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OOC: What to do with Volta

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So, I've been losing interest in RP'ing as Volta as of late. Not that the reforms I've been RP'ing aren't fun, they are. But rather I just don't really know where I'm going with this. Volta is going through reforms to move away from authoritarian-style communism, true. It will in the process open itself up more to the international community. Hell, once the reforms are done its even in an amazingly good position to start growing economically.

But like... the reforms are done. And then what? I just don't really see any options that catch my attention.

Part of this could be my ADHD (I was medically diagnosed with it in high school), which causes my attention to hop from one idea to another quite rapidly. But at the same time, the entire concept that birthed the nation was "What if Alexander Dubcek's reforms in Czechoslovakia succeeded?" I'm just not feeling as much passion for it as I once did. Not to mention some of my RP ideas could be done with any number of other nations.

I do feel that getting rid of Volta won't cause too much issues with continuity with other countries, as I haven't really done any joint rp's with other people yet. Most of the interactions have been OOC. As such, I feel deletion or NPC-ification would both be options. I personally don't know which I prefer, or even if I should switch.

So I figured I'd ask you guys for opinions. If you were in my position, having a nation with a lot of growth possibilities, so much things to explore, but just not feeling the same level of passion you once did for it, would you switch to another nation idea that you had?

If anyone wants to know what my second nation idea is, well here's a document (Google docs link) (warning, it is like 5~6 pages long) where I lay out a wide range of ideas I've had for it. When I was first joining this place it was actually a debate between this nation and Volta as to what I would RP.

In brief, culturally it's inspired by a couple sci-fi cultures but with the more extreme and exotic elements toned down. It can be broadly categorized as a warrior culture, though it is a lot more nuanced than that. It'd maintain its own indigenous religion, largely codified and organized in response to encroaching foreign religions. Socially, though there is a unified ethnic identity people would still have strong clan (tribal) identities. Politically it'd pretend to be a constitutional democratic republic but would actually be a right-wing dictatorship, you could even say fascist. The government regularly favors one clan over the others and has codified into law systemic discrimination against all other clans (think apartheid, though slightly different in the specifics). I wouldn't be surprised if the country is subject to a massive number of international sanctions in response to these blatant human rights violations. The current dictator is an egotistical maniac that is utterly incompetent at everything, save for keeping his own party in line and as a result staying in power.

Needless to say, nobody in this country really "likes" the government, outside of those in the fascist political party and a select few people who have been brainwashed to be loyal personal servants to the dictator. Any popular support the fascists may have had in the past dried up decades ago. RP with this country would start with some peaceful anti-government pro-democracy protests, that triggers a chain of events that eventually lead to a large section of the military rebelling and sparking a civil war. I would want the fascists to be overthrown, and this will happen without outside intervention.

But, we could also have Anglia secretly support the fascists. This secret support would mean Anglia would immediately have an ally in the fascist government (you scratch my back, I scratch yours, if you catch my drift). The war would then become protracted and bloody, with it maybe even becoming an Aurelian front in the Anglian war. Of course, this should only happen if everyone involved in Aurelia and the Anglian War is cool with it.

Those are my thoughts and ideas. What do you guys think? Should I stick with Volta, even if only for a little bit longer? Or should I swap nations to this idea I've had?

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