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[Request] The Dominion of Nuthahan

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A request to... Myself? I would request this to @Orioni however I know he's currently on holidays. Hopefully this community trusts me enough to regulate myself in this weird period of time.

This is an NPC for myself and @Mito. As Aurelia has now reached its member cap the continent is now more open to NPCs in areas unlikely/unfit for future members once the map cap is raised or members go inactive, similar to Argis.

This NPC is the Dominion of Nuthahan, co-owned by both myself (Great Xio) and Mito, and is an independent nation but is still part of the Mitonese 'empire' akin to Kori Chi. 

Nuthahan, like Great Xio, is rather depopulated thanks to its low level of development and arid climate, with a population of around 5,000,000. It's primary religion - unlike other Syrbotae states in the Western Wastes - is not the Syrbotic Faith but instead the same as Mito with veneration of the Mitonese emperor. Culturally they're a mix of Nuthan (found in western Xio) and Mitonese with mixed practises and institutions. Ethnically they're 85% Syrbotae and 15% Mitonese, not counting other smaller groups.

The modern day area of Nuthahan was conquered through several military campaigns led by the Haemoto clan after the Mito-Aurelian Wars. Since Mito had a large military and nowhere to use it after defeating Kirvina, its military resources were put into the conquest of mainland Aurelia. Nuthahan was often used as a battle ground between the Kingdom of Xio, Kingdom of Hoq'Nuka, and Mito with regional tribes playing the three powers off each other to remain largely independent. Nuthahan wasn't fully integrated as a colony by Mito until the 1st Aurelian War where the Empire of Great Xio (after absorbing Hoq'nuka) fought side by side against the pan-Aurelianists and local threats such as the Losos Tribes in eastern Nuthahan, the Kingdom of Leho, Kimi Confederacy, and Sefesia. From there the two new regional powers of western Aurelia brokered a peace agreement, and further economic and cultural ties brought the powers into friendship. With no more bickering between the regional powers the clans and tribes of Nuthahan were forced to submit to Mito and were gradually religiously converted, partly culturally integrated, and settled by Mitonese merchants and families along its coast.

In 1929, the Mitonese Empire promotes the Colony of Nuthahan into the Dominion of Nuthahan. For a while it sees relative peace through cooperation with Great Xio and Mito in suppressing its Losos Separatists and Nutha Nationalists-Republicans, but in the 2nd Aurelian War in the 1940s the dominion is annexed by Mito in a military reconquest after Nuthahan initially rejects joining Mito proper. In the 50s Nuthahan regains independence under an authoritarian state lead by the Nutha Nationalist-Republicans, but the government eventually collapses due to internal fighting by the clans and tribes and the Losos threaten secession from the state.

After a period of civil war in the 1960s, a military junta takes over Nuthahan and quickly formally recognises the Mitonese emperor as their HoG and re-joins the Mitonese empire. Great Xio protests but is largely ignored. The Losos tribes informally secede from Nuthahan, and to this day the internal conflict between the central government in Dauthergu and the Losos tribes continues, with violence often spilling over into Hoq'nuka in Great Xio. The military junta is kept in power by Mito in exchange for cheap goods being exported to Mito, however rumours are abound that many in the military junta are planning an internal rebellion within Dauthergu which may cause the delicate house of cards of Nuthahan to collapse completely. Only time will tell what will happen to this nation so close to becoming a failed state.

A very primitive economy, anything outside of subsistence farming is centred in the three main cities of the country with cheap clothing, vehicle, and computer component manufacturing the country's main exportz almost entirely to Mito or other nations willing to make deals with the human-rights abusing autocracy. Nuthahan has large reserves of bauxite in its north-east, and is an observer in AlPaCA, however it cannot mine these reserves as they're almost entirely within Losos territory. All other economically-valuable metals were heavily extracted when Nuthahan was a colony leaving the landscape covered in scars of exploitation. Industrial pollution from Gynnuibwy has resulted in the Lohnun River being too toxic to be used outside of irrigation.

Nuthahan has a very small tourist industry, primarily in the city of Haimdowy, which is majority Mitonese and caters to Mitonese and other Japonic tourists.

Nuthahan is not part of the Aurelian League.

As stated, Nuthahan is operated by a military junta, under a authoritarian unicameral unitary state. The Supreme General Haimdo-Nazkho has full authority over the government and can appoint, promote, dismiss, or imprison any individual in the government and country. The government calls itself the Dominion Assembly of Nuthahan, or DAN for short, and operates from the city of Dauthergu.

Importance & Future
Nuthahan is important to Great Xio as its one of the big hurdles Xio will need to overcome if it wishes to modernise, as the conflicts in the nation actively harm the kingdom of Hoq'nuka. It is also an important player in Xio and Mito diplomacy and politics as the dark shadow over Mito and a constant reminder of the exploitation of their colonialism. The nation also dips into some necessary economic sectors I've not seen members do (like cheap clothing manufacturing) which would be needed globally.

In the future for Mito there is the possibility that Nuthahan will be converted into an expansion NPC for Mito, if the military junta does collapses, however for now it remains as a generalist NPC. For Xo's future the nation will play an important part of Xio's rise to modernisation as the empire either aids Nuthahan in stomping the Losos tribes once and for all, or they help Losos gain formal independence in spite of Nuthahan and the potential upsetting of Mito. Great Xio's border with Nuthahan is also militarised, due to the civil conflict spilling over, and thus is also part of the reason why Great Xio spends a significant proportion of its GDP (5-10%) on its crappy military and the excuse needed for Xio to eventually upgrade its military.

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