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[Academy RP] Once in a lifetime

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Kasper had been looking forward to this day all season. His big brother, Tobias, played for the EliteLiga team LyndBK from his hometown Lyndby and, despite him being almost a decade older, Kasper followed him closely. He was the best player on his school team, and he knew his brother was the best goalkeeper LyndBK has ever had. This season had been extraordinary, for LyndBK never had such a (relatively) small club gotten into EliteLiga and was matched for the finale in the very same season. Kasper and his father and mother were travelling to Kaslund where the finale would be played.

Kasper hoped to meet his brother before kickoff, but they didn’t get the chance and Kasper forgot almost as soon as he entered Kaslund Sports Park, or simply known among players, The Arena. Littlands largest stadium, with seats for almost 41.000 people and it was almost entirely booked for tonight. Before him, Kasper saw huge banners for LyndBK and FK Aalhavn, flags with red, white and blue flew in the wind as fans waved and sang fight songs. The atmosphere was nothing like Lyndby Football Stadium. His father went to get his traditional football beer and his mother found the largest bag of Andromeda Galaxy she could find. She always loved chomping through gummies during a football game.

As Kasper and his parents walked down towards their seats, he could see all the cameras that lined the field, LTV and SportTV were fiercely battling for the best location to capture the action because as everyone knows, watch it live or don’t watch it at all. Music started to play, people stood up and applauded, with the occasional boo from the fan benches of the other team, as the players walked onto the field. Kasper looked for his brother, Tobias had never looked that serious before. Kasper waited for things to quiet down and then yelled at the top of his lungs as his brother ran towards the goal to get ready.

YOU CAN DO IT TOBIAS! It was time. Kick-off.

The first half of the match was dull. Everyone was bored at half-time if it wasn’t for the stakes that were put on the second half of the match. It was the finale, LyndBK could write EliteLiga history if they won. Kasper looked on as his brother caught ball after ball during the game. As his father went up for a second beer, Kasper quickly pulled his new phone out, which he had gotten for his birthday last year when his family took him to the Vagner Electronics store for a surprise. He texted as quickly as he could:
They will have the sun in their face next half, get em!

The second half was tense. It was a harsh back and forward, and then the worst thing happened. Aalhavn was offensive and scored a goal within the last 3 minutes. Tobias barely even got a chance to catch it. The worst-case scenario, they could never recover from this. That was, until Aalhavn started to celebrate. Despite there being 3 minutes left, they ran over to their fans and went crazy. Kasper looked at Tobias, about to yell again, but he didn't need to. Tobias ran, with total control of the ball, as fast as he could. Their goal was free, and Tobias kicked the ball right in. The cheer that exploded from that goal was unlike anything Kasper had ever experienced. He felt it in his entire body as he himself yelled and cheered. They were even. They could still win.

As Aalhavn finished arguing with the referee, the last few minutes of the match began. LyndBK was aggressive, risking anything and everything as they slowly, but surely, and with heavy opposition, got closer to the goal. Then, an Aalhavn player tackled one from LyndBK. Red card and penalty. Penalty. Right in front of their goal. The silence was deafening as 41.000 people watched as team captain of LyndBK, Silas Lykke, got ready for the most important shot of his life. Tobias and Kasper could do nothing but watch. Nobody could do anything but watch. As the referee whistled, Silas kicked. It went right. The goal keeper went left. And LyndBK were champions. As The Arena once again erupted into cheering, Kasper ran down to the field, as close as he could get as he saw Tobias run up to him.

WE DID IT! They both yelled at each other and hugged. Kasper got to try on Tobias's medal afterwards. Kasper saw the coach of LyndBK crying while doing an interview: This has truly been a once in a lifetime experience!

Kasper saw himself in the background on LTV that same night. What a bragging right.

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