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Tease your brain...

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I don't know what I see in ^ and ^^, well not what I am probably intended to see.

^ leaves...but many will see a lady sleeping in the middle of it.

^^ a man... many will also see a rider, slaying a dragon....


now, two dolphins playing....


user posted image

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wow, i've never been able to do those 'majic eye things before, but after a while staring at that snowman one i got it! and after looking at the other two i got those too! yay! ive never been able to do those!


I got the man slaying the dragon and the leaves first of all as well, and i klnow i've seenthe triangle one before and i know i know tge answer, but can't for the life of me remember what it is...

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Errr... all of them. They were showing earlier on in the week.

Hmm... trouble! I tried to re-post a few...Do they reappear???

TT I didn't keep many of them....


Whew...managed to get them all back, and reposted....

Now, still any pic not showing?? which one, still??

Enjoy salute.gif

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