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[Academy RP] Parade down Palace Boulevard

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It was hot outside, for southern Garindina, and Ivan didn't want to leave his home. But he was supposed to pickup an old collage friend from the airport. The streets were busy as  today was Capital Day, his friend was from England and didn't know Garindinan culture.

"Hey Ivan, what took so long?"

"It's a national holiday, Capital day. It celebrates the recapture of Parsa in the Civil War."

"But didn't it burn-"

He cuts Charles off midsentence- "I'll take you down to the parade on Palace Boulevard."

"Ok...? Why did you cut me off like that?"

Ivan leans toward Charles and whispers "Listen Charles, Garindina might have a great economy and support capitalism. But it's an oppressive Dictatoral Monarchy. We have all that you have but not any political freedom and barely any civil rights. But as today is a holiday, we have more rights. So let's enjoy what we can."

They pass street dancers dancing to traditional folk music in traditional clothing.

"It seems Garindina is the opposite of what you say is Ivan."

"Just wait and see..."


When they arrive at Palace Dr,  the parade is just beginning to start.They release the Garindinan Southern Eagle, the national bird. Floats, dancers and military personnel paraded down the Boulevard.

"Ivan, I thought Garindina had a mandatory military service?"

"It does, I'm exempt from it due to me having a fake leg"

"Oh yeah, I forgot."

The parade lasted three hours from 4 to 7 PM. They latter went to a restaurant and ordered take out. When they arrived back to the car, they saw some police arresting someone.

"Just look away. What to crash at my place?"


"The government might be oppressive, but the people are really compassionate."

"That's reinsuring"

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