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[VISION STATEMENT] The 2nd Republic of Pryakane

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Pryakane is a Republic leaded by Aota Wutulu residing in Perkerawa (The Capital) with an immeasurable Polynesian heritage including:

  • A book in Proto-Prya named "The Epic of F'kaele Nuuru", said to be the first ruler of Prya that defeated the Basbalonianks at the battle of Astapulakane and the first that thought about Prya and Kane uniting as one empire,
  • A book made in the pre-Civil War era named "The Road to Coal" written by Yustuk Wutulu, exposing the abuses of the monarchy with the coal industrialization, starting the 80-year-long civil war 
  • A book in the modern era named "Me and Pryakane", a best-seller about the story of Eosto and Aota Wutulu ruling the Republic of Pryakane, inducing some comicity and patriotism to the generations to come.
  • A Pryoresus Volantumuli colony (The national animal of Pryakane), an ancient eagle with itself a lore inscribed in legends.

The first appearances of a Pryakean nation were about two civilisations in around 205 BC: Prya and Kane. Accounts from stone tablets suggest that the two nations were very friendly with eachother. It's said that kings often met in a small city that might be the predecessor of actual Perkerawa, tamed Pyoresus Volantumuli and made "one of the strongest alliances in the region".

In 1 BC, one of the most critical crises of the region was happening. A nomad invasive league of tribes named Basbalonianks has conquered A'thungkae, the capital of Pryonia (another small civilisation that will get absorbed in 1082) and were on the foot of war to conquer all of the surrounding civilisations in the area. F'kaele Nuuru (The king of Prya) decided to lead his whole army along with the small remnants of Kane's army defeated at Kr'hungr (A city outside Kane) to Astapulakane, gaining a victory. The war would continue until the last Basbaloniank-occupied city fell to disorganization (The most powerful man of the entire army died days after the battle of Astapulakane, sustaining critical wounds) and lack of morale. As for F'kaele, he would also die after the fight due to the injuries, but he became a legend of the whole region.

In 1082, F'kaele's dream came true as Ushkale Husbuk, King of Prya and Yellak Ussula, Queen of Kane married, forming the Kingdom of Pryakane. A lot happened in these 9 centruies as prosperity and peace reigned as they made scientific developments and fought diseases that killed a few kings and queens, leading to chaos as bloodlines from the two nations clashed. In this period, even the people were quite dissatisfied of everything. Yustuk Wutulu came, and in 1869, the people had the will to fight for freedom.

The original Perkerawa was used as base for The Group of Republic, a democratic society that sought the fighting in these 80 years of war. Having won the entire conflict, Eosto Wutulu took over as the president of Pryakane, modernising the nation massively, giving a lot of rights that made the people love him. Settling all the problems that came in front of him, he kept leading the nation until 2007, when he died of old age, Aota Wutulu came into play, starting (probably inspired by futuristic books writer Ka'ane Wheltu) with speeches about vat-birth, making human reproduction useless, giving the right of people to die and AI personhood. The opposition criticised him as a "daydreamer", "nothing compared to Eosto" and simply, "The worst President in the modern era". It's said that Pryakane is trying to reach the Mun to maybe get a man stepping on it because of their space program, but no one knows if this is true, and it may be unprobable as of now, since the government is starting to deteriorate in stability since Aota came in.

Stats (Point Allocation)

Population - Medium - 30 million (1)

GDP - High - 19,678 ESD (2)

Land Area - Medium - 255k Km2


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