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[Academy RP] The Death Of A Town

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Hochod. It was something years ago, but now it is nothing. Hochod has been through good and bad times, but it never was that bad.

Being just a simple town in the heart of the Heviezh province, Hochod never received any type of recognition, even from the regional government. Life there was quiet, calm, and rarely something interesting happened there. Everyone knew everyone, they were like a one big family, just doing their farmer jobs.

 But all of that would change one day, something big would happen. Out of nowhere, weird people in uniforms started coming there, with a clear intention: the intention to check something. Some of the uniformed people would go around town asking people questions about their lives, their dreams, and what do they wish for their children, while other would do some “weird stuff” with the soil. It all was very weird, but the people of Hochod didn’t care about it, since all they needed was a confirmation that the uniformed people were here to do good for the town. And just like that, for about 2 weeks, everyone would only talk about them, and what “good” will they bring into town. Some people were skeptical, but no one listened to them, since no one wanted to hear bad news. After the people left, it got quiet again.

Everyone wondered, what were the weird people planning, and maybe even doing, but after 2 months of waiting, the uniformed people would come back with big news. They were opening a new factory and building new housing for the people who would work there. It was something no one thought about for some reason, but still, most people liked that. The fact that their children could go work there and maybe, just maybe get enough money to go and get start a better life in the city was dream for many parents and their children. But there were also people who did not like the idea that their farmer livelihoods would be destroyed by the industrialization of the town, but yet again, no one listened to them. The idea of escaping the town was too much to turn down for many.

 And so, the company behind the factory, Sloughen National Metal Company, or SNMC for short, began construction of both the factory and the promised housing. It would take some time to build, but when it was all complete, people rushed to apply for a job there. Everyone wanted to have at least a chance. But with that, newcomers looking for money started coming to Hochod. It was a perfect place to get a cheap flat, get some cash, sell the flat, and leave the town. The new housing was definitely not for the Hochodians, but for the newcomers. This infuriated quite a number of people, but they were quickly shut up by the propaganda of the factory, and the newcomers who praised it. And so, just in the matter of a month, Hochod became an ordinary Industrial town, having most of its residents work at the factory, or the businesses that the SNMC built around the town. The town was basically owned by SNMC, and everyone who spoke against them was quickly silenced, and then fired from their job. Decades would go on like that, nothing would change, and no one would ask for a change, since many people were able to make enough money to go to the city and get proper education.

But then, something horrible for the workers happened, something that nobody even thought about. The amount of resources they would recieve started to drop, and with this, the production of the factory. This was not a good sign for the town, but at the time SNMC didn’t seem to care, or so the workers though. But then, one day, SNMC would announce something very horrible for the town. They were closing down 71 factories across the nation due to them not having enough resources to supply all of them, and the Hochod factory was one of them. But it would not stop there. Not only the factory in the town would close, everything SNMC owned would. Almost all of the infrastructure in the town would close in the matter of just 2 weeks. Thousands were left without a job. People were unsurprisingly unhappy with them losing all they had in the matter of days, and so, not much time later, riots would arise. The disgruntled people were asking to get some justice. SNMC would pay some attention to it, but each time they would just say that they had no choice but to close the factory down. Though that was not enough for the rioters. They demanded they get financial help, and not a small one. They demanded that 15000 Khornes be given to everyone who lost their jobs. At first, SNMC could just ignore the rioters, after all they were just some people in a god-forsaken town in the middle of Heviezh. But then, after hearing what happened to their relatives, almost everyone who was able to escape the town and go to a city would start rioting too, but this time it would be more noticeable, since they would protest in the city. It wouldn’t take long for the media to catch up on the whole ordeal, and soon enough, the whole nation knew about it. Now it was much more serious than before, and SNMC couldn’t just ignore the demands of the rioters. So what would they do? Make a public apology, and give everyone who lost their jobs a measly 3500 Khornes. It was far from what the protesters wanted, but the media didn’t care. They have got a new topic to discuss. And as people would start understanding that they would not see any more help form anyone, they silently started moving to other towns and settling there.

 Soon enough, Hochod was left with just a couple of elderly couples, who just couldn’t let go of the town they have spent their entire lives in. They would continue farming, but now on a much smaller scale, since most of the fertile land was polluted. And as time would pass, most of the residents would pass away, and soon enough, there was nothing, and no one left. What was left of Hochod was not what it stood just some years ago. People, who’s lives were ruined. A town, which was killed by a company.

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Just want to add that this is my first story. Its probably far from great, and because of that, any flaws that you notice, please tell me about them. I really want my next stories and the vision statement to be better, at least a little bit.

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