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[Vision Statement] The Confedration of Garindina

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The founding of Garindina

The Kingdoms of Ulsther

If you belive the legends and myths, Garindinan civilization began around 570 A.D. The  Swoplian settlers fromed the First Kingdom of Ulsther around 787 A.D after the first king was crowned. If you believe the historians and the archeologicaligist, The Kingdom of Ulsthel was founded in 799 AD after the construction of the city in 780 AD. The Kingdom was not to last as trible Swoolians raided the city and burned it to the ground after the attempted expansion of the kingdom out side of the city. The city was then lost and wasn't seen again for years.

During the middle ages the Second Kingdom of Ulsthel was founded after the city was found and repaired in the summer of 1230. Ulsthel slowly expanded and conqured tribal lands from nomadic people. It was a fuedal kingdom just like most of the other nation of it's time. It soon expanded northward and left it's southern boarder exposed. This lead to the rival Kingdom of Krigsmith invading through the south. They quickly captured the capital of Ulsthel. The Kingdom soon collapsed and southern part was taken by the Krigs while the North became many different waring states. It stayed like that for almost 80 years before five nations rose out of the ashes. The lest prominent was the Kingdom of Parsa.


The Kingdom of Parsa

The Kingdom of Parsa was small and weak, not much is know about this nation as this area of what was Ulsthel was now in a dark age. Little information was recorded but we do know that they conqured the Kingoms of Florina and Rutherford. The other three nations were conqured by the largest of the five, The Empire of Porlend. They hated each other and boarder skirmishes were frequent. But when Porlend invaded, Parsa used better tactics and conqured Porlen after 21 years of war. This brought an end to the dark age and in the fall of 1476, the Kingdom of Parsa became the Kingdom of Garindina.


Garindinan Civil War 

In the year 1938, the Kingdom was in turmoil. An economic depression and low stability led to sweeping calls for reforms. The Republicans began making threats. Eventually, King Charles XI advocated the throne. The Confedration of Garindina was established and things got worse. Fifty five years later the monarchist, wanting the reinstatement of the Monarchy, protested in the capital. The republican army  fire at the protesters and a civil war began. The Republicans executed King Charles XI and his family to prevent his return to the throne and a new leader was needed. After the fall of Parsa six years later, Björn Ásgeirsdóttir claimed the throne. As a leader in the Civil War, this was popular amongst the people. He soon Instated the Dictatoral Monarchy when the war ended in 2002.

Population- 600.1 thousand Med

GDP- $883,000 Med

Total Land Area- 182,023 squared KM2 Med

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