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The following is a limited scope directory of military equipment produced by various countries. Not every product will be listed from every country due to the scale of their catalogue, but a link to the main page will be placed.



  • Aircraft (Main Page)
    • E-3 Fighter (IRL F-16)
    • A-4 Trainer (IRL KAI T-50)
  • Ships (Main Page)
    • Alexi Class Patrol Vessel
    • Thor Class Patrol Vessel
    • Tyr Class Patrol Vessel
    • Diarch Class I Patrol Vessel
    • Diarch Class II Patrol Vessel


  • Aircraft (Main Page)
    • KC-38A Cargo Plane
    • MH-110R/MH110S Transport Helicopter
    • C-9J Transport Plane
    • F-4/T-100 Fighter
    • F-8 Multirole (IRL F-35)
    • EA-118G Fighter
  • Ships (Main Page)
    • Centaur Class
    • King Albert Class
    • Shire Class
    • Admiral Class
    • Atlas Class
    • Oberon Class
    • County Class
    • River Class
    • Town Class
    • Protector Class


  • Aircraft (Main Page)
    • Hehzy UAV
    • HAD S34 Light Fighter
    • HAD S39 Multirole
    • HAD HT-01 Cargo Plane
    • TE-01B Helicopter Gunship
    • TR-02 Aykma Helicopter Transport
    • Ryfg Attack Helicopter
    • V-33H VTOL Transport
  • Ground Systems (Main Page)
    • VCI FS-42 Tank Hauler
    • H17 Cargo Truck
    • Rihdan Light Vehicle
    • HIA Q39 AT Vehicle
    • S-17 Armored Vehicle
    • S-12 APC
    • LAV-25 IFV
    • S-98 MBT
  • Small Arms (Main Page)
    • HBAS Assault Rifle
    • GAR-01TB Automatic Rifle
    • GLM-01 LMG



  • Aircraft (Main Page)
    • Lysstråle Multirole (IRL JAS-39 Gripen)
    • Harrier IIIB Strike Aircraft (IRL Harrier Jump Jet)
  • Ships (Main Page)
    • Eclipse-Class Guided Missile Destroyer
    • Crossfield Class Frigate
    • Furtive Class Submarine
    • Liberation Class Amphibious Assault Dock
    • Coral Class Patrol Ship
  • Small Arms
    • M8 Assault Rifle (IRL XM-8 Rifle)



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