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Bidding for a new ADI Building

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The Ahranaian Government has decided to build a new building to house the entire Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence (ADI) under one building which would cut costs of maintaining and operating nine buildings for use of the ADI. The bidding process will last for two months till the Federal Government decides on what company will build the new building, as it stands right now the only requirement for the new building is:

  • The building must reside within the Capital either inside the Greater City Limits or the Outer City Limits
  • The building must be able to house all employees of the ADI under one building 
  • The building has to be built to withstand and infantry or artillery attacks

Any Company can place a bit so as long as the company is not from the Republic of Dniester, the Democratic People's Republic of @DPR Velaheria, or any government that has sanctions that prohibit a company to operate within the Realm of the United Kingdom of Ahrana.

Any company that wants to place a bid must provide the Federal Government with the following information:

  1. Picture of Plan of the Building proposed
  2. Cost of the building
  3. List of Materials to be used in the building
  4. The number of Workers needed for the project
  5. Total Size of the Building

The Bidding Process is open till August 07, 2022

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The building is designed with both architectural stability and aesthetic but also with the security and protection needs of the ADI. Several parts of the building are designed to fit security stations, defence systems, or other security matters that should arise. These can further be planned into the final design. As per request, Torcon can disclose the following information for the current design:

Plan of the Building: See Full Design
Cost of the Building: $238.58 million*
Materials needed: Corrugated plastic, reinforced concrete, steel gratings, glass**
Workers needed: Around 3500***
Size of the Building: 7000m²****

Additional Notes:

*does not include furniture or other interior additions
**Main construction materials, full list of materials can be provided 
***these can be local workers and specialists but the necessary workforce can also be provided
****further basement levels for intelligence services can be added to the design

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Mukkoshqut Construction Co., Zaxar's premier construction company based out of Malinsk, ZX, would be honored to design such an important facility for the government of the proud nation of Ahrana. The vision of our top-notch architects is one of a modern and yet also natural design. A design that can both be one with nature and yet simultaneously control it. To meet this vision, we have designed neo-futurist plan, a circular compound structure with a modern exterior and serene park concealing the rebar concrete fortified lower chambers.


Exterior artist's rendition


Artist's rendition of the view of the exterior facilities from the interior courtyard


Artist's rendition of a top-down view of the compound

The exterior walls of the compound would house general staff and most functioning activities of the facility as well as being the public eye of the building. However, the main focus of this project would be the internal compound which would be located underneath the central courtyard and reenforced with a second layer of rebar concrete. These internal facilities would house the most important personnel and material and would be able to withstand extensive and repeated shelling from modern artillery. Similarly, the lower levels would have large and easily defendable stairways  as well as an extensive and expandable tunnel system connecting it to important facilities and amenities throughout the city. The lower levels would be expandable with minimal effort and further surveying will be done on the site to determine the maximum floor number of the structure. The design is also compatible with metro systems should it ever be in the interest of the client to connect the lower levels to public transport.

This building will also be nearly totally self-reliant and eco-friendly! As a Zaxari company specializing in green design, we take pride in making our buildings as self-sustaining as possible and we have done our best to make this building no different. With the exterior roof fully coated with a layer of the latest solar technology and hundreds of Zaxari-made lithium ion grade high capacity batteries to make sure that the building could power itself for up to 3 weeks on solar energy even without sunlight. The building will also be equipped with natural gas generators due to the vital nature of its functioning and the expected high energy requirements of facilities. The enclosed courtyard of the compound will act as a quiet retreat for staff and nature alike and will be stocked with native and drought resistant flora to maximize the serene natural effect while minimizing the maintenance and upkeep of the park. The outer building also lack the need for air coolant systems due to the naturally ventilated design of the exterior walls though units for cooling and heat will be installed for the lower levels with heating being supplied to the exterior buildings.

  • Picture of Plan of the Building proposed: spacer.png


  • Cost of the building: The total cost of this building is estimated at 1.5-2 billion wampum marks (1.5-2 B USD) and includes electric, plumbing, and air conditioning systems.


  • List of Materials to be used in the building: Concrete, rebar steel, custom glass paneling, general purpose steel, aluminum, assorted lesser materials.


  • The number of Workers needed for the project: 4,000-5,000 total workers are estimated to be required for this project. This would include ~110 Zaxari specialists from our company and the rest of the employees would be recruited from domestic Ahranan companies who would be subcontracted into the project.


  • Total Size of the Building: The circular structure is ~400 ft in diameter (~122 m) leading to an estimated 502,655 X [# of floors] ft^2
    • The # of floors on both the exterior and interior can vary depending on the needs of the ministry.
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The Ahranaian Government has decided to make a few new stipulations in confirming its bidding for the new building for the Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence. The following additional stipulations are now added to the previous list:

  • The workforce used for the project must be Ahranaian Citizens or Nationals, no other Citizen or National will be allowed to work on the construction of the new headquarters.
  • The materials and equipment used must be found in Ahrana only and not imported unless the Federal Government has approved the imported materials and equipment, furthermore an inspection of the equipment and materials must take place by Ahranaian Inspectors before they can be used.
  • The Federal Government of Ahrana has a full legal right to the building plans of the selected building design and will have the authority to press criminal charges on any person found to be leaking the plans to foreign governments or nonapproved Ahranaian Government Officials.
  • The Federal Government requires a separate contractor in addition to the contractor that was selected to be from Ahrana to ensure the Ahranaian Intrests are kept.
  • The ADI will provide Security along with the Federal Police Services during the entire Construction Process.

@Zaxar @Samm

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