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[Academy RP] Evgeni Mirslokov

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During the Panthm War, Leisky, the bordering nation, was in the frontlines. General Woyta's tyrannical army pushed the borders as the other Kretanizam Republic started to gain proper unity. While an unorganized, and underfunded Kretani Army was being deployed, the militant minded, over-industrial General Woyta was well prepared to commit such an action. The Panthm Military rolled in 95 Tank Squadrons, which consisted of a Zelnysi Mk.VI Tank, 4 Zelnysi APV armored crew trucks, and a helicopter on standby, stationed at one of the many Panthm bases. One of the occupied cities of Leiski was Zander, the designated capitol city of the territory. Zander was the most developed area, sitting on the coast at the mouth of the Leiski River. It was home to a wide-spread city, with the largest buildings being mostly municipal and halls, such as temples and art halls. High-Rises were unneeded as the population was low and well dispersed within the territory. Zander was a foot traffic oriented city with many rail systems and paths throughout, and a strong nightlife. This city is the home of Evgeni Mirslokov.

Evgeni Mirslokov ran a local plowing business, as well as a mechanic business for industrial vehicles, which also ran auctions of vehicles as such. He wasn't a household name, as Evgeni was more of a private man. His house was just inside the city, at the southwestern edge. Tucked away at the back of a 7 acre plot of woods, Evgeni enjoyed peace and serenity, when he wasn't out at the many clubs and bars of Zander. His appearance; rugged, tall, and well built, attributed to him being left alone by the passerby from an intimidation factor, but he had his spots and acquaintances from them. Evgeni quite enjoyed either walking or biking on a hybrid motorized bike he built on his adventures in the city, designating the day to them. Being a respectful fly on the wall, as well as engaging with the interesting people on occasion crafted him well cultured to the area.


May 18th, 2012


Waking up at 6 am, Evgeni roles out of bed to start the kettle for a morning tea. Whipping up a quick meal of eggs, he sits on the couch and powers on the television.

"Welcome back to Leiski News Network, I'm your host Erin Kosolev, and we have breaking news. Locals are frightened along the northwest border, as of the invasion of Panthm military vehicles that began last night. no casualties have been documented as of now, and damages remain minor. General Woyta of Panthm refuses communication efforts of local government, and has been relayed to the Kretanizam government, awaiting response."

Frantically grabbing the remote to turn up the volume, Evgeni's blood begins to boil as the videos of tanks approach the city play. Fearing for the worst, he begins to think of just what he can do. Evgeni realized his business "Zander Repair and Auto Trade" just acquired a batch of 30 bank trucks for their auction. He picks his phone up and quickly dials the operations manager Jono Blatyksi.

"Jono, this is Evgeni, where are the bank trucks, and can we obtain more?" he exclaims as soon as the call is answered.

"They're stored at Lot 5A in the warehouse. I suppose there are more out there to be had. What is the reasoning of the inquiry?" asks Jono.

"I have a better use for these armored vehicles, meet me at the lot in 30 minutes."

Before Jono and respond, Evgeni hangs up and rushes to his panel truck, and speeds out of his driveway to Lot 5A, located just east of the southern tip of Leiski River. Parked in front of the gate, it's not long for Jono to arrive in his work van. The two silently walk up to one another, greeting with a not of the head and the kretani "Da," they turn towards the entrance of the warehouse. Jono unlocks the door to a packed space with the 20 armored trucks parked in a grid. 

"Good." Evgeni exclaims softly, with his timber voice reverberating over the silence, "I want you to find as many of these as you can, along with any other similar vehicles. I want it done by the end of today, and continue it into tomorrow. I have filled the company fund and permit the use of every penny if needed."

"Da, I will leave you the master key set, and I will jump on it immediately." Jono says after intently listening to the commands.

"Those bastards aren't the only organization that can occupy this city. We have a lot of work to do, and little time. Now get our stock up, I will gather and coordinate. We will deploy two trucks each to all west entrances to the inner-city by tonight. I have faith in you brother Jono." 

Jono, choked up and holding back tears gives a nod, and promptly leaves. Evgeni stations himself at the warehouse office, laying his phonebook journal on the table and begins to make a series of calls. He begins by calling in a team of the top company mechanics to the facility. Lot 5A's facility consists of a 150 space lot, two storage warehouses, and one mechanic's warehouse with six lifts, making it the largest facility of Zander Repair and Auto Trade. Evgeni then calls in a gathering of 97 employees to quickly clear the lot, and move the cars to other locations. Lastly, and most difficult of all, assembling a crew of drivers to form the blockades. That's where Evgeni's journal comes in hand. Going through all the contacts gathered over the years, only the most patriotic and fearless were scouted. From firemen, to military men and retirees, to ordinary citizens with a brass set of stones were gathered to form the "Halters."

The first to arrive were the master mechanics, along with a team of 30 employees. They were assigned the task of first, maintaining the armored vehicles' operationality, and installing military style windows to all vehicles with makeshift armor from spare metals and parts. First off was Evgeni's own panel truck, as it required the most armoring. Beefing up the walls, guarding the wheels and shielding the windows, the truck transformed from an old-school work truck, to a barricade on wheels. 

Next was the Halters, adding to the chaotic foot traffic of the facility. Once assembled, the group of 40 Kretani were dispersed into teams of two trucks, some holding just one person, others holding up to three. Mirslokov directed them to cross the Zander Bridge, the Solasticev Bridge, the Olbreski Bridge, and the Luko Bridge, from the east, crossing the Leiski River to the west, to clog every entrance to the inner city. The city of Zander's borders were large but the actual city pertains around 10 miles in from the west border, and 20 from the south. From the west, there is 13 roadways that enter. Mirslokov began from the north down in his directions to the Halters. Luckily the trucks all contained radio communication units, allowing advanced coordination. The Halters were met by the closing in Panthm Army as night was running out into the new day. Mirslokov still stationed at the base, in command of the communication, awaits the last 6 vehicles to be gathered for the south-western entrances. Busting in, is Jono.


May 19th, 2012


"Evgeni, do you have time?"

Evgeni stands up from the desk covered in a mess of papers, "I cannot leave this post, the deployed are meeting eye to eye with the invasion at the moment." walking over to Jono to give a firm handshake "Were to able to acquire more stock?"

"At the moment I've purchased four armored trucks. I've also received word the the Kretanizam Republic Army is sending support from their Jiggithm Forts, matching squadrons are said to be moving at this moment." 

"That is welcoming news, but we can't give an inch, our operation is on full order. The tensions of the stand of are getting too fierce and I am not willing to let anything happen to our comrades on the field. Read over this," Evgeni hands Jono a hand written notebook of his planned operation, "If you have any questions, use the radio." Evgeni begins to put is coat on.

"W-where are you going?" Jono asks. Evgeni walks to the radio, "Command center to Duo 1, prepare a route to the Westedge Ave entrance but stay put, and keep us updated." he turns towards Jono, "I'm going to the Main St. entrance to take over for Duo 1, take over the blockade, that's their main rout and will be sure to see the most force." Jono hesitantly sits in the office chair, knowing full well that he isn't equipped for this position. before heading towards the door, Evgeni stops and turns towards Jono, "Tell them who you are."

With wide eyes, he picks up the radio microphone, "Da, this is Jono, Evgeni placed me in command center from here forward."

"Perfect, that's all you have to do, talk to us." Evgeni says sternly but reassuringly. He then darts to his truck, taking off through the open gates to the Zander Bridge, the northmost bridge directly in the center of Zander City. 

"This is Jono, Duo 11 and 12 have been deployed to Evergreen Rd and Renska Ave." Evgeni listens in, as he rushes up behind Duo 1's blockade. "Mirslokov in, one of the trucks from Duo 1 can begin it's trek to Westedge Ave." he signals over the radio. It is now sun rise as the blockades hold their ground against the Woyta commissioned soldiers. Mirslokov parallels himself behind the right armored truck as the left begins to turn back to head to it's destination. His armored panel truck then slips into the spot to keep the border, as a Panthm tank begins to try to slip by, stopping within a foot of Evgeni. As tensions brew in a standstill for 2 long lasting hours, a rumble is felt. Behind the blockade, Five KRA Tanks approach. Evgeni jumps over the center console, out of the passenger door, walking out with a KAAR Rifle slung over his shoulder. A military SUV races to the front of the Kretanizam tanks, General Maliknev exits the back door greeting Evgeni. 

"Da, we'll take over from here, after we station behind your blockades, exit through the middle, and find safety."

Evgeni shakes the general's hand, greeting each other, stating their names, and hands a small notepad to the general, listing the locations of all the Duos, "This is our operation, will all of these fronts be covered?"

General Maliknev, shocked to see the size of the operation, looks back at Evgeni, "I will deploy under the direction of this, and have the strategy of here be applied to all locations. Thank you for all that you have done. Now retreat to safety." They nod to each other, and Evgeni re enters his truck to head back to Lot 5A. 

Though the remaining Panthm war was not without tragedy, without the efforts of Mirslokov, The City of Zander would most likely be known as "The Ruins of." Heroically holding off invading troops save the loss of estimated thousands of lives and perhaps millions in damages. For these efforts, May 19th is known as Day of Zander, with a statue being erected on May 19th 2018, in lieu of the end of conflict. The statue portrays Evgeni Mirslokov standing tall, with his hand resting on top of the pole of a waving Kretanizam Republic flag, with a stone wrapping around it escribed with every participant's name.

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