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Geri vjaj brë Presa Natjonalë e Strumë
Welcome to the Struman National Press

The SNP (PNS) is the official news agency of the Republic of Struma. Every article published will be translated into the English language for international viewing and accesability. 

News Director: Ivar Gerëri

🏢 17, Bulebasj Rumfjëri str., Timabria 1111, Struma
📞 +77 571 329 617
✉️ info@presenatjonaleestrume.st/en/

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Magnitude 6.5 earthquake shakes the nation


At around 12:30 pm today a magnitute 6.5 earthquake occured 10km away from the coast neer the village of Gëreri-Fahë, Përëli-Bukurë region, eastern Struma, causing major damage to urban areas in the adjacent regions.

According to local sources the Struman cities of Përëli-Bukurë, Ista, Sehwejë and Gjeneral Jovanëri have been hit the hardest.
Poor regulations have lead to billions of Mides of damage in the cities of Përëli-Bukurë and Ista, who have suffered extensive damage compared to passed earthquakes due to the practice of removing walls from buildings to expand space for rooms in stores and/or general apartments.


The @Baltican northwest has also suffered damage, cities like Klenai, Vikija, and Kretia have been hit the worst out of that region.
The earthquake could reportedly be felt in areas of Safjal to the north and Fina to the east, but it hasn't caused much damage in those countries.

The current number of the injured or deceased people is unknown, but according to the Struman Ministry of Health approximated that around a few hundred to a thousand have died and a few thousand have been injured due to the earthquake.

Search and rescuw, cleanup, and recovery operations are currently undergoing as the national assembly discusses stricter building regulations to be implemented nationwide to prevent such damage.

You can donate to support the victims of the earthquake by clicking this link!

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Fishing vessal sunk after mine explosion


A fishing vessal belonging to the Talasulpi company sunk after hitting an old naval mine left from the Struman civil war at approximately 10km from the shores of Përëli-Bukurë at around 16:30 hours yesterday. Most of the crew was able to survive however the captain and 2 of the fishermen drowned and/or bled out due to shrapnal from the vessel.

This situation has caused panic and distrust from the local fishing industry, pushing the government to start a naval operation to remove all possible missed mines.



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Alcohol Distilary explosion in central Struma

An alcohol distillary belonging to the Zenbalesjtë corporation neer the town of Lumtbalë expirienced a large explosion which left several people injured.

The explosion occurred at around 8:30 AM on at the zjila distillery. The fire department was quick to respond to the scene, arriving around 20 minutes after the explosion. By the time they arrived, the fire had spread despate the employees' attempts to supress it using the fire system and extinguishers.

At least a dozen employees were injured and brought to the hospital in Lumtbalë.

The cuase of the explosion hasn't been determened, but it is speculated that it was either caused by built up pressure, or it was an act of terrorism.

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