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Map Application: Advocatius

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Nation On Eurth: Avouélos (Advocatius)

National Flag: 

Capital Name: Victoires

Capital Location:

Red: Victoires (Capital)

Blue: Port-Louis

Green: New Worthing

Yellow: Cahokia

Starter Stats:
Population – 37.4 million – High 2 Points
GDP Per Capita – 11K-12K – Medium 1 Point
Size – 250,000ish square miles – Medium 1 point

Culture: Lysians, Descendants of Anglian, and Nomadic Native Americans

Climate and Geography: Map and my neighbours

History: My VS

Front Desk:  https://www.europans.com/topic/6462-the-front-desk/page/7/#comment-40019885

Vision Statement: https://www.europans.com/topic/6722-vision-statement-advocatius/#comment-40019894


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Congratulations on passing the academy! Now lets get you on the map.

Starter Stats
2/1/1 is good. According to your land you would want 250,000 square miles, which would be 647,497 square kilometres (4 points). I assume you meant 250,000 square kilometres :P.

Culture / Geography / Desired Location

All works here. You would end up with a warm continental climate akin to the northern Caucasus / Ohio / Great Plains with a tropical savanna northern coastline. Geography you can see for yourself (flat lowland coastline with river valleys throughout the borders). Cultures are good, around that location you'd probably find similar Amerindians to the Great Plains if you're in need for some inspiration.

Following the border guides from your desired location, these borders come out to around 258,400km^2.

All that is left is consent from @Volta and @Rhodellia. They will have 1 week to provide consent (2022/05/20), if they don't consent will be implied through apathy.

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I drop a message by all people joining Aurelia to consider opting in to some parts of the collective canon. Can talk about this stuff in #aurelia, since it's just a suggestion.

  • Consider joining the Aurelian League, a devolved-EU sort of organization between the Aurelian powers which handles some economic treaties and otherwise. Will have a page soon.
  • Consider opting into some parts of the continental shared history. Kirvina got here a really long time ago as a descendant of the Aroman Empire (Eurth's Roman Empire) and ended up reshaping the place through influence on the native powers and interactions with other colonizers as they arrived, being itself a Europan country.
  • Consider writing your language in the Greek alphabet. Most of us do. It's really funny and if you also did it I think it'd have an unshakeable dominance over the continent.
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Looking through everything, I can't see any problems with my plans for Volta. It could even help me expand a bit on Volta's early history.

I consent, welcome aboard!

As a side note, do you have any idea how your socialist system would have come to be? Volta's explicitly communist, but currently going through reforms (though those reforms probably won't be fully completed until after the Anglian war) so I'm trying to see how our countries would have seen each other in the past and more recently.

We can discuss things in more detail on the Discord if you'd like.

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