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[Academy RP] KR News Bulletin

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Evolouski Suletycki Steps Up as Prezidan Nicolous Steps Down



After years of respected leadership, through the golden to bitter days, Jiggithm native Nicolous steps down as leader to pursue living life as a true Kretani, focusing on family and personal adventures. Nicolous is still involved in public affairs as a voice amongst the people of Kretanizam Republic. "Nicolous taught me everything I know," says Evolouski "He is what made this nation what it is, he instilled the values that we hold dear, keeping the Kretani strong and free-living. To continue this nation as so, I will commit to my duties, to appease a growing and evolving culture, and to keep our land as strong as the Kretani will." In light of taking over as Prezidan, Evolouski raises a new flag, as well as changed the (Indium) Dolek from the utilitarian number of worth print, to a print of Nicolous with a slung rifle on his shoulder in front of the updated flag. The Procyon has also been named as the National Animal. Between the newly united regions, Procyon can be found in all corners of the varying lands, also sharing the commonality of domestication. Another signal of desired unity from the administration.

Restore efforts from the Panthm War are still ongoing. Each city is awarded the construction of Affordable Housing Highrises on the edge of city limits to provide relief. This large concrete buildings are utilitarian minded offering small 2 bedroom living spaces for those staying put to see the rebuild through. While an enormous expense of government money, Evolouski sees it to be necessary in maintaining the scarred cultures. Many are still without power, homes, and places to go in time of construction of these buildings. While Lieski and Jiggithm have tremendous feats of community involvement, areas in Panthm and Peiji seem to have trouble with both individual and small group isolation from their neighbors, or new neighbors, as disputes of territory lines are continued.


KRNN 06/10/2022

Edited by Evolouski (see edit history)
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