9 days, when the experts shall start their 2 years mission, giving us time to prepare for such grand scale development » finished the Captain.

« Our original plans prepared us for delays. Are we on schedule? » Aragushi asked quite pragmatically.

The Captain hesitated, gave a look at the Admiral, which approved of the head, leading him to respond, « Not quite your Excellency. We are 8 days behind schedule ».

Aragushi seemed concerned.

« We have decided to not move resources towards the firm airfield. Such lowers our capacities, however with a deep harbour for next year, we shall be able to compensate quickly » further clarified the Captain, much to the displeasure of the Admiral.

« We do not ask for excuses, but results » intervened the Admiral, sacking his Captain, « That is why you are here, Captain, as a man on the field ».

Aragushi abruptly waved his hand, ordering for the Admiral to stop speaking, letting a few seconds of intense silence, before retaking, « How may we help you Captain as to diminish the delay? ».

« By praying » the Captain said with regret, creating another silence.

Eventually, Aragushi turned his eyes to Nosha, Minister of Imperial and Foreign Affairs, « How long until the international community knows? » he questioned.

« Well » Nosha said in discomfort, « With the crisis in @Great Anglia, most nations’ satellites aren’t focused around Antargis. And the coastal area we occupy isn’t part of any key scientific research. Therefore, either it is known by some, and they prepare a storm, or it shall soon be by the international community. Regardless, we shall stand firm for the Emperor ».

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  • 2 weeks later...

The weather was harsh. And this was the local “summer” as they said. Given the southern atmosphere’s opposed seasons from the northern one, it had been the perfect occasion since December to set foot on Antargis, as discreetly as possible. While the international community was too busy, the kori-chise government attempted masking the movement of ships as regular maritime exercises or just stating that the ships were in long-term repairs. This was completed by a clever yet premature mobile system to hide potential satellites seeking to observe the local area. At worset, this would be considered as malfunctions given the heavy clouds or natural interferences. The site was undesired, and with the notable exception of an ISTC base on the opposite site of their landing site, no one would be foolish enough to naturally live there.

Yet, the decision had been made, a city was to be there. Where the dunes of snow appeared, the sharp winds that cut through, a beacon of life would erupt eventually. Who? Who’d be strong enough to stand such.

Decades ago the Empire had seen the incredible potential of Antargis, as to exploit its natural resources, but technology did not allow humans to exploit the vast potential of the ice continent. The underdeveloped Dominion of Kōri-Chi yet, had seen the long-shoot that was appearing at its doorstep. An opportunity. The technology was not the strong point, but through perseverance and focus, such over years could be achieved. Secrecy was not truly required, given how insignificant the nation was to the Eurth. Such, was its advantage. Such, would be its strength.

Do not move against the flow, but well embrace it, turn around to enjoy of the opportunity. And such had been the move.

Rich in rare materials and uranium, the Dominion still, with its large population, remained isolated geographically. It would not be of much interest to the international investors when compared to others, except if the geopolitical context was switching to make such place, a neutral place, profitable for business. It has been lacking, sadly. And the Governors, each succeeding to this poor nation, part of the glorious Empire, could not wait and see the glob move forward while they were relentlessly last. A vision had to be drawn, and achieved, completed in due time.

Hisame was it, the Operation of all hopes. The combination of years of hard work, steady and slow progress. Yet, it was a long-shoot still to be accomplished. Before mining and other exploitations would flow in the Dominion’s economy to the benefit of His Imperial Majesty’s subjects, much time would still pass, much progress would still be required.

A population, a permanent one, living there with children, newborns, all the required facilities to make a life out of it, while working to build up this territory, this land of hopes, was required. Plus naturally, as a justification to historical claim, and show to the international community when such shall eventually be discovered, since it shall be, one day.

Anglia had allowed the perfect window to appear. Of that Governor Aragushi, honouring his predecessors’ history and commitment to the project, took note, and went on. In 2 years, first exploitations could be expected. Risking everything, risking the status of pariah, the continent wealthy with its resources was the gate to a new development, a new future, one his children couldn’t dream of. And such, was worse all the risks.

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  • 9 months later...

The “summer” had started in. The Spring had been nothing more than ice. The Summer promised to be… Slightly softer ice. After all, from such desolated land, expecting anything else than an unwelcoming touch, would be close to madness.

The landing site, of the first equipment last year, which had been troubling, looked like a battle field in the snow. Gears and equipments being spilled a bit all around having been crushed, or not of enough quality to stand the low temperatures that are harsher the Winter than what engineers thought.

« Overestimating is detrimental » expressed in a calm voice Aragushi, standing up around his desk, « But underestimating… That is foolishness » he stated, looking at the Captain.

Aragushi stared at the Captain who was seated in a chair in front of his desk, this dear Captain who came all the way from Antargis, the new “city” (if that could ever be dared called such), just to seemingly entertain the Prime Minister, who hosted a disappointed watch as he glanced.

« What may I do for you, Prime Minister? » questioned uneasy the Captain.

Aragushi would turn towards his desk, being on the side of the Captain. « For a start, better evaluating the required equipment for digging a harbour, do you not think? » he asked, of course not waiting an answer.

« With all due respects Sir… » would start to reply still the Captain.

« My dear Captain » would turn around Aragushi, bowing slightly towards him as he’d show a figure of authority, « Imagine I lose the elections » he stated in a rhetorical manner, « Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lose all we have done, the immense figure of equipments, supplies… Even men » sighed Aragushi, as the Winter had been nothing but aggressive. « I have secured the opposition not meddling into it, just with some insiders… But if they come to the government, they’ll bring in some people with moral… Ha! The irony » he expressed, turning around, being far from his usual quietness and apparently, letting unveil more than expected.

He’d walk a bit more, as to try to remain in control of his thoughts, something he always had managed… At least so far. But the stress. The stress over Antargis. The stress over the elections. The stress over Enderson. The stress over Hitoshi. All was beginning to be too much for such long days.

« I am giving you a chance to make this right, and I do not care if 100 men have to die to make it. Build. That. Harbour » he expressed in an almost visceral manner staring back at the Captain. « You shall have under your authority the entire supply chain, to make sure this time the equipment is efficient, even in the dark Winter ».

Aragushi would slightly bow back, standing up perfectly once more. « Mora » he called, as his young protégé was far back in the room, appearing to merge with the walls as he had waited his mentor’s orders. « Follow our fellow friend here. Make sure he does the work right. Focus on the results, not the means ».

Mora nodded.

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