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[Academy RP] When the Coal stopped Burning...

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In those carbonised lands, in that destruction, in that...peace(?), Some men were on the ground. That coal has burnt so much that it not only burnt the ground, but the men that had to fight. But they won, in a way or another. Enough with the monarchy. Enough with the coal burning. Enough with...the kingdom. Those men wore green clothing, but all that dirt hid it, they were just men with white and black skin, but the blood hid it, because they all bled under the civil war. "...I can't believe it. We did it. we...won?" Eosto wondered. With all his family and friends being slaughtered for treason, The Radicals almost wrecking Perkerawa and the violence did kill him. "We did, brother. Today...is a new day. We won, we rule now. We just need to...unite-

"AH!" The now old Eosto shouted waking up. He then saw Aota in the corner. "Oh...son. W-why are you here?" he asked. He was chained to a medical bed, a breathing mask and some IVs to keep him barely alive. He saw that Aota was in his now presidential clothes. "I...i need help. Everyone is questioning my usefulness since...you got sick...It's killing me." Eosto hearing the word "killing" started shaking as memories went in again.

"WE WILL NOT STOP THIS CLEANSING UNTIL EVERY LAST TRAITOR IS GONE FROM OUR EMPIRE!" The king W'haeta III stated from that golden balcony while the people were listening in fear. "OUR EMPIRE WILL BE ETERNAL BUT NOT WITH THESE REBUPLICANS OR WHATEVER THEY ARE! I AM YOUR ONLY HOPE FOR NON-ANARCHY! STARTNG WITH YOU, YUSTUK!Yustuk would have been executed later that day. He sank back into the real wurld after this. It's obvius he 

"C-continue... i heard about that scandal and that terroristic attack." Eosto said stuttering a bit.

"I...don't know what to do, dad. I have a lot of moral issues in debate...." 

"...son. Grab that cassete and play it over there." Eosto saidAota did so, and what he saw in it was...


2nd of September, 1955 

"You know people, i've always wondered why i am in office. I know why now. It's because i put a lot on effort for you all, giving rights. This is why i am happy to announce that from now on, Male and male, female and female and whatever else can marry eachother! And this will be like it FOREVER." He said that small speech with a huge crowd of people, that started cheering for another social victory. "I AM NOT LETTING ANOTHER CONSERVATIVE STEP IN AGAIN DESTROYING OUR PROGRESS AS CIVILISED NATION." The people simply went with it because they were never that free since a millennia. And that was the strong point of Eosto.

"So..i need to give more rights--" Aota was about to finish until Eosto said "Start caring about the people, you idiot. Didn't you listen to what i said? I put a lot on effort for you all. If you don't, then you aren't my son. Face it. They expect a bit the same. As for corruption and all that...it's up to you. You can't just ask me, IT'S YOUR COUNTRY NOW, LEAD IT HOW YOU WANT. You understand?" Eosto was right. He retired, he can't go back to ruling, everything was in Aota's (unsecure) hands. "...understood...you're right! Thanks dad...i will try to follow your steps." Aota said, knowing what to do now.


"Now, if you excuse me, i want to sleep. Love ya son." - "Love ya too, dad. see you." And Aota left the room as an "enlightened" president now. It wouldn't change anything for some time. Too bad that it would be the last time that they would see eachother, for Eosto returned to when the coal stopped burning...



"He's old as f*ck! We would break his ribs LONG BEFORE his heart would wo-" 



"Get him some bandages, FAST!" Eosto yelled desperately. His father just got shot in the middle of the clash between every side in the civil war.

"We ran out of them like weeks ago, Eosto! Those radical motherf*ckers stole 'em!"

"We can't just leave my dad to die! We just can't!"

"...we have to...for the republic."

"BUT MY DAD-" "That's...enough...son...." and finally his dad intervened. "We fight for the republic....and we die for the republic...remember that...plus...i wanted the republic to prosper."

"We fight for Prya....and we die for Prya...remember that...plus...i had a wurld to save."

Taeh'ti knowing that he had to agree with his father F'kaele, with tears on his eyes and armor, he said only one thing. "I'm going to bury you personally, dad."

Eosto, knowing that he had to agree with them now, with tears on his eyes and green shirt, he said only one thing. "I'm going to bury you personally, dad."

Aota, knowing that he had to agree with that person about the rib breaking now, with tears on his eyes and presidential clothes, he said only one thing. "Im going to bury you personally, dad."


It's said that these three figures would be buried in the same place.

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