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The Jaws Are Closing In

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It was a quick call.

Caesar Moscatella took a quick breath after exiting the quick call in his office in Porto Greco's epynomous capital. After this quick call, with the other side being unidentified, or rather unidentifiable (the other side needs to be unidentifiable to guarantee the continuity of this little operation), and after a few hours, the career of the young (even younger than the other kid whom Caesar 'influenced' to be a safe vote for him in the Reunion) man who sadly held the position of representing Porto Greco abroad for the remaining 2 years when it could instead be him, Caesar, the one who would initiate a new age of Porto Grecan prosperity, when it could be him, Caesar, the one who had noble intentions but had to navigate his way out of the pesky and implacable Porto Grecan bureaucracy, all for the sake of his family, all for the sake of his daughter, all for the sake of himself. And, if he could, he would help those who voted him too. 

But, why would he?

Well, he didn't have any special connection or link to the electorate that had trusted him with managing the country by giving the party that ended up putting him in the Supreme Reunion (or rather, he put himself in since he was leader of the party). But, the Porto Grecan machine was so completely restless for blood or a public enemy to despise, that even the most minimal worsening of the status quo would instantly teleport him to a political firing squad, and destined to vanish into obscurity among the many governments that rotated in and out at nigh-light speed for the hellish 10 year period being 1997 and 2007. And what's even worse, this debacle ended up in the generic center-left progressive government elected with a 7-2 majority in the Reunion, and it was by a miracle they didn't f*ck up this place further! He, and he alone would have to clean up their mess if they did, because everyone in the Reunion was merely but, at best, a tool to be used and, at worst, a useless tool to be disposed of, of course. He was different from them, and he would make that fact known through his actions.

The hopeful and idealistic man standing in the post, but who sadly was also not useful for Caesar and his infinite ambition, was Eros Cavalli. He was the living embodiment of a noble, and charitable soul who truly looked out of others not to guarantee his own benefit, but because he was actually charitable. Actually an anomaly in Porto Greco, even more in its political machine and the tribunal of popular thought that surrounds it, his down-to-Eurth nature almost felt uncanny. It almost felt as if he was faking it. He was not, at all, he was a noble and charitable soul who looked out for others out of pure kindness. 

However, it was precisely this kindness that made a lot of people distrust him. The thought process of the average Porto Grecan, whom had been molded since childhood subconsciously by the crushing weight a society boasts of to distrust people, since they only looked out after themselves and didn't care about others, was somewhere along the lines "Someone so overtly kind and idealistic surely must be plotting behind the scenes."

And thus, Caesar Moscatella would use the Porto Grecan apparatus' unquenchable blood thirst against one of the people that loved the country wholeheartedly, even with its flaws.

"Let's get the ball rolling."


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