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[Vision Statement]The Technocracy of Aendoan

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History: Aendoan was a nation that held an a series of oppressively and often moronic absolute monarchies which held an power with an iron fist over the land after the collapse of the Viberic Commonwealth during the 18th century, a shadow of the once great Helsaskian Empire. However, during the times of the First Argis War Aendoan was caught in a civil war of it's own. It started on November 19th of the year 1944 when King Toutio the 6th was assassinated by an armed gunmen during a parade in the city of Adrios, giving the nickname the Day of the Bloody Lake. Without an heir left behind the nation went into a state of emergency to find the next heir to the throne. Many of the inner circle bickered over the Aendoic throne as many feared possible foreign occupation. Things would spark when a group of Nationalists armed with rifles tried to take over the Royal Palace by force, they were ultimately pushed back by military with the assistance of palace security, however this event would mark the beginning of the Aendoic civil war. The military overtook full control of the palace and the royal courts alike, however without true reliable leadership the army quickly crumbled and scattered, some picking sides while others went to their families or resulted to robbing. The collapse of the military made the situation quickly escalated a violent bloodbath between alt-nationalists, communists, royalists, religious fanatics, and local militia groups all in the mix. These groups however were often extreme and misrepresented most of the Aendoic population, and another ideology began to grow amongst the bloodshed in Aendoan, those who believed power should be given by intelligence, not by blood guns or votes. The Technocrats first worked in the background of the war. However, as more and more militias aligned, the Technocrats began their own uprising. The final days of the civil war was when they laid siege to Vadricas in Augest of 1956 and took the city from the remnants of the Royalist forces, and soon after fully established the Technocracy of Aendoan with a new state constitution. The state would be a Federal Technocracy, and has largely done good keeping Aendoan out of further conflict, with the acceptation of the Second Argis war. Aendoan Today has enjoyed decades of peace and prosperity, working harder to intergrade with the rest of the wurld while keeping to it's ideology. 


Government: Aendoan is a Federal Technocracy, after the Aendoic Civil War the Technocracy established two branches of government, these branches would consist of the House of Representatives and the Federal Court. The House of Representatives is the branch of Technocrats that are Representatives of individual states and states, while the Federal Court are Technocrates who passed more advanced tests then the Representatives and voted in by the House of Representatives. Bills are first voted on in the House of Representatives, and afterwards the bill is passed onto the Federal Court, and then passed onto the Supreme Minister for final approval. A bill may be vetoed by the Federal Court if their is a 90% vote within the Federal Court for a veto, but only then will a bill not be given to the Supreme Minister for final approval. The Supreme Minister served for one 20 year term, though must leave office after one term, the Supreme Minister is chosen out of four candidates from the federal court and is voted on by the House of Representatives. 



Population - 24 Million ((Medium))

GDP - 18,000 ((High))

Land - 215,000 ((Medium))

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