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Hi, I'm Birina and You're Welcome

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I am the poor, crazy son of a b*tch behind the nation called Birina. I am an imports manager. That is a person who manages imports. I live in lucrative obscurity, have written the first twenty pages of multiple unpublished best selling novels, enjoy poisoning my body with various substances that kill the pain (most notably alcohol), and occasionally entertain the idea of reproducing. The noble goose is my favorite animal. I will probably tell you that I love you, with varying degrees of sincerity, multiple times. I'm American, and you'll be able to tell that I am right away. That's all you need to know about me.

What I write is "satire". Some would say that satire is truth laughing in the face of power, but I think it's more nuanced than that. Effectively, all you need to know about satire is that when you're reading my work if you think it's entertaining and good, you're interpreting the satire correctly. If you think it's shitty and unoriginal, then you "just don't get it" and should probably be embarrassed. That's what satire is.

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