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[Academy RP] Taking a Trip

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I apologize for the delay, here is the new post. 

It was getting close to that time of year, it was getting close to a national holiday known as fires day, it was a day that celebrates the downfall of Aendoan's old monarchy, the day where the mixed rebel groups stormed the capital and captured the royal palace. In the national park not far from the city of Adria Raymond and his two friends Aric and Devid had set up tents along with a favorable spot near the river. The three friends took a long hike to get to this spot after arriving, they spent most of the time walking through the trail, three trees bloomed and swayed in the wind which carried the dead leaf's on the ground that was not wet. Some point, led by Raymond, led the group off the trail. He led them through the trees and several hills within the woods before eventually finding the unknown spot along the lake. It was a secret spot Raymond and his siblings knew about, he finally decided to take his two closest friends to this specific spot. Raymond focused on making the fire with Aric's help as Devid would come walking back to the two after retrieving the cooler. He opened the cooler where the beer was kept on the ice, he pulled out three ice-cold bottles of beer, a beer from a well-known Aendoic brand named DragonsSpring, a well-known brand of beer in Aendoan. The two look up at Devid as he had the beers in his hands before Devid would speak. "Here, I got the good stuff." He spoke, handing a bottle to Raymond and Aric. The two would take the bottles, Raymond, being the first to grab the bottle opener, would be the first to open the bottle. "That’s why we keep you around Devid.” He replied jokingly, taking the first sip of his beer. After the fire was up and running and everyone had their drinks the three would set their chairs down circling the fire before taking a seat. They began taking out snacks, and they decided to bring some beef jerky and chips for snacks, but the real feast would happen later in the day. After taking a sip of his refreshing beer Aric started the conversation. “So, I’m kinda curious, you guys any plans for fires day? I hear they’re going to make it big this year.” He spoke. Raymond gave a chuckle. “Oh yea. I’m spending the day with the family, my mother is making her classic Beef Photatoe stew and raspberry pie, after that I was gonna hit the bars and shit in Velsvasker. What about you guys” He replied. “Same here, celebrating with the family, but I can join you after.’ Replied Raymond. “Eh, nothing really planned here.” Spoke Devid. “Really?” Asked Raymond, looking over at Devid. “Should come with us then, it’s gonna be a blast.” He spoke. Devid took another good sip of his beer before giving a reply. “Sure, I’ll tag along. Besides, it is the day the Lighter rebellion put down the monarchy after all.” Replied Devid. “Yea, f*ck the monarchy!” Raymond replied after a laugh. Aric would raise his bottle up in the air where he sat. “Yea, f*ck the monarchy.” He spoke. The other two would say the same thing before giving a toast with Aric, all three taking a long sip of their beers after tapping bottles. Aendoians were big on giving toasts, even for no reason. The two would continue to chat and eat their snacks, drinking their beer and sitting around the fire.

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