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Dniesterian-Ahranaian War

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Parliament of the United Kingdom of Ahrana

St. Peterburi, DK Peterburi, UK Ahrana | 0500 AST


A Special Session of Parliament:

"Mr. Speaker, and Honorable members of this assembly. We have debated for hours on what we the elected members of this assembly for our constituents who elected us to office because we told them they can count on us to make decisions for them at the government level. As I sat here for the last ten hours listening to each Member of Parliament state their opinion on what to do with the Dniesterian Situation, I have sat in my chair in the front row right here asking myself what I want to say and do for the people of my constituency and for the rest of this great nation we call home. 

In recent weeks and months, we have seen attacks after attacks from these terroristic groups that the Republican Government of Dniesterian is supporting and in these attacks many people have died or been injured by these ruthless attacks. We have not provoked,

How long must we allow these attacks to go on before we the elected members of this assembly decide that enough is enough? I had the full intention today of not backing the invoking of the Article of War, but as I have sat here....for the last ten hours....I have decided that invoking the Articles of War and setting Ahrana in a state of war is what we must do! We must not allow these brutal and savage attacks to continue on innocent people who have done nothing. We must meet force with force. If the Dniesterian Government wishes a full blown war with Ahrana then we must give it to them then.

Mr. Speaker and Members of Parliament, I support this resolution for the activation of the Articles of War. The rest of you here in the chamber should do so as well or retire in shame for not doing what is right."

Mr. Gustov stepped down from the podium and made his way to his seat with an applause from a good amount of the chamber, as a Veteran of the Revolution and the Wars prior to the Revolution, Mr. Gustov was seen by many as a hero and a man that is willing to say what is needed and must be said. As he sat down the Chancellor stood from her chair at the center of the chamber with the Speaker who motioned to her that the floor was hers to take.

As she walked to the podium the applause was coming to an end and the members were sitting down again.

" Mr. Speaker and the Honorable members of this Assembly, Mr. Gustov is correct in his statement. The longer we stand here and debate the reasonings of War and why War is needed we run the risk of another and more devastating attack happening on our soil to innocent people. While the Peace and War Statute of 2021 states the Parliament must enact the Article of War, their Majesties must also approve of the enactment. I talked with their majesties this morning and they fully support the activation of the Articles of War, they even went as far as to say they just do not recommend but instead they wish for the Article to be activated.

For Several days now the War Council and the other Councils have been meeting to discuss what our best possible outcome is, and it is that by their recommendation that I submitted to this activation to this Assembly. Failure to do so is a failure to protect the people we swore to serve. Failure to do so will ensure that our people never get to live in peace. So, we must not fail them this morning. I propose to the Speaker of the House to hold a vote once more for the Activation of the Articles of War to allow the Federal Government to Declare War on the Republic of Dniester. I give way to the Speaker."

The Chancellor walked back to her seat and gave the floor to the Speaker of the House to hold the vote:

"Those in favor of the activation of the Articles of War please tick yes on your pad, those not in favor of the activation of the Articles War also tick your response on your pad, and those who abstain please do not tick any response. I will give the Assembly exactly one minute to finalize their votes which after the votes have all been submitted and the time has ran out the results will follow. I also remind each Member of Parliament that this is a fair vote and does not have to be along any party lines, it is solely a vote based on one beliefs. Furthermore any results submitted after the time has ran out will not be counted. Please select your choice in the vote."

As the speaker stayed standing up the large screens on both sides of the chamber light up with a timer as well as a live tally of the votes. As the time drew near to the voting time the beeping noise of times out started. The speaker looked at his screen to see the votes and then sent them to the two large screens.

"The votes for yes to activation of the Articles of War are 240 with 5 being for not activating the Articles of War. As of 0530AST this morning, the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Ahrana has decided to activate the Articles of War to issue a Declaration of war against the Republic of Dniester. Please as a reminder do not speak about these results till the Federal Government has made the official announcement. I now call this session of Parliament to an end."

The chamber started to empty out and the chancellor headed out to the car waiting to take her back to Moskovo to hold a press conference and to draft the formal declaration of War in conjunction with the Parliament. She took a nap on the way back to the capital.

Executive Palace

Moskovo, DK Moskovo, UK Ahrana

When the Chancellor woke up it was to being told they have arrived back at the Executive Palace in the capital and that the Press were waiting for the press conference. They would have to wait till she had the statement written up. The official published version of the statement would not be the same as the one that she would give in person. As she got to her office, she started typing out the statement one for public release and the other to say at the press conference. As she finished the last sentence she got up and handed the public release to the secretary and then made her way to the Center Chamber of the building to have the Press Release.

As she walked to the area, she could hear all of the people in that chamber talking to one another and she could see the lights from the cameras in the chamber lighting it up as well. She turned and walked and wave to a few people and then stood at the podium and waited for the room to quiet down before talking:

Good morning and thank you for all joining us here today for this press release. My office will be posting another Public Release on the Government website after this press conference. Unfortunately, at the end of my statement I will not have time for questions, if you have any questions, please submit them to my office and I will respond in time to them.

This morning we continued the Special Session of Parliament in Peterburi which lasted for over ten hours. This special session was called by me to debate and to vote on the activation of the Articles of War in the situation with the Republic of Dniester. After hours of debating and two other votes for the activation the Parliament of the United Kingdom has decided 240 for the Activation of the Articles of War with on 4 voting against the Activation of the Articles of War. As of 0530AST this morning the United Kingdom of Ahrana is in a state of War. As of 0600AST my Office directed the Foreign Ministry to issue the Declaration of War against Dniester through our Embassy in the Capital of Minsk. I have also directed for the Embassy Staff to leave the Capital of Minsk after the Declaration of War has been delivered out of the safety of all personnel in our Embassy. I have also requested that the Foreign Ministry ask the Dinesterian Embassy Staff to leave the United Kingdom of Ahrana within the next forty-eight hours or risk expulsion from the country. 

I have asked the Ministry of Defense to order the Dniesterian-Ahranaian Border shut until further notice and have also directed the Ministry to begin the preparations for War. The War Council has been called up and at this time no activation of the Reserved Armed Forces has been declared. 

Thank you and have a good day."

The Chancellor walked out of the Chamber and made her way back to her office. As she walked past the Secretary area the head secretary told the chancellor the public release was up and the Parliaments Articles of War were sitting on her desk waiting for her signature and that the Diarchs have signed already.

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Ministry of Defense

Defense Ministry Building, Moskovo, UK Ahrana

2125AST, 31 May 2022


As the Diarchs, the Chancellor, Government Officials, and the Armed Forces Generals all sat at the long rectangular table in the conference room at the Ministry of Defense there was small talk amongst everyone even the Diarchs were engaged in some conversations while they were waiting for the last Military Official to join the War Council. They were waiting for the Admiral of the Fleets, Michael Thorvin of Moskiv, to arrive and start the meeting. 

This was the first of many meetings that would create a series of them for the duration of the State of War. This meeting was held to discuss the first steps of the War that Ahrana had now declared almost fifteen hours ago. Since then, the alert of the Armed Forces has been raised to Level 5, Battle Preparations, and the Civil Aviation Corps who are responsible for the Radar Stations across the Kingdom have been told to heighten the Air Security in the Skys until further communication. The Government still has another day before the ultimatum given to the Dniesterian Diplomats to leave the country. Per the Diarchs, no Military Action is to take place till after the Diplomats have left and till the Ahranaian Diplomats have landed safely in Ahranaian territory. 

Since the ultimatum given to the Dietarian Diplomats was given the Diarchs have stated that any Dniesterian Diplomat or Dniesterian civilian that wants asylum in the Kingdom of Ahrana then it will be given to them per the Articles of War. 

As everyone continued talking the door opened and in walked the Admiral with his briefcase and his other belongings, he had flown in from Havsborg, Uppsund where he was preforming inspections. He sat down his things and looked at the Diarchs and gave a slight bow and looked for permission to start the meeting to which they nodded.

As you all now know, we are in a state of war, and it has fallen to me to lead the first meeting of the War Council to which we are here for this evening. I do apologize for my tardiness, but security is tight right now. But to the matter at hand. The Diarchs, the Chancellor and the Government, and along with the Armed Forces Leaders have all decided that there will be three phases in this War with the Republican Forces.

Phase One will be a Naval Bombardment from the Southern Naval Fleet stationed in Vulga Supra with the two Frigates leading the Bombardment. Before the Bombardment begins the Royal Army will send in its advance Regimental Soldiers of the Special Forces along with two Regiments from the Imperial Guards to infiltrate the Capital City, Minsk, and set up the locations that will be hid with laser guided missiles across the city. These troops are to be an element of surprise with some coming in on River Patrol Craft and the others Paratrooping in from our Airplanes flying over Minsk and the surrounding areas. 

When the soldiers are in position, they will send a radio frequency message that only our Ships will understand what they mean and start the attack. These Soldiers will of course find shelter from these attacks and will move on to their next targets when the first wave has stopped.

The first phase is revolving around the Navy and the Special Forces, while we will have a Regiment of 1,000 Troops, under the command of Lt. Col. Stephan Sarav, at the southeastern Border of Dniester and Ahrana waiting for the command to cross over and begin pushing through. Further to the north of where the one Brigade of 3,500 troops, under the command of Brig. Gen. Georg Lashan of the Royal Army 1st Specialist Regiment, awaiting their orders to push forward as well. When these two sections move into the East of Dniester the Special Forces inside Minsk will link up with the Southern Dniesterian Resistance and fight alongside them, more troop deployments into Dniester will follow after these initial entries.

Our Intelligence Reports suggest that the South of Dniester along the coast is a Southern Dniesterian Resistance Strong hold and that most of the Republican Forces have been pushed back into the Capital City and the outlying areas of the city. The ADI has stated that the majority of the forces are starting to pull back and the stronger units are heading to the north to Tiraspol the Northern Capital where the Government has been located for some months now.

I understand that this all sounds like a complete mess, but we have all decided that it needs to look that way for the sake of making our next move unknown to the Republican Forces. When Phase one has been completed Phase two will begin with the bombardment of Tiraspol by the Royal Air Force which will use the Hvirfilbylir Flight will be made up of three groups of twenty-five Hvirfilbylir Jets that will bomb the city before returning to their airbase in Ahrana. The Hvirfilbylir Jets will drop bombs on important Government and Defensive buildings on each bombing raid that is conducted as the Forces in the South push to the north of Dniester. Phase two revolves mostly around the Air Force and the Ground troops being deployed. In phase two it is expected that we will have committed at least 8,000 Troops into Dniester from both the Southeast and the Southwest from Phase one of the invasion and War.

Phase three is still in the works however and the strategist are still looking at Phase one and two and refining them and making them more deadly in how we procced with our attacks. When the ground invasion forces move in on both phases, our mobile units of tanks and such will be moving alongside the infantry. We will be using our transport vehicles to move across the terrain. We will in situations when needed have precision bombing runs conducted by the Royal Air Force and have Artillery set up where needed as the forces move through the country.

If there are no questions that is all for this first War Council Meeting. The next Council will be held at the Monarchal Palace which is where the following councils after the next will be held.

Everyone started to gather their notes and looked around at one another and shook hands with each other and of course the Diarchs were given the bow and then soon all who were left in the conference room was the Diarchs, the Chancellor, and the Admiral. The Diarchs were talking with the Chancellor before making their way to the door to which both the Chancellor and the Admiral gave a bow to them before they left. Now it was just the Chancellor and the Admiral.

Admiral Thorvin, I know you understand the lengths of political power that I had to go through just to have the Parliament activate the War Powers and to even declare the war. Yet you still sound very hesitant when talking about our plans, why is that may I ask?

Madam Chancellor, you know why. The faith teaches us to strive for peace and to not have bloodshed. You know our peoples history...every time we go to war we lose ourselves in the war itself. I only fear what is to happen yet again.

That is a mindset that has plagued us for centuries, and it is because of people who believe what you believe is why we always lose ourselves in War. The way people like you think is that we Ahranaians are cursed because of Emperor Asger the bloody when he made his dying curse to the people of our land. By believing in that nonsense, you invite the possibility of the fact we could fall into that suspected curse. The Diarchs can tell you are extremely uneasy about this war but what other choice do we have?

We could sue for peace once again that is what we can do!

Admiral, we have done that over and over and over again. Doubting our next steps now only invites fear and dissatisfaction amongst the rest of the group and even worse it spreads to the Armed Forces. You are the Admiral of the Fleets, our highest ranking officer next to the First Sea Lord so act like it. The Diarchs do not accept your total disillusion with a war that has been forced upon us because of your beliefs and practices. If you cannot do the job at hand you can be replaced just like I can be replaced. It is as simple as that.

I understand that Madam Chancellor, but of my 30 plus years of service I have never felt conflicted like I am today. Why? I do not know. Something just feels amiss here, and it feels like we are missing something part of the bigger picture. But you are correct ma'am, I have a job to do. I am heading over to the ADI Building if you would like to join me for another Intelligence briefing?

Very well, I will join you even though I have the briefing right here in my hands.

They both walked out of the room and headed down the hallway to the front entrance, the ADI Building was across the street from the Ministry building. As they walked across the street you could feel the city roaring with life even as it was in a state of War everything was still moving and acting like it was a normal day. As they approached the door, they swiped their badges at the door and walked in and made their way upstairs to the briefing room where Director Core and her team were waiting.

To be continued...

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ADI Headquarters

Intelligence Agency Building

Moskovo, UK Ahrana | 31 May 2022


As the Chancellor and the Admiral walked into the building, they were greeted by several guards that were to walk them to the Conference Room where Director Core and her Team were waiting for the Admiral but had no clue the Chancellor was coming with him. However, the Chancellor and the Director were old friends from the old Kingdom and even were Commanding Officers under the same General during their time in the Armed Forces.

They walked up a few sets of stairs before getting to the floor where the room was located. It was dark, only the lights were on and there was no evidence of windows located on this floor. There was even barely any wall decoration on the walls on this floor which was a dramatic change from the main entrance. The Chancellor remembered during the Communist Government this floor was used for interrogations of what was called “dissidents”. She only remembers because she was classified as a dissident under the Ivanoff Government for her support to the Monarchy that was living in exile. As they walked to the room there was found to be one painting on the wall at the end of the hall, it was of the late King Gustov XVII. The Chancellor let out a smirk and then walked into the office to which she greeted Director Core.

Director Core, long time no see. You haven’t been coming to the Government meetings like you’re supposed to, you have been missed at them.

Ah well you have caught me what can I say, I’ve never liked meetings you know this. I am more of a person who likes to get involved and be seen less.

Yes, I know, which is why you were more than happy to become the ADI Director. But we can catch up later, we are here for a Intelligence Report I believe and I hope you don’t mind me joining the Admiral on this?

Not in the slightest, please do sit down and we will get started!

They took their seats, and the lights were turned off and a projector was turned on lighting up on the black wall in front of them. There was a series of pictures on the wall and Core started talking.

What you see in front of you is the equipment the Republican Army has at their disposal as of three days ago. We were able to capture these pictures through our informant in the Republican Army as well as several aerial photographs over the last few days and hours. The most recent picture shows that the Republican Guard has not taken any initiative to activate their main army on the Eastern side of the Country which could be used to our advantage.

What do you propose? I believe I know what it is you are going to propose but I want to hear your plan.

Well, I propose we send in a squadron of Royal Air Force Jets to drop several payloads on this equipment on this base and kill off a portion of their forces in the process. It sounds brutal but this is war nonetheless.

What about if we just dropped ordinances on the equipment, they have lined out there and leave the troops alone and give them the opportunity to decide for themselves if they want to fight or surrender?

That leaves too much possibility for those troops to still want to fight our forces, we need to take this opportunity and take as much equipment and people out while we can.

I totally understand the want to end this war quickly and swiftly, but we cannot just deny those men the right to surrender if they want to. If we bomb them and some of them survive, we also run the risk of those survivors wanting to fight even more.

Madam Chancellor, the risks for any one of these plans are just like that it’s a risk for a risk. We must decide which risk we are willing to live with in a time of war. I for one can back the plan to bomb everything, I can see why you are not willing to back that as you care a lot about everyone. But sometimes we must do what must be done. In the end the Admiral will have to propose the ADI plan and now your plan to the Diarchs and the War Council before it is carried out unless you authorize it right here and now. This attack will need to happen within the next few days before the equipment is moved if they move it.

I know what you are asking but it is still a lot for me to even do. I understand what war brings but I was hoping that some way I would be able to avoid these things. But if this is the best way to avoid a longer war then do what needs to be done.

Very well then, I propose to the Ministry of Defense and the Secretary of the Air Forces to carry out this mission within the next seventy-two hours. Any time after that is to be considered too late and we will have lost the opportunity to make devastating blow early on in this war. If that is all on this part of the meeting, then I propose for us to move onto the next slide here?

No one had anything else to add to that topic and so the Director nodded to change to the next slide which was more pictures of Dniesterian Bases.

If you look here this is the main military base in the northern part of Dniester about twenty miles from the Northern Capital. This equipment showed up over the course of the night from this intel. It took them most of the day and the night to move everything you see here. It seems the Dniesterian Government cares more for the Northern Territory more so than the southern part. I propose that the plan to invade the south and the national capital to continue as plan but do keep in mind that the Republican Military Command will be operating out of Trisapol and this Military base. It is also believed through the intelligence from the National Capital that the entire government has moved to Trisapol as well, which wasn’t expected.

Director, excuse me for a moment. So, the entire plan of the main phase was to hopefully force the Republican Government to the north, yet this has happened only with the Southern Dniesterian Forces fighting. I believe that currently our plans should change a bit.

Madam Chancellor, what should we change in our plans exactly? Said the admiral out of curiosity that she had not voiced this concern in the War Council.

The plan was great that was outlined in the War Council, however with this new information showing that clearly most of the forces are moving north which could give them time to set up defenses for a long engagement. I do not want us to be fighting a war four years from now. I want this war to be quick and if it needs to be violent then so be it but make this war quick. If we need to arm the Southern Dniesterians with more arms, then do it. If they want mechanized equipment, then supply them. If they want airplanes, then supply them with it. If we can avoid sending in our own forces for a good amount of time, then we need to ensure we take that route. War is costly, in both monetary and political capita. Yes, currently the entire government system from Federal all the way down the local point supports this war, but as soon as our men and women start dying that’s a whole different stigma.

Madam Chancellor, if we supply them with all this equipment what is to stop them from using it on us when the time comes?

It’s a risk I am willing to take, besides its not like we are handing this stuff to random citizens. We are training the Southern Forces to become a mere fighting force that will become their Defense Force when they join the Union. That is something I am willing to live for.

Very well Madam Chancellor, I will make note of this and consult with the Engineers and planners and create a plan to do just what you have asked.

If we go this route, then I still suggest we bombard the northern Capital with the Northern Naval Fleet and send in special forces to try and capture the Military Command Heads and the Government heads. If we can do that then perhaps, we can end the war quicker.

I second that, Admiral make sure that is something we look at pursuing still. I know it kinda refutes what I just said but this is something that could end this quickly.

They all sat there in agreement before the projector was turned off and the lights turned back on, the door opened and in came a secretary, the Chancellors Secretary. She held a folder that was marked “Classified” and she looked at the coversheet and then got up and walked to the door:

We can continue this later; I must attend to this now rather than later. You have my requests and opinions, and you know where to find me Director and Admiral. Do keep me informed.

The Chancellor walked out the door with the secretary behind her carrying the briefcase she completely forgot about. The file was a report from the Federal Police Services the Domestic Intelligence Division, one the Director of the ADI does not control nor have any information about.

The file contained the report from the Western part of the country, casualties and other things from the recent attacks including the names and pictures of those who carried out the attacks. As the chancellor walked out the building they headed to the car which would take her to the Federal Police Services Building…

To be continued…

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