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[Vision Statement] The Kretanizam Republic

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The Formation of The Kretanizam Republic

The area that was once known as the Minso Region, a small portion of land at the mid-west segment of central Argis, held 12 small nations, and was an area of conflict. Sitting on the Kala River, was the country of Jiggithm. A prideful metropolitan country with a strong agricultural west cost inland. Jiggithm was strong in trading, while staying neutral to the constant regime changes and border disputes near by. As times became more desperate, and Jiggithm holding a large amount of the wealth mostly due to it's location, surrounding countries began efforts to push in, in hopes of power. In response, the government, along with the citizens began to brace for impact, with many proposals in action being theorized and considered. On April 12th, 2010, Prezidan Nicolous was elected to the formation of the Kretanizam Republic, a proposed governing entity formed to halt hostilities, unite, and attempt to distribute wealth amongst the region. Jiggithm joined in with the neighboring nations of Pejei and the Liesky Republic, giving up land from Jiggithm, and keeping just the capitol self titled city to it's name, making Jiggithm City the Capitol City of the newly formed Kretanizam Republic. It was not long until Nicolous brought his companion Evolouski on board to help lead a peaceful nation, on a military conquest of control and order, to both protect itself, and tame the beast that plagues the surrounding area.

The Country of Panthm, led by General Woyta blanketed the entire northeast of the early Kretanizam Republic, and as the nations joined, and threatened the power hold of their land, Panthm declared war on the Kretanizam republic, ravishing the upper lands, causing mass evacuations and loss of lives. Panthm's military sent their forces to stand at the edge of the border, slowly making ground, waiting for times of diversion to move. The war lasted from 2012-2018, as through the public disapproval of the actions of the Panthm Government led to civil war in it's region. Nicolous was swift to send in the highest honored squad to take out Fort Panthm, which sat just past the coast in their military overrun capitol city of Alanna. and on October 10, 2018, two tanks, and two helicopter units stormed in, taking out the fort and Panthm's dictator. While some Panthmians welcomed the regime change, others still hold their hostilities in an ongoing battle for independence once again.

The Kretanizam Republic is a vast land that values nature and the Balance. With a history of strong military values, and several border disputes as well as conquests in response to them, the people of Kretanizam Republic (Kretani) are a diverse and somewhat separated people. The Kretanizam Republic then went into isolation as of 2017 focusing on repair efforts and maintaining civility between combined territories through a number of programs that are ongoing. In 2022 the isolation period ends, as Nicolous steps down, crowning Evolouski as Prezidan. Currently, especially amongst the inter-territory borderlines, disputes and tensions rage on, as a once power-house economy dwindles to reclaim status, while fulfilling promises to the Kretani. Evolouski Suletycki is now, controversially, the sole leader, as the Co-Prezidan role goes unfilled. 


The Republic Today

The Kretanizam Republic consists of 4 territories: Kopital Jiggithm, Panthm, Pejie, Lieski. Koptial Jiggithm surrounds the Kala River network, sitting on mineral rich, highly fertile land. Pejie resides on the coasts east of Jiggithm, with Leiski on the west, and Panthm wester of Leiski, holding the coast. After the battles undergone as well as battles with corruption, and populous issues beside the obvious rebuttal of the costly effects of war, the once powerhouse dwindles in an acclimation period of new unity as well as tension. With ongoing rebuilding efforts, as well as the financial hit of pervious wars, future is foggy in if the efforts made for unity were worth the lives lost.




Population: 28,535,977 Med

GDP: 12,186 Med

Land Area: 314,652 High

Edited by Evolouski (see edit history)
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