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Request: Rebranding of Mokhavia

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Hello, so for the sake of me starting to redo my country for some reasons i've mentioned before in the discord, i would like to request to change my nations name, flag and city layout.

Changes aren't gonna apply to rp as a "whole new nation", this is just a rebrand, so ama start new threats for the news and affairs for the sake of consistency and just carry on.


New Name: Republic of Struma (for short: Struma, Strumia)

Capital: Timabria (Timabrijë)

New flag: 



Updated map layout:


(Appologies for the badly masked map 😕)

Area to the west of that one river neer current Tezh i would like to be put on the river itsself, releasing the land that to the west of it

Red star - capital (has been moved slightly): Timabria

Yellow city: Fokere-Bale (Fokëre Bale)

Yellow port: Togrest (Togresjtë)

Green city: Kalba

Green port: Pereli-Bukure (Përëli Bukurë)

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