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Request: Zaxar

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I would like to request the addition of a city to the map if that is alright.

I would like to add the city of Green Falls to the location shown below. I had originally left it off the map as it was supposed to be a minor and mostly irrelevant Zaxari city, however, it has become a major city in many of my RP posts and is the education, cultural, and basically "young person university/party city of opportunity" for the nation.

I would also like to request Pawtucket as it will be important for future RP but idk when the RP will happen so that's entirely up to you whether or not to add it (well I guess both are entirely your choice but Green Falls is really the goal of this request)

There is no rush on this but it seems like you plan to put a map draft out soon and it's a small thing so I figured I'd make this now :)


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