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[Vision Statement] The Maritime Federation of Porto Greco

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The Maritime Federation of Porto Greco is a country defined by a shared sort of quasi-identity all fueled by the prospect of riches in a new promising market (the New Wurld). From the beginning of the country, or to be more precise, the "Serene New wurld Corporation", it and the combination of 9 families and powerful aristocrats and companies have all contributed to crafting the modern Porto Grecan societal model. This societal model is based entirely around providing income to people, most specifically those who can contribute to generating more wealth by themselves. This naturally translates into two things: "Porto Grecan nationalism" as a single, unifying movement is almost non-existent; Porto Greco is perceived more as a means (a solid base with a strategic position) to an end (acquiring wealth). This creates a vacuum that is filled by strong regionalism, with each region being very different from each other and only vaguely related at best, and factionalism in politics.

The history of Porto Greco has contributed to this lack of nationalism. More specifically, the Serene New wurld Corporation, formed in 1699 installed itself in the western end of the Saint Eliseo bay and promptly began to act as a base from which traders and ships around the region could make business or rest in. Since the creation of the Corporation roughly coincided with the beginning of the Golden Age of Exploration, there was decidedly not a lack of ships. This meant more income for the first generation of settlers; Montellan and southern Tagmatine aristocrats, wealthy tradesmen, and other kinds of high-middle class to high class individuals intrepid (or stupid) enough to settle in an entirely unknown wurld.

Early modern Porto Grecan history was marred by a flurry of eastward expansions to consolidate control over various popular trade routes, the arrival of a new generation of Montellan settlers, as well as sporadic inmigration by groups of southern Tagmatine peoples with barely enough money to hitch a ride on trans-Adlantic ships. Relatively speaking, Porto Greco has been a stable country. Its unique position as a trading hub means it has historically intervened very little in other nations' affairs, or take sides in international political contests, as doing so would threaten trade opportunities. Internally, however, the aforementioned regionalism has resulted in dozens of governments that have had to play a balancing act and guarantee economic stability, lest they want the country to begin falling apart.

Today, the modern Porto Grecan state faces many unique challenges. While tourism has provided a unique economic "escape valve" to avoid the ebbs and flows of a changing global shipping industry, overtourism has also threatened to damage many historic Porto Grecan cities. The domestic backlash to tourists and locals' hostile reactions threaten this industry in Porto Greco, too. The period of instability Porto Greco has faced has by extension made many question if the concept of a country born out of a corporation designed to capitalize on 17th century markets is still viable in the modern wurld, and because of it the central State has gradually but noticeably worked to tighten control over a historically more disparate and liberal nation.

Porto Greco in the future: I am very interested in many concepts Porto Greco touches on (the effects of polarization, populism, the actions states do to keep control under their population, and fundamentally unadaptable nations built on unsustainable concepts trying to survive in a modern wurld, etc) so I trust myself in that Porto Greco will be a rich nation both lore and rp-wise

Point allocation:

Population: 1 point (medium)

Economy: 2 points (high)

Land: 1 point (medium)


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