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Rare mineral deposits found in 83

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To: All Concerned Nations

From: Foreign Affairs Minister Taren, Principality of Sevrun

Subject: Expansion


With the ever increasing numbers of our population, we find that we have a bit of a problem. We have less space to go around, and a higher demand on raw materials. However, we believe we have a solution, and quite possibly a long term one.


Satalites over the mountains composing the uninhabited 'sector 83' on our Eastern border have discovered several large mineral deposits. We are requesting permission to annex the area. We will provide citizenship to any locals we come across, and the new mineral sites will bolster our economy even further, encouraging city growth. In addition, we will be able to decommision less propserous sites and devote the area to housing our citizens (after appropriate clean up measures have been taken, of course).


We have begun a more in depth scouting of the sector, and merely await any possible objections before securing it for Her Excellence.

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