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Dniesterian-Ahranaian War

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Parliament of the United Kingdom of Ahrana

St. Peterburi, DK Peterburi, UK Ahrana | 0500 AST


A Special Session of Parliament:

"Mr. Speaker, and Honorable members of this assembly. We have debated for hours on what we the elected members of this assembly for our constituents who elected us to office because we told them they can count on us to make decisions for them at the government level. As I sat here for the last ten hours listening to each Member of Parliament state their opinion on what to do with the Dniesterian Situation, I have sat in my chair in the front row right here asking myself what I want to say and do for the people of my constituency and for the rest of this great nation we call home. 

In recent weeks and months, we have seen attacks after attacks from these terroristic groups that the Republican Government of Dniesterian is supporting and in these attacks many people have died or been injured by these ruthless attacks. We have not provoked,

How long must we allow these attacks to go on before we the elected members of this assembly decide that enough is enough? I had the full intention today of not backing the invoking of the Article of War, but as I have sat here....for the last ten hours....I have decided that invoking the Articles of War and setting Ahrana in a state of war is what we must do! We must not allow these brutal and savage attacks to continue on innocent people who have done nothing. We must meet force with force. If the Dniesterian Government wishes a full blown war with Ahrana then we must give it to them then.

Mr. Speaker and Members of Parliament, I support this resolution for the activation of the Articles of War. The rest of you here in the chamber should do so as well or retire in shame for not doing what is right."

Mr. Gustov stepped down from the podium and made his way to his seat with an applause from a good amount of the chamber, as a Veteran of the Revolution and the Wars prior to the Revolution, Mr. Gustov was seen by many as a hero and a man that is willing to say what is needed and must be said. As he sat down the Chancellor stood from her chair at the center of the chamber with the Speaker who motioned to her that the floor was hers to take.

As she walked to the podium the applause was coming to an end and the members were sitting down again.

" Mr. Speaker and the Honorable members of this Assembly, Mr. Gustov is correct in his statement. The longer we stand here and debate the reasonings of War and why War is needed we run the risk of another and more devastating attack happening on our soil to innocent people. While the Peace and War Statute of 2021 states the Parliament must enact the Article of War, their Majesties must also approve of the enactment. I talked with their majesties this morning and they fully support the activation of the Articles of War, they even went as far as to say they just do not recommend but instead they wish for the Article to be activated.

For Several days now the War Council and the other Councils have been meeting to discuss what our best possible outcome is, and it is that by their recommendation that I submitted to this activation to this Assembly. Failure to do so is a failure to protect the people we swore to serve. Failure to do so will ensure that our people never get to live in peace. So, we must not fail them this morning. I propose to the Speaker of the House to hold a vote once more for the Activation of the Articles of War to allow the Federal Government to Declare War on the Republic of Dniester. I give way to the Speaker."

The Chancellor walked back to her seat and gave the floor to the Speaker of the House to hold the vote:

"Those in favor of the activation of the Articles of War please tick yes on your pad, those not in favor of the activation of the Articles War also tick your response on your pad, and those who abstain please do not tick any response. I will give the Assembly exactly one minute to finalize their votes which after the votes have all been submitted and the time has ran out the results will follow. I also remind each Member of Parliament that this is a fair vote and does not have to be along any party lines, it is solely a vote based on one beliefs. Furthermore any results submitted after the time has ran out will not be counted. Please select your choice in the vote."

As the speaker stayed standing up the large screens on both sides of the chamber light up with a timer as well as a live tally of the votes. As the time drew near to the voting time the beeping noise of times out started. The speaker looked at his screen to see the votes and then sent them to the two large screens.

"The votes for yes to activation of the Articles of War are 240 with 5 being for not activating the Articles of War. As of 0530AST this morning, the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Ahrana has decided to activate the Articles of War to issue a Declaration of war against the Republic of Dniester. Please as a reminder do not speak about these results till the Federal Government has made the official announcement. I now call this session of Parliament to an end."

The chamber started to empty out and the chancellor headed out to the car waiting to take her back to Moskovo to hold a press conference and to draft the formal declaration of War in conjunction with the Parliament. She took a nap on the way back to the capital.

Executive Palace

Moskovo, DK Moskovo, UK Ahrana

When the Chancellor woke up it was to being told they have arrived back at the Executive Palace in the capital and that the Press were waiting for the press conference. They would have to wait till she had the statement written up. The official published version of the statement would not be the same as the one that she would give in person. As she got to her office, she started typing out the statement one for public release and the other to say at the press conference. As she finished the last sentence she got up and handed the public release to the secretary and then made her way to the Center Chamber of the building to have the Press Release.

As she walked to the area, she could hear all of the people in that chamber talking to one another and she could see the lights from the cameras in the chamber lighting it up as well. She turned and walked and wave to a few people and then stood at the podium and waited for the room to quiet down before talking:

Good morning and thank you for all joining us here today for this press release. My office will be posting another Public Release on the Government website after this press conference. Unfortunately, at the end of my statement I will not have time for questions, if you have any questions, please submit them to my office and I will respond in time to them.

This morning we continued the Special Session of Parliament in Peterburi which lasted for over ten hours. This special session was called by me to debate and to vote on the activation of the Articles of War in the situation with the Republic of Dniester. After hours of debating and two other votes for the activation the Parliament of the United Kingdom has decided 240 for the Activation of the Articles of War with on 4 voting against the Activation of the Articles of War. As of 0530AST this morning the United Kingdom of Ahrana is in a state of War. As of 0600AST my Office directed the Foreign Ministry to issue the Declaration of War against Dniester through our Embassy in the Capital of Minsk. I have also directed for the Embassy Staff to leave the Capital of Minsk after the Declaration of War has been delivered out of the safety of all personnel in our Embassy. I have also requested that the Foreign Ministry ask the Dinesterian Embassy Staff to leave the United Kingdom of Ahrana within the next forty-eight hours or risk expulsion from the country. 

I have asked the Ministry of Defense to order the Dniesterian-Ahranaian Border shut until further notice and have also directed the Ministry to begin the preparations for War. The War Council has been called up and at this time no activation of the Reserved Armed Forces has been declared. 

Thank you and have a good day."

The Chancellor walked out of the Chamber and made her way back to her office. As she walked past the Secretary area the head secretary told the chancellor the public release was up and the Parliaments Articles of War were sitting on her desk waiting for her signature and that the Diarchs have signed already.

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Ministry of Defense

Defense Ministry Building, Moskovo, UK Ahrana

2125AST, 31 May 2022


As the Diarchs, the Chancellor, Government Officials, and the Armed Forces Generals all sat at the long rectangular table in the conference room at the Ministry of Defense there was small talk amongst everyone even the Diarchs were engaged in some conversations while they were waiting for the last Military Official to join the War Council. They were waiting for the Admiral of the Fleets, Michael Thorvin of Moskiv, to arrive and start the meeting. 

This was the first of many meetings that would create a series of them for the duration of the State of War. This meeting was held to discuss the first steps of the War that Ahrana had now declared almost fifteen hours ago. Since then, the alert of the Armed Forces has been raised to Level 5, Battle Preparations, and the Civil Aviation Corps who are responsible for the Radar Stations across the Kingdom have been told to heighten the Air Security in the Skys until further communication. The Government still has another day before the ultimatum given to the Dniesterian Diplomats to leave the country. Per the Diarchs, no Military Action is to take place till after the Diplomats have left and till the Ahranaian Diplomats have landed safely in Ahranaian territory. 

Since the ultimatum given to the Dietarian Diplomats was given the Diarchs have stated that any Dniesterian Diplomat or Dniesterian civilian that wants asylum in the Kingdom of Ahrana then it will be given to them per the Articles of War. 

As everyone continued talking the door opened and in walked the Admiral with his briefcase and his other belongings, he had flown in from Havsborg, Uppsund where he was preforming inspections. He sat down his things and looked at the Diarchs and gave a slight bow and looked for permission to start the meeting to which they nodded.

As you all now know, we are in a state of war, and it has fallen to me to lead the first meeting of the War Council to which we are here for this evening. I do apologize for my tardiness, but security is tight right now. But to the matter at hand. The Diarchs, the Chancellor and the Government, and along with the Armed Forces Leaders have all decided that there will be three phases in this War with the Republican Forces.

Phase One will be a Naval Bombardment from the Southern Naval Fleet stationed in Vulga Supra with the two Frigates leading the Bombardment. Before the Bombardment begins the Royal Army will send in its advance Regimental Soldiers of the Special Forces along with two Regiments from the Imperial Guards to infiltrate the Capital City, Minsk, and set up the locations that will be hid with laser guided missiles across the city. These troops are to be an element of surprise with some coming in on River Patrol Craft and the others Paratrooping in from our Airplanes flying over Minsk and the surrounding areas. 

When the soldiers are in position, they will send a radio frequency message that only our Ships will understand what they mean and start the attack. These Soldiers will of course find shelter from these attacks and will move on to their next targets when the first wave has stopped.

The first phase is revolving around the Navy and the Special Forces, while we will have a Regiment of 1,000 Troops, under the command of Lt. Col. Stephan Sarav, at the southeastern Border of Dniester and Ahrana waiting for the command to cross over and begin pushing through. Further to the north of where the one Brigade of 3,500 troops, under the command of Brig. Gen. Georg Lashan of the Royal Army 1st Specialist Regiment, awaiting their orders to push forward as well. When these two sections move into the East of Dniester the Special Forces inside Minsk will link up with the Southern Dniesterian Resistance and fight alongside them, more troop deployments into Dniester will follow after these initial entries.

Our Intelligence Reports suggest that the South of Dniester along the coast is a Southern Dniesterian Resistance Strong hold and that most of the Republican Forces have been pushed back into the Capital City and the outlying areas of the city. The ADI has stated that the majority of the forces are starting to pull back and the stronger units are heading to the north to Tiraspol the Northern Capital where the Government has been located for some months now.

I understand that this all sounds like a complete mess, but we have all decided that it needs to look that way for the sake of making our next move unknown to the Republican Forces. When Phase one has been completed Phase two will begin with the bombardment of Tiraspol by the Royal Air Force which will use the Hvirfilbylir Flight will be made up of three groups of twenty-five Hvirfilbylir Jets that will bomb the city before returning to their airbase in Ahrana. The Hvirfilbylir Jets will drop bombs on important Government and Defensive buildings on each bombing raid that is conducted as the Forces in the South push to the north of Dniester. Phase two revolves mostly around the Air Force and the Ground troops being deployed. In phase two it is expected that we will have committed at least 8,000 Troops into Dniester from both the Southeast and the Southwest from Phase one of the invasion and War.

Phase three is still in the works however and the strategist are still looking at Phase one and two and refining them and making them more deadly in how we procced with our attacks. When the ground invasion forces move in on both phases, our mobile units of tanks and such will be moving alongside the infantry. We will be using our transport vehicles to move across the terrain. We will in situations when needed have precision bombing runs conducted by the Royal Air Force and have Artillery set up where needed as the forces move through the country.

If there are no questions that is all for this first War Council Meeting. The next Council will be held at the Monarchal Palace which is where the following councils after the next will be held.

Everyone started to gather their notes and looked around at one another and shook hands with each other and of course the Diarchs were given the bow and then soon all who were left in the conference room was the Diarchs, the Chancellor, and the Admiral. The Diarchs were talking with the Chancellor before making their way to the door to which both the Chancellor and the Admiral gave a bow to them before they left. Now it was just the Chancellor and the Admiral.

Admiral Thorvin, I know you understand the lengths of political power that I had to go through just to have the Parliament activate the War Powers and to even declare the war. Yet you still sound very hesitant when talking about our plans, why is that may I ask?

Madam Chancellor, you know why. The faith teaches us to strive for peace and to not have bloodshed. You know our peoples history...every time we go to war we lose ourselves in the war itself. I only fear what is to happen yet again.

That is a mindset that has plagued us for centuries, and it is because of people who believe what you believe is why we always lose ourselves in War. The way people like you think is that we Ahranaians are cursed because of Emperor Asger the bloody when he made his dying curse to the people of our land. By believing in that nonsense, you invite the possibility of the fact we could fall into that suspected curse. The Diarchs can tell you are extremely uneasy about this war but what other choice do we have?

We could sue for peace once again that is what we can do!

Admiral, we have done that over and over and over again. Doubting our next steps now only invites fear and dissatisfaction amongst the rest of the group and even worse it spreads to the Armed Forces. You are the Admiral of the Fleets, our highest ranking officer next to the First Sea Lord so act like it. The Diarchs do not accept your total disillusion with a war that has been forced upon us because of your beliefs and practices. If you cannot do the job at hand you can be replaced just like I can be replaced. It is as simple as that.

I understand that Madam Chancellor, but of my 30 plus years of service I have never felt conflicted like I am today. Why? I do not know. Something just feels amiss here, and it feels like we are missing something part of the bigger picture. But you are correct ma'am, I have a job to do. I am heading over to the ADI Building if you would like to join me for another Intelligence briefing?

Very well, I will join you even though I have the briefing right here in my hands.

They both walked out of the room and headed down the hallway to the front entrance, the ADI Building was across the street from the Ministry building. As they walked across the street you could feel the city roaring with life even as it was in a state of War everything was still moving and acting like it was a normal day. As they approached the door, they swiped their badges at the door and walked in and made their way upstairs to the briefing room where Director Core and her team were waiting.

To be continued...

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ADI Headquarters

Intelligence Agency Building

Moskovo, UK Ahrana | 31 May 2022


As the Chancellor and the Admiral walked into the building, they were greeted by several guards that were to walk them to the Conference Room where Director Core and her Team were waiting for the Admiral, but had no clue the Chancellor was coming with him. However, the Chancellor and the Director were old friends from the old Kingdom and even were Commanding Officers under the same General during their time in the Armed Forces.

They walked up a few sets of stairs before getting to the floor where the room was located. It was dark, only the lights were on and there was no evidence of windows located on this floor. There was even barely any wall decoration on the walls on this floor, which was a dramatic change from the main entrance. The Chancellor remembered, during the Communist Government, this floor was used for interrogations of what were called ‚Äúdissidents‚ÄĚ. She only remembers because she was classified as a dissident under the Ivanoff Government for her support to the Monarchy that was living in exile. As they walked to the room there was found to be one painting on the wall at the end of the hall, it was of the late King Gustov XVII. The Chancellor let out a smirk and then walked into the office, to which she greeted Director Core.

Director Core, long time no see. You haven’t been coming to the Government meetings like you’re supposed to, you have been missed at them.

Ah, well you have caught me, what can I say, I’ve never liked meetings you know this. I am more of a person who likes to get involved and be seen less.

Yes, I know, which is why you were more than happy to become the ADI Director. But we can catch up later, we are here for an Intelligence Report I believe, and I hope you don’t mind me joining the Admiral on this?

Not in the slightest, please do sit down and we will get started!

They took their seats, and the lights were turned off and a projector was turned on, lighting up on the black wall in front of them. There was a series of pictures on the wall and Core started talking.

What you see in front of you is the equipment the Republican Army has at their disposal as of three days ago. We were able to capture these pictures through our informant in the Republican Army, as well as several aerial photographs over the last few days and hours. The most recent picture shows that the Republican Guard has not taken any initiative to activate their main army on the Eastern side of the Country, which could be used to our advantage.

What do you propose? I believe I know what it is you are going to propose, but I want to hear your plan.

Well, I propose we send in a squadron of Royal Air Force Jets to drop several payloads on this equipment on this base and kill off a portion of their forces in the process. It sounds brutal, but this is war nonetheless.

What about if we just dropped ordinances on the equipment, they have lined out there and leave the troops alone and give them the opportunity to decide for themselves if they want to fight or surrender?

That leaves too much possibility for those troops to still want to fight our forces, we need to take this opportunity and take as much equipment and people out while we can.

I totally understand the want to end this war quickly and swiftly, but we cannot just deny those men the right to surrender if they want to. If we bomb them and some of them survive, we also run the risk of those survivors wanting to fight even more.

Madam Chancellor, the risks for any one of these plans are just like that, it’s a risk for a risk. We must decide which risk we are willing to live with in a time of war. I, for one, can back the plan to bomb everything, I can see why you are not willing to back that as you care a lot about everyone. But sometimes we must do what must be done. In the end the Admiral will have to propose the ADI plan and now your plan to the Diarchs and the War Council before it is carried out unless you authorize it right here and now. This attack will need to happen within the next few days before the equipment is moved if they move it.

I know what you are asking, but it is still a lot for me to even do. I understand what war brings, but I was hoping that some way I would be able to avoid these things. But if this is the best way to avoid a longer war, then do what needs to be done.

Very well, then, I propose to the Ministry of Defense and the Secretary of the Air Forces to carry out this mission within the next seventy-two hours. Any time after that is to be considered too late, and we will have lost the opportunity to make a devastating blow early on in this war. If that is all on this part of the meeting, then I propose for us to move onto the next slide here?

No one had anything else to add to that topic and so the Director nodded to change to the next slide which was more pictures of Dniesterian Bases.

If you look here this is the main military base in the northern part of Dniester about twenty miles from the Northern Capital. This equipment showed up over the course of the night from this intel. It took them most of the day and the night to move everything you see here. It seems the Dniesterian Government cares more for the Northern Territory, more so than the southern part. I propose that the plan to invade the south and the national capital to continue as plan, but do keep in mind that the Republican Military Command will be operating out of Tiraspol and this Military base. It is also believed through the intelligence from the National Capital that the entire government has moved to Tiraspol as well, which wasn’t expected.

Director, excuse me for a moment. So, the entire plan of the main phase was to hopefully force the Republican Government to the north, yet this has happened only with the Southern Dniesterian Forces fighting. I believe that currently our plans should change a bit.

Madam Chancellor, what should we change in our plans exactly? Said the admiral, out of curiosity that she had not voiced this concern in the War Council.

The plan was great that was outlined in the War Council, however with this new information showing that clearly most of the forces are moving north which could give them time to set up defenses for a long engagement. I do not want us to be fighting a war four years from now. I want this war to be quick and if it needs to be violent then so be it, but make this war quick. If we need to arm the Southern Dniesterians with more arms, then do it. If they want mechanized equipment, then supply them. If they want airplanes, then supply them with it. If we can avoid sending in our own forces for a good amount of time, then we need to ensure we take that route. War is costly, in both monetary and political capita. Yes, currently the entire government system from Federal all the way down to the local point supports this war, but as soon as our men and women start dying that’s a whole different stigma.

Madam Chancellor, if we supply them with all this equipment, what is to stop them from using it on us when the time comes?

It’s a risk I am willing to take, besides it's not like we are handing this stuff to random citizens. We are training the Southern Forces to become a mere fighting force that will become their Defense Force when they join the Union. That is something I am willing to live for.

Very well, Madam Chancellor, I will make note of this and consult with the Engineers and planners and create a plan to do just what you have asked.

If we go this route, then I still suggest we bombard the northern Capital with the Northern Naval Fleet and send in special forces to try and capture the Military Command Heads and the Government heads. If we can do that then, perhaps, we can end the war quicker.

I second that, Admiral, make sure that is something we look at pursuing still. I know it kinda refutes what I just said, but this is something that could end this quickly.

They all sat there in agreement before the projector was turned off and the lights turned back on, the door opened and in came a secretary, the Chancellors Secretary. She held a folder that was marked ‚ÄúClassified‚ÄĚ and she looked at the coversheet and then got up and walked to the door:

We can continue this later; I must attend to this now rather than later. You have my requests and opinions, and you know where to find me Director and Admiral. Do keep me informed.

The Chancellor walked out the door with the secretary behind her carrying the briefcase she completely forgot about. The file was a report from the Federal Police Services the Domestic Intelligence Division, one the Director of the ADI does not control nor have any information about.

The file contained the report from the Western part of the country, casualties and other things from the recent attacks, including the names and pictures of those who carried out the attacks. As the chancellor walked out the building, they headed to the car which would take her to the Federal Police Services Building…

To be continued…

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Federal Police Headquarters

FPS Building

Moskovo, UK Ahrana | 31 May 2022


The car pulled up, and she got out of the car and quickly walked into the building, the newly appointed Police Commissioner was waiting for her at the door outside the building. They walked in together and the mood was serious and tense. As they walked to the Secure Room and the door was closed behind them when a red light coming on, she looked at the commissioner with the most stern and serious face expression that had ever been seen on her face:

So, explain to me Mr. Commissioner how we have been given this report and where exactly it came from, because this is borderline treason for whoever is responsible for it.

Ma’am, I am unsure where this report is from, and I am unsure of its accuracy. If it is to be believed, then we must act quickly before it’s too late. I am also very skeptical, but the fact the ADI did not even pick up on this is alarming.

I just came from ADI HQ and nothing about this was mentioned or discussed privately. As a matter of fact, they are more focused on gathering military intelligence, to which our Military Intelligence Corps seem incapable of doing at this present time. Then, once I am in the middle of that important meeting, you send me this, which has really got me irritated. I want to know who, and I want to know where they are, and I want to personally confirm these reports myself. I do not want you or anyone else talking to them until I am informed, and I am present for the discussions, understood?

Yes ma’am, it is clear I understand.

Good then speak to no one about this other than those who need to know, also do not let the ADI or MIC know about this.

She got up, grabbed the folder the commissioner was holding plus the one she walked in with and headed out back to the car. She got into the car to head back to the office to finish her day up. As she was heading to the office, she opened both files:



As she finished the first report, she closed the file and let out a sigh of frustration, which caught the eye of the security agent and driver in the front of the car. She gave them a brief simple then opened the next folder:




She closed that report and noticed it had been sent a couple of days ago… She was unsure of what to do and who to talk to now because of the report. With a possible leak in the Ahranaian Government, she would have to take extra steps to ensure the leak does not get the important information.

Soon she arrived at the Chancellery and headed into the building, thanking her driver and walked with her Security Agent. As they walked into the building, she felt odd like she was being watched, well she was because she’s the chancellor after all. She made her way to her office and told the agent he could go and have his personal time.

As she closed the door, she turned on the radio and walked to her desk and pulled out a green phone from a drawer in the desk. She picked it up and asked for the Diarchs.

Sigrid ah perfect. Where is Aleksandra?

She is a bit indisposed at the moment, so you have me to talk to for whatever you need.

Okay that’s fine. So, the line is secure as you have noticed It's that one phone I am calling on. We have a situation that is developing slowly, but it's worth taking a look at the documents that will be coming in the next few days from PX. It's for sure not what we wanted at this current time, but it is what we must deal with. If you and Aleksandra could meet me at the FPS tomorrow with the FPS Commissioner, I will fill you both in and show you the documents we are getting in from PX.

I thought PX was done?

It was, we believed, but they managed to pull it off over there, and it's going to benefit us very well.

Very well, we will be there tomorrow at 1000AST, we will be in the black room I am guessing?

Yes, ma’am, the black room.

Very well, till then.

The phone went silent and there was no dial tone on this phone as it was the special phone, there were only three of these phones total across the kingdom. She sat down and started to read the other reports from other divisions.


To be continued…

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Moskovo, Ahrana

1st June 2022


As reports kept coming in one after another from the Intelligence Directorate, the Army Intelligence Corps and other Intelligence sections, each report stated that Dniester was moving troops around in the country. For what reason was still unknown, as a report from Agent Xavier had not arrived yet, which was critical in understanding the reasoning of the Dniesterian movements.

In the meantime, the federal government had gotten a response from the Steman government regarding their involvement in the war. The Republic of Stemas has decided to support and side with Ahrana during this conflict and would do whatever was asked of them. They also gave the order to send two Army Corps and one Air Force Corps that will make up the Steman Detachment to the Ahranaian Military. The combined total of the active military forces active in Ahrana will total around 190,000 personnel, (subject to change) one of the largest forces inside Ahrana since ancient times.

The Military Command has been riddled with commotion for the last forty-eight hours since the Steman Government gave a response, the other sections of government have started noticing that it seems the country is gearing up for a military response soon which was still unknown. The Chancellery has also been filled with commotion the last few days with cars going in and out the grounds and the public has taken notice of that.

Finally, the report from Agent Xavier had arrived at the desk of the chancellor, who immediately opened the folder to read the report.

As she finished reading the report, she started to get the feeling that Xavier was getting too confident in their current position, which was worrying to some degree. Soon the agent would have to be recalled or worse, placed in harm's way due to the ego that had been formed. With this report the chancellor felt the time to send the order to deploy was near if not upon the government. If that was indeed the case, then she would need to seek divine advice before she made that decision.

She got up from her desk and walked out of her office and told the secretaries she was seeking divine interaction and that she would be back in less than an hour. As she walked to the door, her car drove to the front and was waiting for her to get in. As she left the door of the Chancellery building and stepped into the car and told the driver to go to the main cathedral downtown, she started feeling this weird feeling of guilt. It wasn’t your average guilt. No, it was guilt knowing that soon she would make the decision to send men and women to invade Dniester and some of them would die in the war, as is the way of life. Soon the car pulled up to the cathedral, and she got out of the car and made her way into the building.

As she walked up to the entrance of the cathedral, she stopped and grabbed the light cloth scarf that was hanging on her neck and placed it atop her head and covered her head out of respect before walking through the door. As she walked through, it was as if she was entering a lost piece of time. The air was filled with a sweet smell, there were chanters chanting during the 9th hour service. The chant being chanted at the time she entered was ‚ÄúBless the Lord, O my soul‚ÄĚ. She walked to the front of the narthex venerating the Icon of the Holy Trinity, to which the cathedral was named, as well as the Icon of the Holy Theotokos before walking towards the nave of the church. As she made her way from the narthex to the nave, she noticed there were actually several people attending the 9th hour service today. She found an empty area of the church to the left, where she stood making the sign of the cross before she started her prayer. As she started her prayer, the chant had changed to ‚ÄúA Mercy of Peace‚ÄĚ. As she continued praying, several other people within the church noticed the chancellor and made their way to stand near her and prayed with her. At that time the Priest came out of the Altar and started censing the T√°knmynd and then made his way around the church censing the other icons in the church.

Soon she finished her prayers and then walked up to the T√°knmynd Screen where the Theotokos was and venerated the icon before praying for her to intercede on her behalf for everyone who would surely perish in the upcoming war. As she finished this prayer she made the sign of the cross and performed a prostration to the Icon of the Theotokos and then made her way back to the narthex of the church to which she turned around facing the T√°knmynd and bowed once with reverence and then made her way out the door.

Once she exited, she took the scarf off her head and tucked it around her neck and made her way back to the car and asked the driver to take her back to the chancellery building.

Soon she was back at the chancellery and made her way inside once more. As she walked to her office, the look on her face was one of determination and sincere grief. Once in her office, she started typing the speech. Her secretary brought her a cup of tea and a plate of sweets for her to eat as well. The secretary shut the office door, and the vigorous typing of the chancellor filled the room.

Soon the speech was done and ready for revision by the Speech maker:


Citizens of Ahrana, the time has come for us to understand that we must do what is needed in order to protect our people at home through whatever means necessary. Today, after several days of decision-making and preparation for the tough time ahead, I can officially say we are as prepared as we can be for the next steps we are taking.

Several hours ago, I gave the Ministry of Defense and the War Council the go-ahead to begin the invasion of the Republic of Dniester. In a special Parliamentary Session in Moskovo the Parliament decided to enact the Articles of War against the Republic of Dniester. Our justification for this decision was the following:

  • Supporting the Terrorist Groups that have been attacking the border cities in Ahrana
  • Providing Military training to these terrorist organizations
  • Providing financial¬†means to these terrorist organizations, and providing them intelligence information against the United Kingdom of Ahrana

Through these reasons, we decided that this was our only option to create stability in our region of Argis. Allowing a nation to be run by several terrorist organizations, which gives them the full legal means to carry out unlawful attacks against innocent people, shows to the rest of the wurld that you can do whatever you want and not expect any form of retaliation.

It is true that we Ahranaians hate nothing more than war itself, we were born from war. We strived at war for centuries, creating one of the largest Argic Empires on the face of the planet! Going to war today does not mean we are seeking to revive the defunct Ahranaian Empire, no, it means we will not let tyranny run rampant and unchecked. We will not allow innocent people to be killed simply because the other group decided they just did not agree with their political beliefs, religions, or nationality. Ahrana is founded on modern principles of equality for all and protection for all! Especially tyranny.

We will face losses in this war, that is no doubt, it's a part of war. I would be lying if I said I made this decision without emotion. It pains me to send our troops to fight in a foreign land to secure peace for us at home. Let us remember what our faith teaches us, we do not truly die…we are merely waiting for the lord to come and awaken us from our sleep for the life that is to come.

So, let us all come together as a family, as Ahranaians, and fight for not just ourselves but the rest of the people who are at risk of falling to this murderous group and restore peace and justice to the lands of Dniester so that the people there can live in peace.

She sat there at her desk, grabbed the cup of tea and turned her chair to look out the window and view the sky. It was a beautiful day today, one of a kind at this time of the year. Yet winter would soon be upon everyone and that would make for a heck of a time for war. She finished the tea and then turned back to her desk and pushed a button for a secretary to come to the office. The secretary came in, and the chancellor was hard at reading something else now, and she pointed to the folder with the speech that needed to be proofread. The folder was picked up, and then the secretary left the room once more.

Few hours passed….

It had been two hours since she got back from the cathedral and then wrote the speech, the next thing she had to do was to call the Ministry of Defense and give the go ahead to start the pre-strike plan, which was to send in a section of the special forces to strike key areas. She picked up the phone and asked for the Ministry of Defense.

Please patch me to the Ministry of Defense to Minister Sarrov.

The phone goes quiet for a few moments before the line is connected and there is another voice.

Minister Sarrov here.

Minister Sarrov, it’s the Chancellor calling.

Yes ma’am, what can I do for you?

Operation Saber is a go. Send them in and in exactly six hours from now I will make a public announcement on the television to the country, and I hope to be able to tell them that we will have started the strategic bombing campaign as well as the naval bombardment by then. 

Very well, ma’am, I will get it done asap.

She hung up the phone and got up and walked over to the window again. Even though she knew it was a difficult thing to give the permission to send troops into a war zone and die for their nation, she held back the grief she was feeling, knowing it all too well from her past. As she stared out the window, the sun was falling slowly down from the sky. It would be soon when these troops started their missions. She walked over to the Icons sitting on a shelf in the eastern part of the room and lit a candle for those men and women that would be facing a life-or-death situation.

Soon she decided she would attend the evening service at the local church down the road. She grabbed her scarf and made her way out of the office and down the hall. She passed the secretary hall and kept walking to the main entrance. She would walk to the church down the way from the chancellery. A breath of fresh air would do her well as she pondered on her thoughts. The bodyguards, two each, walked behind her as she made her way to the church. As she approached the church she stopped and put the scarf over her head then walked into the church building. 

She venerated these icons in the nave of the church, where the icons of St. Göran and Theotokos were located. She also lit a candle stick and placed it standing up in the sand on the candle table. She then made her way to the middle of the church and took her seat. It was another vesper service, which would be over in an hour. As she sat there, she listened to the chants and the messages from the readings that helped her with the decision she made. Even though war was not new to her, it was new to have to issue orders to start a war. She wouldn’t be human if it did not bother her as much as it did. As she sat there the service had ended and the few people that had attended the vespers liturgy started leaving, she stayed in her seat for a moment allowing the other people to leave first before getting up.

She got up and walked out the church and made her way to the chancellery again to prepare to make the live broadcast of the speech for the invasion that was now underway for over almost two hours. She walked into the building and headed to her office to change suites to a black blazer with black slacks and a white button down. She would wear her scarf as was her trademark. She finished getting dressed and grabbed the speech and made her way to the rotunda to prepare to walk to the front steps and deliver the speech. Within the hour, the press had already lined the front area of the courtyard awaiting her to come forth. When she was ready she made her way to the front door which was opened and the flashes from the cameras started. She nodded and then waited for silence before she started the speech:


Citizens of Ahrana both at home and abroad, today is the day some of us have dreaded and hoped would never happen. On the thirty-first of May, the Parliament of Ahrana held a special session to determine to activate the War Powers of the Articles of War, this much is known to every citizen and national of Ahrana. What is not known is if we have started the actual war, or invasion as some would call it. 

Roughly a few hours after 1200AST, I contacted the Ministry of Defense and gave the go ahead for the Armed Forces to activate per Operation Saber. As of 0600 Ahranaian Standard Time, we have begun the invasion of the Republic of Dniester. The Royal Navy, Army, and Air Force have begun their planned attacks. As of now, we are at war. The ultimate goal is to put an end to the terroristic attacks that have been plaguing Ahrana in the last weeks and months. Today, we said enough was enough and that these forces will feel the full force of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom of Ahrana and her peoples. Tonight, we stand hand in hand and pray with everyone that our men and women that will be sent to the battlefield will return unscaled. While war is war, I personally know what it does to a person and know this, I will fight to end this war as quickly and decisively and attempt to lose as little Ahranaian troops as possible. But do know this, this is war nothing is promised it's earned through victories.

For months, my administration has attempted to have peaceful talks with the Republic of Dniester’s Government, but nothing has proved fruitful from those talks. Therefore, we will fight till we win, and we help our brethren the Southern Dniesterian People liberate from the tyrannical Northern Government and create a democratic government for them within the United Kingdom of Ahrana. 

Furthermore, for the people of North Dniester, if you wish to have a socialist government, then that will be done. We Ahranaian’s will ensure a socialist government is installed in the North. A Socialist government not founded on terrorism or corruption, but one founded on the socialist principles you all hold so dearly.

Now I ask the Republican Government this, think about what it is you have caused to happen. Remember, this is all because of your refusal to work through diplomacy, and therefore we have resulted in war. This war will end with your leaders of the government in a jail cell and tried for your crimes committed against the Ahranaian and the Dniesterian People. You will know the truth of what justice is, and you will never forget what it is. 

Thank you all for coming and goodnight, any questions can be directed to the office.

She stared into the cameras for a few seconds before turning and entering the building again, to which she headed to her office to read more reports till an ungodly time.

To be continued…

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  • 3 months later...

Moskovo, Ahrana

Chancellery Palace


After several days of careful thinking and conversations with her advisors, Chancellor Bjorkman had finally made a decision on what to do in Dniester. She would once again seek out peace over war. She had halted the advancement of the Naval Forces to the coast locations around Dniester before the bombardment started on the 1st of June, just in time as well, with thirty minutes to spare.

As Bjorkman walked through the halls of the Chancellery she felt at ease, calm, and delighted that she had turned the course of what was going to be a devastating war for everyone. She had talked with the President of the Republic of Stemas and asked if they wouldn't mind hosting a summit between the Republican Government, South Dniester, and Ahrana in Banke the Stemani Capital. Thankfully, the President had said yes and was excited that Ahrana would call upon them to help in this matter.

As she walked to the office to pack up a few things to fly to Banke, she stopped by the private chapel in the Chancellery Palace and said a few prayers. Once she got to her office she collected her briefcase, suitcase, and another pair of shoes, she walked down the hallway to the front door where her car was waiting. She got into the car and headed to the airport. She would be a few hours early, which would give her time to talk to the Stemani President as he requested.

As the car zoomed through the streets with the police escort, she looked out the window, seeing all the people out on the streets shopping, the kids playing in the square park and so on. She felt this was the right choice. As she opened the briefcase, she had a letter from the Ahranaian AN Ambassador, Svea Henriksson, she read the letter and closed it quickly as she was shocked at what was written. She had never considered that idea, but did not let this idea cloud her judgement.

As the car drove down the road, the letter was bothering her a bit. The fact that the Ambassador proposed that she, Liv Bjorkman, should run for the position of First Secretary of the AN was astonishing and bothering-some to her plans for her term as Chancellor. She was happy being the Ahranaian Chancellor and that was all. The Ambassador knew what the Chancellor thought about Wurld Politics, which is why she probably proposed her to the election committee at the AN.

Soon the car was at the airport and her plane was sitting there waiting for her to board. No cameras, no reporters, nothing. Just the airplane and the Capitan waiting at the top of the stairs for her. She got out and walked to the stairs. It was a bit of a windy day today, but nonetheless a beautiful day. Sun shining, birds flying, and the flowers still in bloom. It was a perfect day in her sense of days as days go. She walked into the plane, shook the captain's hand and took her seat. It was just her and one aid on this trip, no one else thankfully. After the morning she had, she was delighted to not see any more military generals wanting to yell at her. The plane soon was in the air and on its way to Banke, the trip would take around two to two and half hours. During that time, she would read a book that she had been trying to read the last few months.


Banke International Airport

Banke, Republic of Stemas


As she stepped off the plane, the Stemani President was waiting for her with his convoy to take her to the Presidential Palace where they would wait a few hours before heading out to the last remaining Ahranaian Castles where the meeting would be held. She went down the stairs, shook the President's hand, and got into her car. They would be traveling in separate cars per the rules of the Stemani Government. The convoy went down the streets with great speed with a police escort. The streets that the convoy was taking were shut down to allow quick travel down the road without interruption, which was unheard of in Ahrana.

Soon, they were at the Presidential Palace. It was a quick drive from the airport to the palace. She got out and was ushered into the palace, where the president was waiting for her.

Madam Chancellor, I am delighted to have you here and to be able to help with these meetings. We never expected that Ahrana would call upon Stemas to help in any mediation.

Well I felt it was suiting and considering that the Republic of Stemas is recognized as being a safe haven for all, I thought it was wise to reach out.

Nonetheless, we are grateful for the opportunity.

Mr. President, you said you had something you wanted to discuss privately, and before the meetings took place, could I bother you to let me know what that is?

Of course Madam Chancellor. We here in the Government of Stemas have seen the growing potential of the Ahranaian State and the Union as a whole, and it is reminding us of the old times when we were all united under one crown.

I know you are not going to ask me that question, are you, Mr. President? Because if so, I cannot give you an answer on that.

Ah, you jumped too far ahead, Madam Chancellor. We do not wish to become a Union Member State. The Stemani Republic has been too free and independent for too far long for that. No, what we propose is Protectorate Status.

Oh? Why is that?

Well, our Government and Legislature last year decided to do away with a permanent Military and to create a Defense Force much similar to that of Xara. Most of us in the Government feel that if we were threatened or invaded, we would not stand a chance let alone with the growing power of Ahrana, to which we fear in some ways, we do not want to be placed into that situation.

So, the Republic of Stemas is wanting Defensive Protection in exchange for what?

We would want of Independence still. Seeing how the Union has recently devolved even more power to the Member States we are almost tempted to ask for Member State Status, which I know you cannot discuss without Government approval, but if we did ask for such status over Protectorate Status, we would want to still Internationally Represent ourselves, use the Krone Currency still, and have the Union Military for our protection. We, the Stemani State, would follow with the Compulsory Service requirements and so forth, but ask for special provisions be provided for us if we sought Member Status over Protectorate Status.

What I can tell you currently is, that if the Republic of Stemas is invaded, threatened, or attacked, the Union Military would currently come to the defense of Stemas without hesitation. Our desire for Peace will not outweigh our reasonability to protect our allies and Neighbours when needed. As for potential Member Status, I will talk with the Government and see what the consensus is for additional provisions not just to Stemas but all member states. If one Member State was to get additional provisions, we would give them to all Member States.

Very well, Madam Chancellor. If you would, I do have a small meal prepared for my family and if you would like to join we would be delighted.

I would enjoy that. I have not seen your kids since they were born, I am sure they have gotten big!

The two of them laugh and walk down the hallway to the dining room, where the President's Wife and three kids were waiting. The Chancellor had not seen the two youngest kids since they were born and baptized into the Church. They were not three and four years old, with the oldest, who was now eleven, sitting in front of the TV watching a show. When the President and the Chancellor walked in, his wife, Svea Olsen, came up to the Chancellor and gave her a great big hug. The two youngest kids did not remember her, but the oldest ran and gave her a big hug as well. They all sat and ate for a little bit and talked.

As the time went on, the President saw the time and told everyone they had to leave for Castle Strömkoga, which was four miles outside the outer limits of Banke. They got up from the table, the President and the Chancellor, waved to the kids and then left for the car. This trip they would take the Presidential Helicopter to the castle. As they walked to the helicopter and got in, the door was shut behind them and they were off. Bjorkman looked out the window at Banke. It had been some time since she had seen the city, about seven years to be exact.

As the helicopter flew over the land between Banke and Strömkoga she saw villages and the occasional Church spire or dome, as well as many farms. Soon, though, the castle was in sight. It was a spectacle to see it from the air, it seemed almost unreal. (See the Quote Box)




It was one of the older Slav Castles of the Early Empire of Ahrana that had stood the test of time, surprisingly with it being near a body of water. As the helicopter landed, they got out and made their way to the gate to head to the central building where the meeting would take place. Firstly, the chancellor wanted to head to the cathedral that was within the walls for a little bit before heading to the central building.

The President and Chancellor entered the church and sat in one of the pews talking for a bit before making their way to the main building for the meeting. The other two leaders were in route to the Castle and would be at the location in around thirty minutes. The room was already prepared and awaiting the parties involved.....

To be continued…

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Castle Strömkoga

Republic of Stemas


As everyone sat down at the table, which was a rectangle made out of mahogany with several pictures of water and glasses in the center of the table, they all looked at one another. The tension between the three sides could be felt like a thick sheet of ice was covering the walls, making everything cold and gloomy. The President of Stemas, Fredrik Olsen, started talking first:

I understand how hard and complicated it is to have everyone here in this room sitting at the same table. Tensions have been extremely high between all sides and has shown very little signs of improvement. However, by all three of you being here it shows that you are all willing to talk to one another, which is really good! So here is what we will do. Each of us will shake hands with everyone and say hello and exchange names, then we will begin the discussion. Even if you hate the other person or everyone in this room, just do this first step, okay?

They all stood up, walked over to where President Olsen was standing and shook hands. 

Madam Chancellor Liv Bjorkman representing the Union of Ahrana.

President Vladimir Ziminski representing the Republican Government of Dniester.

Minister Snjeska Miskovic representing the Southern Provinces of Dniester.

President Fredrik Olsen representing the Republic of Stemas and this summits Mediator.

They all took their seats after shaking hands and waited for what Olsen had next.

Now that we have done that, which it was not so bad after all. I could have sworn I saw some smiles on some faces haha. Anyhow, let's get to business. We are here to find a peaceful resolution to the issue in Dniester and each side has come to this table with proposals, and we will hear all of them and agree on one of them or a merger of them all. I will not allow anyone to leave this table unless we can agree on something. I will have Madam Chancellor go first. Madam...

Thank you, President Olsen, for hosting this summit. President Ziminski and Minister Snjeska, the Union of Ahrana has drawn up a plan that is very reasonable and benefitable to all involved. The Union proposes that the Republican Government be transitioned into a state that allows socialism at its core values and for the people to have a say in the government by a Representative. This idea is what we are calling the United Socialist Republic of Dniester. All the Northern Provinces of Dniester will be grouped together to form this Republic with the help of the Union. We will provide the republic with resources to rebuild and expand its economy to a better level than it has been since the original independence of Dniester as a whole before the first Civil War. The Union also proposes that the Republican Military be levelled down to a Defense Force for a period of ten (10) years, to which in the meantime the Union will provide any Military Aid or Support the Republic may need till or even after the ten years are up. After the ten years, the Republic will be allowed to grow its military to its full strength. The Union proposes this ten-year period to allow the Government of the Republic to undergo its transition period from revolutionary to functioning Socialist Principles with Democratic Values. This is by far the most gracious offer the Union has in this regard.

In reference to the Southern Province of South Dniester, their request to join the Union as a full member state will be granted, and the Union asks that the North respect this status change. The South will receive the same benefits as every other Union Member State and will be able to aid in the reconstruction of the North as well as their own lands. 

The Union in return for this support and aid to the North asks only one thing in return, that all terrorists, labeled as such by both the Union and the South, be trialed and sentenced by a Court in the North and in the Union afterword's. We ask that their rights as people be honored as they would be in the Union as well. If the North fails in this promise, then the Union will proceed with Military plans and add the North as a Member State as well.

The chancellor took her seat and looked at the other two people at the table to see their expressions. President Ziminski had a smirk on his face, one that showed humiliation and disgust, while Minister Snjeska had an expression of relief. Snjeska stood up next to present her proposal.

Madam Chancellor, President Olsen, and President Ziminski. It is nice to see you all. The Southern Provinces agree with the plan proposed by the Union and asks, not just asks but demand that the Republic agree to this proposal which is ultimately its best option. If you refuse, then the Southern Forces will march to the capital in the middle of the night and burn the city to the ground with everyone still asleep. We unlike the Ahranaians have no quarrel committing such acts of atrocities that have been committed on us for decades. We will not submit Northern Rule any longer, we will not! (As she said, banging her fist on the table) We will have our independence even if you do not take the peaceful route to be assured of that, Ziminski.

Snjeska took her seat. She was red in the face. She was talking with her full emotion, like Dniesterians do, to make sure her point got across. She and the rest of the South were not going to take no for an answer from the North.

Ziminski got up and walked to the window in the room and stared out for a minute and started to talk:

I find it funny that the Union and the Southern Provinces think the North is so weak or even stupid enough to take these ridiculous offers. We in the North are proud people, very much like the southern people and you Ahranaians. We do not simply let someone just run all over us or punk us into submission… no, no, no we are not like that at all. We are fighters. He said while chuckling. If you people think we are just going to let this happen, then you are mistaken.

With all due respect, President Ziminski, you cannot win a war against the Union and its allies. We will crush you tenfold. My government has been secretly talking with your ministers through an ADI Agent, who just returned home to the Union and told us that your Ministers are for my deal. In reality, this is all just a bloody formality as they hoped you would smart enough not to cause another war with the Union and tear your country apart by bloodshed, which has happened since we Ahranaians Conquered your lands in the days of old. If it's a war you want, then you will get one, but not from the people you think. Why is it you think that your Ministers encouraged you to attend this meeting? Do you know why?

He turned very quickly, looking into the eyes Bjorkman to see if she was lying or even bluffing. All he saw was a stern, emotionless, serious face expression. 

They would not dare to do such a thing.

I am afraid they would. Perhaps we should turn on the Television for you to see what is happening in the North right now.

Bjorkman grabs the remote from Olsen, who was shocked at this tone the meeting had taken. The TV was turned on, and the News was reporting about what was happening in North Dniester:

"It appears that the Military of the Republican Government has denounced President Ziminski stating he only cares for war and destruction of all the People of Dniester North and South… The Military has stated that upon the return of the now former President to Northern Dniester, he will be arrested and sent to court along with the Terrorist Criminals that he has been supporting the last few months."

The news reporter went on and on, and Bjorkman muted the TV and turned to Ziminksi and said:

Honestly, you have only one option, and that is to sue for peace and hope your generals will show you some form of grace for suing for peace in the end of it all. But it's your choice.

The room went quiet for a moment. Bjorkman looked over to Snjeska who had a grin on her face that stated, "justice at last". Ziminksi turned around with fire in his eyes:

This...this is your doing! You Ahranaian Scum. My Generals or Ministers would have never turned on me if it wasn't for you! They were loyal to me and only me!

Mr. President, this is no one's doing, but your own. You led your men down the rabbit hole saying there was light at the end of the tunnel, but in all actuality all I did was offer them a way out and even you. But you are so damn prideful and foolish to accept the way out. If you had or even still do take this deal, I am sure they will let you live. Hell, even the South would let you live. But as of right now, this squabbling and blaming others for your hideous failures is not helping you at all. If you want to salvage anything of what is left of your authority or country, then take the deal, sir. Just take the deal!


Ziminksi, as a distant cousin, I urge you to do what is best. I know we have been at odds for years, but this is the best option. I am sure I could persuade the Military in the North or even my Ministers to allow living safely the rest of your life. If you do not take this deal Nadia and the children will never get to see you again, I am not even sure if the Military would protect them once you are on trial, and if that is the case then you have my word as a blood relative that I will ensure their safety and yours if I can. I swear that.

Everyone except Ziminksi and Snjeska were shocked because of the relation of the two, it was unknown to everyone involved here today. Bjorkman leaned over to Olsen and said:

I am honestly not sure if this will work, but hopefully it does, cause if not then it's probably going to lead to another Civil War.

The room went silent for a bit, with Ziminksi pacing between the windows thinking. His hand had been forced, and he was now into a corner. He knew what Snjeska said was true because not all the Northern Military supported him, many wanted him dead. He had come to this meeting to try to salvage the unity of Dniester, but now saw that it may not be possible.

I came here with the hope to salvage a Unified Dniester, not one split or anything like that, but a whole Dniester. That is all I have ever wanted. I do admit that we may have got a bit carried away in things in the North and cause horrible amounts of damage to both sides, and for that I am truly sorry for. Here is what I will do. In addition to the proposed plan, I will add this to it. I will provide the names of everyone involved in creating the Republican Government and who backed the idea of supporting the Terrorist and allowed them to take control. I admit I did nothing to stop them from taking control, but I will say that I urged extreme caution to everyone in the Republican Government in trusting those people. Those Generals and Ministers leading that coup right now are guilty as hell just like me and must be taken down. I promise you, while they are doing that right now on TV, they have people destroying evidence of their full involvement. Luckily, I have a computer with me that has everything on it for this instance. The only thing I ask is that my family be granted political asylum to the Union and that I have my trial in the union as well, so I can receive fair and equal justice. If this can be guaranteed, then we have a signed deal by the Republican Government which will be my last act as Official President of the North, and I will announce my resignation after this.

The Southern Provinces can back this addition to the original proposal.

All that was left was an agreed from Chancellor Bjorkman who took out a packet of paper that had the original deal typed up.

This has the original proposal in it and I will personally add the addition to it later tonight after our press conference. If you sign this now, I will swear to you that you will have my full support and promise that your family, and you will be treated equally no matter what.


They each walked over to where the packet was sitting and turned to the signatory page and signed their name. Chancellor Bjorkman was the last person to sign the agreement. The all shook hands and took a picture with a photographer who was let in for this instance. The press conference would happen later this evening and, in the meantime, everyone would be sent to an area to do what they pleased till the conference.

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Castle Strömkoga

Republic of Stemas


As the press continued to line the main chamber where the press conference was being held, the room was filed with conversation and from the rate of everyone talking the room was quite warm and musty. The press had been told to assemble and wait for the members of the summit to arrive for a press conference, which was to start at any moment now.

Soon, a door at the front right corner of the room opened, and several people walked in. They were the aids of those at the summit, soon followed by more aids that worked for the Stemani Government, and then by the summit attendees. The first through the door was the Stemani President, followed by the Ahranaian Chancellor, Republican President, and then the Southern Minister. They each took their standing positions at their respected podiums that had their Official Seals on the front.

Thank you all for joining us here, and I know it has been a long and trying day for everyone involved in this summit, but alas it was not without ground gained and a decision made. The Ahranaian Chancellor and Dniesterian Republican President have statements that will be read to you all. At the end there will be no official questions taken, all questions can be directed to the appropriate Nations Press Office for an official response. So, without further ado, I hand it over to the Chancellor.

Thank you, Mr. President. As I stand before you today, it is not out of obligation or necessity, it is out of duty and newfound friendships. Today, when I stepped off that plane in Banke, I had a mission and a plan and that was to achieve peace in the Dniesterian Conflict that had grown hugely out of proportion. All sides involved, Ahrana, the Republican North, and the Southern Provinces, had all been at each other's throats for months. I admit, I was more than willing to burn and to shell Dniester to the ground out of retribution for the horrible and devastating attacks that were committed on my people.

However, I prayed day and night asking for a new path for us to take in this conflict, and God provided such a path for us to take. It was the path to peace. In our faith, which all of us share, teaches us to trust in God, his son, and his teachings and to not question them. For so long I brushed off my faith because I believed that is what needed to happen in order for retribution to happen for my people. Sadly, I was hugely mistaken. So, I stand before you all, the press, the wurld, and the summit attendees and I ask for your forgiveness for getting lost in my bloodthirstiness. I ask that after today we can move forward together in peace as brothers and sisters like we did in the days of old.

Furthermore, as of right now, I formally offer to the family of President Ziminski and himself formal political asylum and promise you and your family that the Government of Ahrana and its Union States will ensure your safety. As we speak right now, Ahranaian Special Forces are seeking to transport the President's family safely to Ahrana with the help of the Southern Provinces Defense Force out of Minsk. In about an hour tops, his family will be safe and out of harms way, as the President asked of us. The asylum for President Ziminski is granted on the basis that his life is in danger and jeopardy if he was to return to Tiraspol and to face the Military Leadership who has just committed a coup d'état, one which the Union of Ahrana does not recognize no matter what these general state to the Press. 

In addition, the Southern Dniesterian Provinces will start the re-integration process to the Union of Ahrana. A Union Delegation will be sent to Minsk to establish the forum and create the foundation for addition of the Southern Provinces to the Union. The Union of Ahrana will also send a Peace Delegation to Tiraspol, the capital of North Dniester, to start the process of rebuilding and creating a new government for the people of the north. I ask the current Military Government in North Dniester to stand down or pay the price for being humbled without an end. The Union, the Southern Provinces, and the People of the North do not wish any more bloodshed, so please resign peacefully upon the arrival of the Peace Delegation.

Thank you all for your time and I will now let my friend, President Ziminski speak.

Thank you, Madam Chancellor, members of the Press, people of the wurld, and the Dniesterian People and the Military Leaders of the North, I the President of the Republican Government formally and humbly state that the Military Forces of the Republic of Dniester to disband and cease and desist for any actions that are taken as hostile acts towards the Union of Ahrana and the Southern Provinces. I also ask that the Police Forces of the Republic arrest and hand over all Terrorist Criminals residing and fueling this conflict as the Union and Southern Forces were able to. I also formally ask for the forgiveness of everyone my foolish orders and actions have harmed, truly I am sorry and ashamed of what was done. If I could change what was done, I would. To all the families of those killed in the horrible terrorist attacks I sponsored, I am truly sorry, and I will pay for the crimes I committed by aiding these criminals. 

The Union of Ahrana, the Southern Provinces, and the Republican Governments represented here by the leaders at this summit have come to an agreement that has officially ended the war. I have also officially tendered my resignation from the post of President of the Republic of Dniester which will take effect at midnight tonight, to which the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioseb Jughashvili, will take the post of Interim-Government President till the new government of Dniester is in place with the help of the Union of the United Kingdoms of Ahrana. I will also work hand in hand with the Ahranaian Judicial System to ensure all those involved in the attacks are brought to justice, and I will not sleep till I have fulfilled this promise. I am truly honored to have met these amazing people and have talked with them and I thank them for their generosity and humility they have shown me, even if it felt I was being attacked a little bit. I also want to thank Madam Chancellor and the Union for allowing my family to seek refuge in the Union Boundaries, as well as myself. Thank you all for your time.

After Ziminski finished talking, all four of them came to the middle and shook hands in the center of the room while thousands of cameras lit up the room. It was like a flash grenade was going off at first, then it was like a new sun was shining in the room. A few more pictures were taken before the attendees left the room.

Mr. Ziminski, whenever you are ready to leave, just let me know, and we will head to the plane at the airport. President Olsen has provided a motorcade for us to take to the airport and has ensured that the route we will be taking is clear of any issues.

Thank you, Madam Chancellor, but for now I think I need some time in the Cathedral here. If you all would not mind, I will head that way now.

Ziminski, I believe we could all use some church time right now. Let us all go together.

They all nodded in agreement and started to head that way. Thankfully, the press was still in the center chamber and would not catch them heading to the cathedral on the grounds. As they headed that way the aid for the Chancellor handed her the vail, she had packed just in case she went to the church and also brought an extra one for the Minister of the Southern Provinces. Bjorkman gestured to the Minister with the vail, and she took it and covered her hair with it. 

As they all walked in, there were only around six or seven people in the church praying and venerating the Icons and such. They took a seat in the middle of the church, while the Stemani President's Republican Guards stood outside the main entrance to be sure no Press came in or near the building. They sat there in silence, listening to the monk's chant and said their personal prayers.

This went on for over an hour and a half until Ziminski nodded to Bjorkman that he was ready. Everyone shook hands one last time and went their separate ways outside the entrance. Bjorkman and Ziminski headed to the motorcade that was waiting for them and headed to the airport to head to Moskovo.

To be Continued…

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Chancellery Building

Moskovo, UUK Ahrana


As the Chancellor continued to set things into motion, former President Ziminski and his family were getting settled on the Estate Grounds where they would be under close protection until it is determined it is safe for his family and himself to continue their lives. Chancellor Bjorkman had been getting phone calls from the Solicitor General of the Union about the prospect of putting Ziminski on trial for the crimes committed against Ahrana during his Presidency, but she felt it was wrong for the Ahranaian Government to do that. 

The Diarchs gave their blessing to Bjorkman to do what she saw fit concerning Ziminski, and they had urged her to make the right decision in this situation. She had started to think about asking for a full pardon for Ziminski from the Diarchs but she was not completely sold on that idea yet. She felt that he had little control in what the Republican Government was doing as the Military was practically in control when he was elected to office, Ziminski was a Civilian not a Military man. Truely he was a man of the people unlike what the Ahranaian Press was calling him.

Beyond that decision needing to be made, Bjorkman had been in contact with Snjeska, the Minister in charge of Southern Dniester, on what was needed for the Southern Provinces to begin the process of transitioning to the Union as a full Member State. So far, the provinces had already done the majority of the leg work for the Union Officials, what was left technically was setting the official admittance of the Provinces to the Union. It wasn't feeling right to delay the admittance of the Southern Provinces to the Union any longer than what already has been, but the Federal Legislature of Ahrana needed to finish their official Act of Admittance which was due to be completed sometime today and sent to the Chancellor for a signature and then approval by the Diarchs which had already given their approval months ago.

As she sat at her desk, one of the Legislative Chamber Runners came through the hallway asking for the Chancellors Office, she heard the commotion as her door was opened. The Runner came into the office and handed her a blue folder with the Parliaments Seal on the front center. She opened the folder and found the Act of Admittance inside with a paper asking for her signature. She signed the Act which made it Act Number 11 of the current Government. She handed it back to the runner and thanked him and he was off.

With that done she came back to the decision on what to do with Ziminski. She sent for her secretary to come to her office, as the secretary entered she looked up at her and asked, "Could you please ask for Ziminski to be brought up to my office please?" The Secretary nodded and turned and made the call. The time it takes to walk from the section of the Estate he was on to the Chancellors Office was around six minutes. So, she had six minutes to decide what she was going to do. As she sat and looked out the window, she heard several footsteps in the distance, she could tell three of them were Federal Protection Agents and one was Ziminski, which sounded a bit nervous in his steps.

As the steps got louder and then a light knock was heard on the door before Ziminski walked in. 

Hello Ziminski, come in and take a seat. Would you like anything to drink? Water, Vodka, Whiskey, or Soda?

A water will be fine thank you.

Here you go.

She handed him a room temperature water bottle and took her a seat in front of Ziminski who was sitting on the couch.

I know this feels like coming to the principal's office at school and I promise that is not what this is. I wanted to ask you here and talk to you about the next steps for you. So, the Solicitor General wants me to ask for formal charges be allowed to be brought against you by the Ahranaian Government, they have called me six times to day to ask me if I have made my decision. Obviously, I decided to do something else cause you are not in cuffs or down at the Federal Police Service Station for Processing, instead I have been granted full authority by the Diarchs to do what I see fit in your case. Which is unprecedented. However, I believe this is a moment for everyone involved and hurt to accept and forgive one another.

Madam Chancellor, I would prefer to pay for the actions committed under my Presidency.

Oh, I know that what you would prefer but I don't see you at fault for the actions committed by your Military and its terroristic members. No, I personally find you innocent of all those ridiculous charges that will be filed against the proper people. I think you should be pardoned by the Federal Government and ask for forgiveness of everyone involved in those attacks. I know it may not be what they want but it is what they are going to be given to help them along the grieving process they are going through. Our faith asks that we forgive everyone, I am sure your Preist will want to talk to you for months after this but know this, I will always be a friend for you and to you...always. If ever there is anything I can do for you and your family, please ask because I will always be the one in the background ensuring that you and your family are succeeding in your new lives here in Ahrana. So, my gift to you today is the following, a full Executive Pardon approved by the Federal Diarchs of the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana for the supposed Crimes you were said to have committed. I do not find you at fault for those actions and declare you fully pardoned as is my authority in conjunction with the Diarchs. They will officially announce this pardon in two weeks' time, and I will let the Solicitor General know this decision made today.

I do not what to say besides thank you Madam Chancellor Bjorkman.

I will set up a time for an official press conference involving you and myself where you can make your formal apology to the people and then after that I, if I was you, would see a Preist and confess the sins of my past so my conscious can be clean for a new life.

They both stood up and shook hand and Ziminski made his way back to the section of the Estate where is staying currently. Bjorkman felt this was the right thing to do, she gave a note to her secretary with the details to send to the Diarchs and the Solicitor General. The Dinesterian Issue had finally been closed.

The Ahranaian Military had entered the North and got all of the Military to surrender and arrest the General in charge of the Government currently and are awaiting transportation to Ahrana for their trial. These Generals are going to feel the full weight of the Ahranaian Judicial Government like nothing they never experienced.

The Chancellor had already set a date for fresh elections for the Northern Provinces to elect their new government once the Provisional Government has official set up the Government Structure and the passed the Constitution, which should take a few months. The elections would, of course, be monitored by the Ahranaian Electoral Commission to ensure that the elections are free and fair. As it stood today, North Dniester was now known as the United Socialist Republic of North Dniester which would be a protectorate of Ahrana for a minimum of ten years before a referendum would be held to allow the people of the North to decide their next steps.

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