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Request NPC: Veskoniemi

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After careful deliberation and discussion with some people, I am proposing the creation of an NPC to my Northwest called Veskoniemi. This NPC was originally going to be an expansion for Ahrana but I have decided not to go further after Dniester. 

Veskoniemi is a primary Northern Scandi Country that was at one point part of the great Ahranaian Empire that lasted several centuries across many Emperors and Empresses as rules of the land of Veskoniemi. The People of Veskoniemi are decedents of both Prymont and Ahrana, with the Ahranaian Tribes from ancient times influencing the entire culture of Veskoniemi due to the Empire. Till Veskoniemi gained independence from Ahrana, which was around the late 1800s, the Veskoniemi People were mostly fishermen and miners. Since its independence and further assurance of independence in 1910 by the Ahranaian Government, Veskoniemi has grown in terms of Economic ability and even Defense Ability, being able to hold its own against the Ahranaian Republican Armies attempt to invade and take over the country.

The Society of Veskoniemi today is one of Democratic Values that ensure Human Rights to all who come and call Veskoniemi home regardless of where the person came from. Veskoniemi is a Federal Parliamentary Republic that supports all Democratic Values of a Democracy. The full name, The Federal Republic of Veskoniemi, is headed by a President, Federal Chancellor, and the Government created by the Federal Chancellor. There is a Parliament of one Chamber called the National Assembly or Parliament which is made up of 200 Seats and headed by the Speaker of Parliament. There is a Judicial section of Government that is made up of the Constitutional Court, Federal Courts, and the lower courts created by the Provinces of the Republic.


Flag of the Federal Republic of Veskoniemi


Map of Veskoniemi

(The capital is the white dot, Raiko)


(Tagging @Balticafor their opinion of this proposal)

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The name of this requested NPC has been changed to Hveradalur. This name will have meaning in the lore of which will be updated. The name change is due to an issue I created by not knowing there was lore already for Veskoniemi which was my fault entirely. Prymont suggested I change the name of the proposed NPC to which this post is for that.

I still await a response from @Balticahere for approval for this proposal.

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Hveradalur will become Protectorate State of Ahrana joining the Union not as a Member State but of a Client State with special privileges such as being able to use the Ahranaian Currency, having a seat in the Presidium Council at the Federal Government, relying on the Ahranaian Military and supplying personnel to the Ahranaian Union Military for protection, and Economic and Finical Benefits by being a Client State. This will happen after the Stemas Expansion Arc. When the Hveradalur Arc is complete I am asking the State to be considered part of Ahrana but similar to how Ivercia is labeled. (See the Map Request about the Ahranaian Edit please!)

@Xio is being pinged as the Cartographer God and @Strumaas my nearest neighbour.

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