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Request NPC: Arrus

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After conversation with @Hinterlandswe have both decided that the Peninsula we both share needed a few NPCs perhaps and one of them is Arrus.

The Islamic Kingdom of Arros is a Kingdom that practices Islam as its official Religion of the entire Nation, it is considered one of the last Islamic Kingdoms in Argis as a whole. The Kingdom is headed by the Sultan of the House of al-Raad, the current ruler is Sharaf al-Raad son of Abdul Ghani al-Raad. The Islamic Kingdom or Kingdom of Arros is an Absolute Monarchy headed by the House of Al-Raad for over fifty-five years since succeeding House of El-Aziz as the ruling house of Arros.

Arros has connected History with the Northern Central Argic States of Ahrana and the Hinterian Confederacy. The Slavic, Scandic, and Anglican Peoples had some influence in Arros during the age of expansion and mass trade across the globe. Today, Arros is known as the last Islamic Stronghold in Argis. Arros enjoys some relations with Ahrana, the Hinterian Confederacy, and other Argic States. In recent years the ruling house has attempted to make strides to improve its Human Rights Image by allowing and promising certain rights that have been denied to select classes of peoples in Arros. Since the 1990s Arros abolished the Cast system that had influenced every inch of its government and society and started to allow equal rights for Women and non-Islam followers. 

The Kingdom of Arros practices Sunni Islam and is one of the few Nations on Eurth that practice the Sunni Sect of Islam. The capital of Arros, Arcos, is considered Holy to the People of Arros as it is said that the Prophet Muhammad appeared to one of the original rulers of Arros in ancient times when the city was under siege by invaders. There is a Mosque built on the site where the Prophet is said to have appeared that day. The Mosque is a pilgrimage cite for many faithful across Central Argis that practice the same School of Islam as Arros.


Proposed location of Arros (due note that this is only a proposal and can be changed per Staff and the Cartographers wishes)


Flag of the Islamic Kingdom of Arros




tagging @Hinterlandsfor approval.

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