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[Vision Statement]

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The nation of Louvier or The Kingdom of Louvier (In Lysian : Le Royaume de Louvier) is a cultured, rich and joyful nation. Led by King Antoine de Marelle XX and by the Assembly, the government is well regarded by the population. As a former colony of Lysia, the country fought for its independence and now celebrates every June 15 as Independence Day. The country is predominantly Catholic but a small part of the population is Protestant. Louvians are often seen as hospitable and very friendly abroad. Tourism in Louvier wants as many people as possible to discover the vast expanses of forests, mountains and lakes of the kingdom


The climate of Louvier is similar to that of North America. The Kingdom has many lakes, forests and mountains that give magnificent views all over the country. The tourism sector also attracts with its many ancient monuments such as Old Saint-Philippe with the Cathedral. Native Louvians culture is also very strong and studied. The kingdom is full of natural parks in which the biodiversity of the country is rich: moose, eagles, beavers, Lynxs, wolves, etc... The winters in Louvier are particularly appreciated although harsh for tourists who are not used to it.


Louvier's economy is mainly based on its natural reserves. With abundant forests, the timber industry is flourishing. The Kingdom also has many oil reserves in the North. This allows the country to be a good exporter.


The government of Louvier is governed by King Antoine de Marelle XX and by the National Assembly of Louvier. The king assists the national assembly to pass laws at the royal palace of Saint-Philippe. The royal family has a very special place in the hearts of Louvians and are seen here as a very symbol of the country. The people are asked to vote the representatives of the assembly every 4 years.


During the colonization of the territory by Lysia, the settlers came across native peoples and good relations based on trade alliances allowed the peoples to live together. Unfortunately, the diseases brought back by the colonists decimated the natives. Today about 7% of the population comes from natives

Pop - 1 (medium) between 11-12 million inhabitants

GDP - 2 (high) ~ 15,000-17,000

Land Area - 1 (medium) ~1,142,056 km2 

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