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[Academy RP] The Call of Nature

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The sun rose timidly over the thick forest lined with mountains. The first birds began to sing, nature woke up from a long sleep. A herd of deer advanced towards a river. The males stayed behind and watched over the safety of the females and young. The sun's rays finally began to warm the herd. Suddenly branches cracked. A male deer alerted the others and began to slowly advance towards the origin of the noise. The rest of the herd looked at him from afar, attentive and preparing to flee.

Hidden behind bushes, several men in camouflage clothes were silently chatting with each other. One of the men looked younger and looked shamefully at the branch he had just stepped on. He was stared at by a man who was half smiling. He handed her a gun and showed the deer advancing in the distance.

"You take the gun in your hands like this. That's it, lower your shoulders, look at your target, breathe. When you feel it you shoot. Go ahead."

The young man was nervously holding the gun. The deer was getting closer and closer. His eyes focused on him, he trembled a little with his hands. The other man put his hand on his shoulder as if to reassure him. The young man took a deep breath, he looked the animal in the eyes. The detonation sounded in the valley. Crows croaked as they flew away, while the nervous gallop of the herd moved away in the distance. The men approached the beast followed by several men.

"You see that you can do it son. You just have to breathe."

"I was afraid of missing... Once again. I'm not really good at hunting father."

"Yet this is the duty of every king. You are a de Marelle, the more you practice, the better it will be. I was also struggling at your age."

The king examined the beast with pride.

"It's a beautiful beast. You can be proud. We will bring him to the mansion. His horns will adorn the others of our whole family. "

One of the men approached the king, tall and adorned with a thin mustache. He asked:

"Sire, do you want us to put it in the truck already? If it is left here for too long, it may attract scavengers."

Antoine de Marelle lit his pipe and blew a puff of white smoke before replying:

"Great idea Jean. Tell your men to put it down. We're leaving. Come son."

The young prince joined his father who began to remind him of the many hunting misadventures he had experienced while the men and John carried the deer into the truck. Their voices disappeared and got lost in the thick forest and the birds began to sing again. A fox passed by, while the sound of an engine disappeared in the distance.


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