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Lusuviyian General Elections

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This Past Sunday Lusuviya had our General election in both the Budyonok and the Sich Assembly and here the results are to be officially announced.
First the Budyonok:

Lusuviyan Workers Party: 1 seat
Pirate Party: 26 seats
Honeycomb Party: 24 seats
Antler Party: 23 seats
Anti Poverty Party: 1 seat
Green Party: 12 seats
Old Way Party: 24 seats
Vyshyvanka Party: 11 seats
Blue White Green: 25 seats
Christian Tradition Party: 10 seats
Tradition Party 25 seats.
Cactus Party: 19 seats

Now for the Sich Assembly
Sanjik Oblast: 
Honeycomb Party


Florjinka: Honeycomb Party
Mijashto: Pirate Party
Bolotni: Old Way Party
Midnjidzvin: Tradition Party
Zviezekraj: Blue White Green
Kogburg: Antler Party
Stari Illya: Cactus Party
Sil'hrad: Christian Tradition Party

3rd Sichs:

Mavi Illya: Pirate Party
Rodzin: Tradition Party
Sokilmisto: Antler Party

Honeycomb party: 6 seats
Pirate Party: 4 seats
Old Way Party: 3 seats
Tradition Party: 5 seats
Blue White Green: 3 seats
Antler Party: 5 seats
Christian Tradition Party 3 seats

With the new new seats to take effect on the 30th negotiations for new coalitions have already begun and it is unclear if Sofija Jagjielsko will remain the prime minister.

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