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[Academy RP] Routine Morning

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Romund groaned as he began to wake up on his bed, looking next to him to see the clock said 10:30am, and decided to lay in bed for a bit longer, it was his day off and there was no need to be in a hurry. Soon though he did get up, got off the bed, and stretched while having a long yawn. He would first walk to the bathroom in order to take his morning shower. He would not take long entering and leaving the shower, drying off and dressing in a pair of fresh clothes, and finally getting to the kitchen. In the living room her can her the tv on and his roommate already awake. He laid on the couch with a nice peppered chicken onion and fried egg sandwich topped with lettuce green peppers and Aendoic provolone between two peices of rye bread, but in his other hand he had an open beer. It wasn't uncommon for his roommate to start drinking early in the day, though too was it common for Aendoians to have a beer or ale with their breakfast. On the tv the news was on, it was the local news which was currently reporting on district events. Romund would start to fix himself a good breakfast, he would start off by fixing himself a fruit bowl, filled with strawberries, raspberries, sliced melon, blue berries, and topped off with oats and walnuts, then topped off with whipped crème. He would follow by starting the coffee, they had a coffee machine that can dispense a large mug at a time. As the coffee brewed he would start to make himself hashbrowns, two fried eggs, and sausage to complete it. Soon when his breakfast was ready he got his mug of coffee with his food and joined his roommate, Elvis, in the living room, sitting down on the recliner next to the couch. He used the nightstand to hold his bowl and mug while his plate sat on his lap. The two ate their food as they chat.

"Don't usually see you watching the news Elvis." Joked Romund

"Hah, I know. I was just curious about whatever everyone's been talking about lately." He replied.

"Oh, you mean that scandal with MakelCo?" Asked Romund.

"Yea." He responded, eating more of his sandwich.

"Their beers sucks ass, I only buy it when I really need the cheap drinks." Spoke Romund.

"Well apparently they're getting sued, apparently people have been finding dead cockroaches in their drinks." Spoke Elvis.

Romund's eyes went wide opened midway into eating his hashbrowns, looking over at Elvis. "Are you shitting me? Damn, good thing I switched to cider." He spoke.

The two would continue to eat their food, chatting about varies topics as they ate. When Romund was finally finished however he would ask what his roommate had planned for the day, he said he did not have work until much later into the day. The two would part ways as Romund went back to his room after cleaning up and putting the dishes away, he would begin to plan out the rest of his day.





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