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Dazhdinia to prolong Walnerian land lease until 2047

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Earlier today, Walneria and Dazhdinia signed a bilateral treaty, prolonging the extratorritorial status of 5 localities around the Losųvka village until at least 2047. These five localities have been ceded under Walnerian juristiction under the 1946 settlement (effective 1. 6. 1947) as a resupply and restocking hub for non-military sea trade for 50 years. Between 1947 and 2007, Walneria excercised absolute control over those areas, similar in status to an embassy. 15 policement with 2 cruise boats were hired to patrol the area and help about 50 personnel in refueling the stations. After 2007, two of those areas (Chrasstóháfën and Jarmarkháfën) were jointly administered by both Dazhdinia and Walneria.

The new deal includes a prolongation of the deal, however, Walneria agreed to pay a total of 1,500,000 Króne (a rather small symbolic value) per year to maintain this outpost. However, it is agreed, that local law enforcement has absolute sovereignity and security over 3 out of the five agreed outposts, with the last two being administered by local Walnerian autorities similar to embassies. A deal was also reached to transform the Jármarkháfën back into a street market with a promenade, that it originally used to be, under the condition, that Walnerian companies will be allowed to run stores there toll-free, tax-free and customs-free.

The deal was formerly sealed by a signature of the treaty by the mayor of Losųvka, president of Ljukrina, minister of foreign affairs of Walneria and deputy for the interior of Dazhdinia in the middle of a disused dockyard in Jármarkháfën, which is to be reconstructed into a shopping mall with Walnerian goods. With the signature being effective immediately, the treaty is to expire by 1. 6. 2047, unless prolonged or otherwise amended later in the future.

And just like that, Losųvka, a town of 5,000, that was known for being heavily fortified during the years of communist rule and known for its counterculture movement was transformed into a destination where people will be going shopping for some cheap yet tasty karibuŕt from Gesno - one of the most favorite fastfood chains in Walneria, that has little shops in Dazhdinia, outside of major cities.


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