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Gotneskan Civil War  

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  1. 1. Would you support aside in this war?

    • Help the Royalist
    • Help the Parliamentarians
    • Yes, but only supply dm for side of choice or comment in post
    • No, where good

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The Gotneskan Civil War, happened during the mid to late 20th century. The war first started out as a so call diprate war lasting from 1976-79 by 79 it was clear that either side was going to lay down there arms. So on 22 August 1979, the first major battle of the war started.


Who is fighting?

Royalist: are like it said loyal to the monarchy, wish to give power back to the monarchy as they see that the riksdag has failed to hold its promise to serve its oringal idea of being created for the people. Why is this over recents years the riksdag had become more hostile to its cordic (irish) citzins sometimes calling them second class citizens.

Parliamentarians: wish to create a republic, overthowing the 1000 yr old monarchy. need to develop this side some more, but as said they had to dislike for the cordic popluation more less the ruaí.

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