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A New Dawn over the Lands of Kertosono

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Sultan Ngadirojo III International Airport Kertosono (@Kertosono)

Bejamin I Zaxar stepped out of his inconspicuous, and possibly incapable of ever taking off again, little five seater plane onto the packed soil tarmac of Kertosono. He then watched as his wife, the beautiful Tyra Kalinka of Ateenia (@Ateenia), stepped down from the plane and smiled to himself as she refused the helping hand of the waiting flight attendant. On her arm she carried the newest member of the House of Zaxar, Princess Yotáana Tyradóttir Zaxar, named for the Wampanoag fire spirit which so embodied her mother.

As the humid heat of Kertosono washed over them, Benj was thankful for the dirt tarmac. For, while it may have taken 5 years off their Zaxari pilot's life from the stress, a black Zaxari tarmac would have almost certainly melted the soles of his boots off by now. Not that shoe melting seemed to be an issue faced by any of the natives though. The airport staff were not dressed in the traditional garb one might expect from a standard 21st century laborer, rather they were dressed in striped long sleeved shirts, Benj had no idea how they survived this heat; a small turban-like headdress; and hardy-looking black shoes. Though most interesting of all was the lack of pants, that is not to say that the natives were all naked, thank Kautántowit, but rather they all wore a long and concealing patterned skirt. Benj could see his wife quietly judging these people from the corner of his eye as they walked. Coming from Ateenia, Tyra was not as used to seeing the traditional clothing styles of Alharu and the other southern continents. So long as she didn't decide to bring up the uniqueness of the clothing in the presence of the Kertics it would all be well. But Tyra was not one to shy from speaking her mind and he could already envision the national embarrassment that Benj would bring upon Zaxar if she decided to "compliment" his royal highness on his "little skirt."

It wasn't long before the royals made it to their vehicle, an impressive black limousine so graciously provided by their Kertic hosts. Without even waiting for an aid, Tyra swung the door open and practically flew into the sweet relief of the air conditioned vehicle. Benj was not far behind and sighed with relief as the air conditioning of the limo washed the humid air from his body. This climate was nothing like Zaxar nor Ateenia where they had just flown in from and were thus dressed in their full Ateenian spring attire. Benj had greatly enjoyed his time in Ateenia because, while he'd been there many times before, this trip was to celebrate the summer solstice which was one of the single most important holidays in the nation. And despite only having been able to be there for 2 days of the 3 day holiday, the partying was so wild, that Benj could still feel the effects of his hangover from the festival last night. It was truly a miracle that they had even managed to board the plane in time to make it to this important coronation. The Emperor had not been exactly pleased with his brother's drinking so close to such an important diplomatic assignment but Benj knew that deep down Will had understood the importance of this celebration to the Ateenian peoples.

Tyra was trying to tell the driver where to go to no avail, both because the driver knew damn well where they were going and also because no one here spoke Ateenian, Wampanoag, or Lysian. Benj stuck his tongue out at little Yotáana behind her mother's back and the little child let out a giggle. He loved his baby had been excited to bring her along. Not that his consent or approval was required of course, as Tyra would have brought her no matter where they were going. They could've been going to the middle of the Baltician warzone and she would have brought the child.

Benj turned and gazed out the tinted windows as the scenery flew past. He had never been to Kertosono and the nation as a whole seemed like it would be quite impossible without his skilled imperial translator along. It had been a suprisingly difficult task to find a qualified translator for the mission as very few Kertics seemed interested in learning a second language but William had somehow pulled through and got them one, a woman by the name of Dalilah, who had studied abroad in Zaxar at the University of Green Falls and had subsequently settled there, being one of very few Kertics in the Empire. Benj could only hope that she was good at her job because he, quite frankly, had no clue as to what was being discussed depite being fluent in Wampanoag, Lysian, Ateenian, and Laimiaic. As he continued to gaze out the window he realized that even the street signs were entirely in the Kertic language. He nearly laughed out loud at this, as he imagined the Argic and Aurelian tourists, lured into Kertosono by the promise of unspoiled tropical beaches, only to get lost and end up stranded in the middle of the country with no way to even find a translator.

"This will be a fun trip," he smiled at his wife who scowled back at him.

"Maybe if we don't sweat through our entire wardrobe in the first day."

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With a slick haircut and a sharp and striking maroon business suit, Caesar Moscatella and his private governmental jet touched down in the city of Ngawi, capital of the Empire of Kertosono. Other administrations have typically ignored Kertosono's existence, treating it as only a country to do commerce with (nothing unusual for the Federation). However, something told him the basis on which the country was founded, a basis that included the forced expulsion of thousands upon thousands of ethnically Kertic peoples. He had this creeping sensation that something would eventually wrong if he didn't pursue a closer relationship with the Empire of Kertosono. The creeping premonition naturally lead to him thinking the worst case scenario (to be honest, any scenario that saw him without political power).

So, of course, for his sake and for the sake of the few people he actually cared about, he would seal this situation. And where to start? Simple, in the country closest to Porto Greco, the Empire of Kertosono. And there was no conceivable better opportunity to initiate this process than in the coronation of the neighbor's next emperor. It was time to get it going, he thought, as he stepped down from his jet.

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Kentoku Era



In the name of the Emperor,

From the Ministry of Imperial and Foreign Affairs of the Dominion of Kōri-Chi,

To the Empire of Kertosono,


The mourning of a monarch is always hard, pushing for us to take a step back from our daily lives as to see what the journey had been, and honour such illustrious figure. The monarch is dead, long-live the monarch. We wish the kertic people great healing from such, as the same for the imperial family.

Long-live Adityawarman III, may long he reign.

Ministry of Imperial and Foreign Affairs Nosha, sided by our local imperial ambassador shall be honoured to see the rise of such monarch and therefore attend in the name of the Dominion the coronation.



- Ministry of Imperial and Foreign Affairs



Relations with the Empire of Kertosono haven’t been anything special truly. Governor Aragushi however always had as target further foreign investments to his cause, and therefore such coronation showed an opportunity, as after all: families of monarch are only good marketing and pretexts for diplomatic relations. Such was a pragmatic approach, yet he knew that the Ministry secretly agreed with such vision, even if it never questioned the loyalty to the Emperor or the Imperial Family, nor the cause of the Empire.

As a Dominion of the Empire, Aragushi knew that he couldn’t send a higher representative than the one sent by the Empire of Mitō, and therefore left it to the Minister to attend, in help with the local ambassador. Taking one of those governmental jet, the Minister would be greeted properly as per tradition by the local ambassador, who thankfully spoke fluent kertic making it most easy. Cultural proximity would be one of the interesting factor in such event, given the political structure, but equally the culinary similarities as even if an entire ocean served as neighbour to both, it had been passed through many times in the past.

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Prince Phatudāw awaited his private plane at the recently remodeled Saint Joseph airport. Known to the people as Ū-daw, the brother of the Srisulak of Rhava, the Sribiyem of Rhava was being sent to the coronation of the fellow Alharun monarch Aditayawarman III. While U-daw had never been to Patian (Kertosono), it was his honor to represent Rhava in the time when Southeast-Alharun nations should be cooperating in harmony rather than fighting each other. He had heard the news from his friend and fellow politician Dodaráphon that Anglia had inserted itself into Indonadisi politics, attempting assasination on both ambassadors Pandura, and Dodara. And with reports of anger between Ngocluatian and Rhavanese people, it was only a matter of time before trade agreements descended into chaos. 


“Boarding will now start your majesty” a short woman in airport attire said to U-daw. He stood up with his luggage and boarded his plane. The small government vessel lifted off after 5 minutes of waiting, and as U-daw looked out the window he saw farms, pagodas, cities, and mountains pass under him. He eventually passed over Kharai and over the deep blue ocean. After a couple hours he landed in Kertosono and the beautiful landscape (similar to Rhava) unfolded below his window. He steped into the Kertic heat, a stark comparison to the cold cabin of his plane. 


The clothing of the Kertic people was a similar style to coastal Rhavanese ethnicities, and as Phatudaw walked to the car he could pick up some words in Kertic, which sounded similar to Jarhai and Rawa. The scenery of the tropical nation passed by through the tinted windows as he conversed with his translator, a man by the name of Airlangga, the name having a similar meaning to Rhavanese name of Nokalang. Airlangga had apparently studied for 7 years in Khokon Kha as well the jungle village of Camsam in southern Rhava. Besides knowing Rha (standard and nam dialects) he also knew a bit of Rawang and Sokhaos as well as Sichaeng and Nalinese. The car stopped in front of a small Kertic building near the heart of the city, an address U-daw had given the driver. A stout women popped out of the building, and in traditional Paeshkhon style wore a straw hat with pink and yellow flowers around the edges, and a large dress decorated with palm and ocean patterns. 


U-daw got out of the car wincing at the heat before moving to hug the woman. “Basi Pasaháy…Oha Hapa Ai’i” (Ms. Pasahay…greetings of wisdom)” said U-daw, happy to see his friend again. 

“Mana’a Kunuai’i Sribiyem Phatudaw” (with peace Prince U-daw) replied Pasahay smiling. Pasahay and U-daw had been friends since childhood, both growing up in district 3 aka Kobiri Khnemok (khnemok bridge), the area where most royal court members and nobles grew up. While U-daw would later become a politician and be elected to manage of Rhavanese sea territories, Pasahay would become an ambassador to Kertosono. 

“Well, Diyé (let's go).” So both got back into the limo and started driving towards the coronation.

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The Imperial Palace of Kertosono
Dl. Kraton No. 1, Kel. Singhasari, Kec. Kraton, Kutha Ngawi, Karajan Ngawi, 10000


BREAKING: Coronation of Adityawarman III Commences
14 Bumbu 1929 KE
27 June 2022 CE


NGAWI, The scheduled coronation of Adityawarman III, the emperor of the Kertic lands and the Kertic populace, has commenced after months of preparations accompanied by week-long festivities leading to the coronation. The young emperor ascended to the throne at the age of 18 after the sudden death of his father last year. As the coronation of Adityawarman III formally marks the end of Mulawarman VII’s reign, portraits of the new emperor would begin to be circulated and be purposed for full official use.

The coronation is the only event televised this quaint morning, as all TV stations relay the official broadcasts of the imperial palace TV. Millions are expected to watch the ancient ceremony take place.

Both foreign and domestic invitees have crowded the sasana giribangun, the throne room and the main hall in the imperial Kertic palace. Notable foreign dignitaries which are in attendance include Benjamin I Zaxar and his wife Tyra Kalinka from Zaxar, Caesar Moscatella of neighboring Porto Greco, Prime Minister Huỳnh Lâm Trung of Ngoc Luat, Prince Phatudāw of Rhava, andLimixane-ledhai and Phaa-voko of the Great Xio. All ambassadors to the country are also present to represent their countries in the ceremony. Domestically, attendees include nobility from all the lands of Kertosono and selected civillians ranging from the emperor’s former teachers and favorite streetfood vendors, some of his friends, merchants, seamen, and other important local figures.

The sasana giribangun was filled with chatter and all sorts of conversation between the attendees. A beige horse-drawn carriage stopped by the entrance of the hall, accompanied by a fanfare of trumpets. The emperor disembarked from the carriage and headed towards the entrance, then followed by his royal entourage. The once closed teak doors of the hall were opened by royal servants, revealing the young emperor to the entire crowd. The room instantly fell silent, all facing towards the emperor. The fanfare stopped and was resumed by the palace gamelan ensemble, accompanying the long march towards the throne.

As the emperor is still unmarried, he is accompanied by the empress dowager, the emperor’s mother and the wife of the late Mulawarman VII. Even though the emperor is in a relationship, they are not included in the entourage as they are not part of the royal family yet. Behind the emperor and the empress dowager stands the immediate family of the emperor, which includes his siblings and their families. Behind them stands the extended family of the emperor, followed by leaders of the states which make up Kertosono.

The brown-lined carpets laying in the center of the hall paved the way to the throne of Singhasari, the highest throne of the land. At the end of the carpet, in front of the royal throne, stood Prime Minister Sulistyono Raharjo, who was not part of the royal entourage. The emperor’s footsteps was guided by the chimes of the gamelan, which in turn led the pace of the entire entourage. The slow yet firm steps of the entire entourage culminated upon reaching PM Raharjo at the end of the carpet.

Pictured above: The carriage used to carry the emperor

Facing the emperor, the prime minister and everyone in the room did not bow as one would normally. Instead, PM Raharjo grabbed a piece of parchment from one of his bags and unfurled it, then presently began reading to the entire room and nation. The sumpah driyorejo, or the emperor’s promise, has been present in virtually all ceremonies in Ngawi since the inception of the kingdom in the late 9th century CE, and is thus recited in old Kertic, though after a series of changes to the form of the nation and the constitution, some words were amended to fit the current situation.

“I, Sulistyono Raharjo, as the sole representative of the entire Kertic lands and peoples, do solemnly swear our loyalty to the new emperor, under Allah for he would certainly oversee this promise, that the emperor does not overstep his boundaries, that the emperor not make a mockery of his position, and that the emperor respect the sovereign rights of his subjects.”

“That is indeed in the fullest extent of my powers which I would gladly take under the pretext of becoming a servant for an entire land and its peoples” responded the emperor.

Only after hearing the emperor’s oath did the entire room bow in subservience to the new emperor. The PM traditionally groveled at the foot of the emperor after the sumpah driyorejo, though Adityawarman III declined for the PM to do so on his coronation. Instead, a simple bow sufficed. As everyone went back upright, the PM reclused himself from the carpet and joined the larger crowd in the background. The royal entourage also blended in with the crowd when the emperor climbed up the few steps leading to a higher platform containing the throne. He promptly sat down on the throne facing the larger crowd.

The grand imam of Jogorogo in Ayodhya, the de-facto spiritual and religious leader of Kertosono, was then invited in by the pambiworo or the master of ceremony to conduct the official coronation ceremony, with royal aides by his side carrying the sacred crown of Singhasari. The grand imam then proceeded to bow before the emperor, before commencing with the processions.

“As the Grand Imam of Jogorogo, at the behest of the imperial courts of Kertosono and the powers vested in me, I hereby crown you with the most sacred crown of Singhasari.”

The grand imam picked the crown of Singhasari from one of the royal aides, and carefully placed it on top of the emperor’s head, covering the emperor with his robes. Upon completion, the entire room clapped in unison.

A new dawn rises over the skies of Kertosono today!


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