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Map Application: Littland

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Nation on Eurth: Littland
National Flag:

Capital Name: Kaslund
Capital Location: Along a major river
Starter Stats:

Population: 21 million [1 - Medium]

GDP per capita: 19.800 [2 - High]

Land area: ~198,000 [1 - Medium]

Culture: A Germanic-Slavic Hybrid of sorts, with a minority known as the Koch people being 28% of the population. Real life equivalents would be Danish and Polish.
Climate & Geography: Somewhat temperate, would like to have a coastline.
History: See my Vision Statement
Front Desk:

Vision Statement: 


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Hello and congrats on passing the academy! Time for the last hurdle: getting you on the map.

Stats, Culture, History
Your stats appear to be in order. Regarding your culture and history, you'll fit best on the continent of Argis, our (mostly) European continent.

Below I have selected 4 locations which I believe fit your country best. It is up to you to choose which one (if any) you like. Then we can refine the borders here or in Discord DMs.

1) Western Argis
Coming in at 206,500km^2, this region has both a major river (which it shares with the Canamo) and the southern half of the land area is a temperate continental climate. The northern half is a Scandinavian climate.

2) Southern Argis

At 227,400km^2, this area has numerous major rivers and a cool temperate continental climate akin to Germany and Denmark. It would require displacing Girkmand (an NPC which was owned by a member who has since gone on hiatus) however they can be moved to your southern border beside Hinteria (with permission) as both of them are Anglo nations and so their history can be maintained.

3) Central Argis
Exactly 198,000km^2, this is a temperate region with a long major river and a coastline. Of course the main issue here is that your country would be landlocked with little room for future expansion.

4) Northern Argis

At 210,100km^2, you'll have plenty of rivers and free space to yourself with coastline. Downside is that the entire country would have a Siberian climate. However a Siberian climate isn't all that bad and its far from the stereotype of snow and darkness 24/7.

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Thank you!

I like proposal 3) Central Argis the most as expansion isn't on Littlands to-do list for quite some time. And it also seems to have some bumpy/higher elevation terrain near the border with Walneria which I also like. Being landlocked doesn't look the worst since I am still bordering a rather large body of water, as long as it is some form of coastline I am happy!

I have no objections for that placement.

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On 5/22/2022 at 10:45 PM, Xio said:

Okidoki. All that's required now is consent from your would-be neighbours. They'll have a week to provide consent (2022/05/29) otherwise consent will be assumed through apathy.
@Sanarija, @Fina, @Walneria, @Stedoria, @Transbaltia, @Baltica.

This is a strong yes for me! I would love to have you as my neighbor, would make my lore so much more interesting.

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