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Request: Anatea & Louvier

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Hey hey heyyyy, it's me again! :D or maybe it's the first time, dunno lol
Anyway... me and @Louvier decided to tweak a lil his northern borders near the sea for have some space for a future expansion of mine & his / annexation RP :D
The idea we both were oke with the tweaking of the borders is this:

I wait for give the full confirmation from @Louvier and for @Xio about the modification! Thank you a lot for your attention!

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4.1) Anatea Proposal
With @Anatea's proposal, your land area would be exactly 260,000km^2 though your nation would be a bit of a blob.

4.2) Lore-Friendly Proposal
Alternative idea at 244,900km^2, it's more lore-friendly for Anatea (allowing them to have their NPCs along their border) and puts more of Louvier in the colder continental climate. Plus a more distinct shape.


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