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A Nation Mourning

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Advocatian Premier Office, Victoires, 7:00 21/06/2022

It'd been 3 days since the death of Henri Martin was reported to the public, it was something they had always expected, but not at this time, it was something that had seemed like an inevitability, but still hit as hard as never knowing.

"Sir," spoken in a fairly monotone voice was Vice Premier John Allard. "Since the ABN announced his death few days ago half the shops in the Capital have closed and the other half nearly empty, I told you we should have wai-"

"I keep telling you if we waited there would be riots on the streets, being honest I would have announced it the minute after we heard the news." in his typical stern manner of speaking.

"If I my intervene," said Minister of Defense, Salomé Dupont "If we are talking along the line of any public outrage there has been alot talking about traffic, since the announcement people have been commuting in and out of the Capital trying to find you , and as we are speaking hundreds of people are outside waiting for a Premier's speech."

"Quietist crowd I've ever heard, I'll go now." in an exasperated voice was the Premier, it was simultaneously what he had hated and loved the most about his job, while he was walking he could hear the crowd getting louder and louder, until eventually he reached the Balcony. The Guards quickly moved out the way, their swords still been stuck at the hip. When he got outside, he saw hundreds of men, women and children lined up staring at him, as he was about to speak he had one thought in his head, this may be the most stressful days of his entire office.

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Jamestown Avenue, Victoires, 11:00 22/06/2022

4 days now, as the Premier stepped out of his car he would feel a chilling ambience in the air as he turned to see the bloodstains on the streets, the horror of those passing by, whiel Police held people out the way, he went under the shape of the nearby building as rain set in.

"Could this have happened at a worse time?" John would say following close, as he would curse under his breath that he should have brought his umbrella.

"Mass hysteria I tell you, most people looked at him as a role model, a man without flaw, now he's gone people have lost hope." He would say in a monotone voice.

"Sirs, we have just received word from the hospital that both are alive and stabilised, likely to recover soon so we can charge them." said Officer Charles Blanchet as he would approach them phone in hand.

"Thank you Officer," he would say as he would move back to the limo with Louis "This city is going to shit, I think he may have to activate the Emergency Ac-"

"No we cant," as they sat back down "The City must stay as open as possible, this will die down, we cant play our last card too early."

"Whatever you say, I'm just here making suggestions."

Whilst they took off they both wondered what was next, yesterday Louis was right, these are going to be the days to which would determine his Premiership.

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Advocatian Premier Office, Victoires, 9:00 23/06/2022

"Have you heard the news Louis?" said John looking like he just ran a marathon "Those Insulate Advocatius people or what ever their called clogging up the A26."

"Do you think I haven't?" was Louis in an exasperated voice as if he had heard it a million times already "Ministers, MPs, the Mayor, all calling me in the span of 5 minutes."

"Sorry mate didn't mean to burst your little bubble." he would collapse into a nearby chair letting out a loud sigh before speaking again "Could this have come at a worse time? His funeral is tomorrow, there's gonna be thousands and the protesters just shutting down the fastest, and let me stress this, pretty much only way people from Port-Louis get to Victoires, and they clog it up for some big Political statement like A MAN DIED."

"John, before you go intercontinentally ballistic can you please tell me you did what I asked you to do 4 hours ago?"

"What did you ask?"

"Oh for christs sake THE FLAG JOHN."

"Oh wait yeah the Flag its ready for tomorrow no need to die of a heart attack?"

"I literally told you to call me when you were done, which should've been 2 hours ago."

"Well a bird shat on the coat of arms and we just could not wipe it off."

"Okay... can't lie that actually gave me a bit of a chuckle."

"Well at least everything will go as planned tomorrow."

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Eastern Victoires, 7:30pm 24.06.2022

Crowds of thousands cried and following the casket of Henri Martin, coated in the Advocatian National flag, followed by his family and close friends, whilst the Premier was in another vehicle close behind. As they passed houses and building would be coated in flags, picture of him would be set up as memorials all over the streets. Businesses, Schools, etc, were all closed down as workers held their hands to the stomach in tears as the car carrying him passed by. He had liberated Advocatius from the cruel Dictator Charles Beaumont, stood up for the people and against authoritarianism in general, no matter what party, belief, heritage, they all mourned his passing. He had brought Advocatius from the ashes and set up a country that would stand as a beacon for the people.

When the car finally stopped, it was at his house, the house he lived in, retired in, and died in, his wife burst into tears at the sight of it, the crowd fell silent in order to show respect whilst musicians set up their places by the road, once the Premier had raised his hand they began singing the national anthem, the anthem of which Henri wrote, sung and made the nations anthem, it advocated for the liberation of the people, he was 56 when inaugurated, his first command was this anthem, this song had been playing when Charles Beaumonts statue was taken down, a historic moment for the country, and there they would honour him, as people of all backgrounds, Tengrol, Lysian, Anglian, would all salute this man, thinking one day, children in history textbooks the nation over would salute this man. 

In dedicated Memory to Henri Martin.


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