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[Academy RP] Summer dream

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The summer holidays were approaching in the kingdom of Louvier, the sun was abundantly warming the ground. Francois stared pensively outside, more focused on a blackbird perched on a distant branch than on the dozens of pages of contracts he had to fill out.

Suddenly, François was brought out of his torpor by a punch on his desk. It was his boss Benoît. A fat, bald man, rarely in a good mood. He gave him a stern look before walking away. Francois glared at him before quickly returning his attention to the blackbird. But this one had disappeared. Francois sighed and thoughtfully began his work.

At 5:35 p.m., François finally left the office in a hurry. The sun reflected his orange rays one last time over the town of Montvert before disappearing behind the mountains. François walked past on Rue de la Fontenay, the quickest way to catch the bus that would take him home. It was market day and the multiple traders were finishing packing their places before heading home. The lights of the old town began to light up, giving the streets an orange color. The terraces were gradually filling with customers, thirsty and hungry, chatting loudly and bringing a joyous hubbub to the street.

Francois looked thoughtfully at the crowd before remembering that he had a bus to catch. He looked at his watch and started running. He passed under the old city walls, which had held firm during the siege of the city by the Lysians and Loyalists during the Louvian War of Independence, turned left, then right, passed in front of Place Antoine IV and sprinted towards his bus which was beginning to take some passengers. François quickly entered the bus. The driver closed the doors and the vehicle began to roll. 

Francois sat down next to a man with a shaved head who seemed absorbed in the music coming out of his headphones. François decided to do the same and took out his personal ones. The classical music gently rocked him as the bus moved through the small towns now illuminated. In the distance, the Lac Grand-Ciel shone intensely. A boat sailed on the horizon. 

After about ten minutes, François finally arrived at his destination. He thanked the driver and got out of the vehicle, which began to roar, announcing his departure. Francois walked home, shaking his house keys in his right trouser pocket. He passed by a familiar figure on the way: it was Pierre Vaudreuil, a longtime friend. They discussed a moment of various subjects: the weather, the family, the town hall which was slow to build this rink, global warming, etc... Bells rang in the distance 7:00 p.m., François left Pierre and walked quickly towards his home. The light inside the modest building told him that his wife had already returned. He mentally prepared excuses for being late and opened the door with a smile on his face and happy to have finished the day. 

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