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Moskovo, United Kingdom of Ahrana

Federal Chancellery Building, 0600AST


It had been some time since any Ahranaian Politician had left the Country for a Diplomatic Meeting with a foreign nation, it is also the first for this Ahranaian Government to be meeting on foreign soil with a Foreign Government. In the latest Government Communication with the Government of @DPR VelaheriaĀ the Chancellor set out her own objectives she wished to discuss with the leader of Velaheria, she also made it clear that so as long as human rights abuses happened in Velaheria not formal reignition between the two states would or could occur.

The Chancellor had cleared her schedule for the next few days in order to make time for these discussions in Velaheria which have been in the works for some time now both behind the scenes and on the books. With the rising issues of Civil War in Central Argis and with the Government of Velaheria placing itself in the middle of these conflicts the Ahranaian Government decided talks were a must instead of ignoring one another. No sitting government leader has met with the Leader of Velaheria or any other Government official, she would be the first and most likely the only one to do so as most consider this meeting a horrible idea. As Bjorkman walked in her office gathering a few things and getting her briefcases ready for the trip, she had to make one stop by the Imperial Palace to see the Diarchs before she left to ensure they have gathered everything they wished for the Chancellor to talk on their behalf. Originally, the Diarchs were going to travel to Velaheria but with the history of the sitting Monarch of Ahrana always ending up dead when flying close to hostile airspace the government deemed the risk to high and decided the Chancellor should attend in their place.

As she finished gathering several things, she walked over to the Royal Blue Government Box set a few papers in the box for the State Councilor to look at while the Chancellor was gone. While this trip and meeting is going on the State Councilor would for the first time be in control of the Government till the Chancellor returns. Naturally the Chancellor will have a direct line back to Moskovo for daily debriefings from the State Councilor and to the Government, her entire attention will be given to these meetings. She pressed the buzzer on her desk that rang a bell in the main chamber of the Chancellery and a secretary came and retrieved the box and took it to the State Councilors Office. On occasions the Chancellor has traveled with the Government Box but due to going into unfriendly territory she decided not to do that this time. As she looked around and made sure she got everything she went to her personal quarters located in the west wing of the building where her family lived with her. She walked into the apartment, and no one was home, husband at work and the children were at school already. She walked into her room and began packing some clothing for her to wear for the duration of the meeting, she was going to keep it business causal after the first day. Today however, since she was inspecting a regiment on behalf of the Diarchs before leaving for Velaheria.Ā 

As she walked over to the other closet where her uniforms were located, she grabbed the Lifeguards Regimental colors to wear. She was to be inspecting the 3rd Regimental Guards today so therefore she got the uniform and laid it down to change into. As she grabbed the trousers and the button-down shirt, she walked over to a dark colored box that she kept all her ribbons, medals, and orders in for safe keeping. She got them out and laid them out on the bed as well. As she tucked her shirt in, she got her Ribbon Rack and placed the largest one on the right and the smaller one on the left along with the other awards. She then got the Military Blazor and placed it on and buttoned it up and did the same thing as well, but this time the ribbon racks would follow the pattern as before, but the Orders would be placed below it with the senior ribbon sash going over the entire blazer. She then grabbed her saber placed it on and then grabbed her cover and made her way to the central section of the building to ask the personal secretary to gather the cases in the office and apartment and placed them in the car that will head to the airport.

As she walked to the front entrance the car to take her to the palace came round and parked and was waiting for her to come outside. As she walked outside, she placed on her cover and got into the car. As the car drove down the road, she looked at the time and noticed it was already 0700AST. She did not think it was already that time. As the driver drove down the main street heading to the Imperial Palace, she got ready to get out of the car for the inspection. As they topped the hill the Imperial Gates were in sight, and they opened to allow the car in. The car pulled up to where the Regimental Leader was waiting and opened her door when it stopped. She stepped out and saluted the captain and he motioned her to follow him, and he drew his saber out as well and they walked down the columns of troops. As she walked each soldier stood straight and firm in place as the inspection went on. There was a small crowed at the side of the gates like usual, nothing out of the normal. Once she finished the band played the march of the Regimental Colours which were brought front and center to which she saluted and kissed the flag before it returned to formation.Ā 

As the soldiers went back into the barracks except for those on duty watch, she walked over to the captain shook his hand and then made her way into the palace. The Diarchs were watching the Inspection like always and were waiting for Bjorkman in the main reception room which oversees the courtyard where the inspection took place. As Bjorkman walked to the door, she made a light knock and waited five seconds before walking into the room. As she walked in, she bowed and walked forward and sat down after the Diarchs sat down. They would talk about the families for a bit before Bjorkman had to leave which was around 0800AST.

As time went on it was due time to make her way to the airport and board her flight to Velaheria, she bid the Diarchs farewell and gave a bow as she was leaving and then made her way to the car which was waiting for her. She stepped outside placed her cover on and got into the car and the door shut behind her. As the car pulled out the Imperial Gates the Guardsmen posted at the gate a salute to which she gave a nod. Now on the road to the Airport which was about a five-minute drive total. As the car went around the City Centre and then out towards where the old city gates were in the olden times. As the car approached the airport you could see more police presence due to her plane departure. The car then drove through a series of gates with Policemen posted at each gate holding them open and closed them as the car went through. Soon the plane was in sight and the press was there as usual. She would get out give a few waves and handshakes and get on the plane and depart. As the car stopped and her door was opened, she got out placed the cover on and walked towards a few people standing and shook their hands, then she turned and stood for the press to get some pictures and then walked towards the steps to get on the plane. They were taking the medium sized Government plane that would carry a smaller personal staff than the typical trip. As she got onto the plane she turned around and gave another wave before turning where they could not see her.Ā 

She took the cover off and headed towards her office on the plane, as she got into the office she sat down in the chair and let out a sigh of relief to be done with that phase at least. It would take them at least ten minutes before they could take off from the airport. As they sat there waiting, she took off the blazer and was left wearing the everyday dress wear. She also took off the saber and put it in the corner where the table was. She came out of the office and headed to the cabin area to prepare for take-off. As she sat down so did the other staff members. Then the pilot asked for permission to leave to which the chancellor gave the okay and then the Flight Tower was contacted for takeoff. Soon the plane engines could be heard roaring at full throttle and the plane was hurdling down the runway and then you heard no form of movement and then they were in the air. It was going to be a few hours till they would arrive in Velaheria airspace to which she wanted to be present for that period of time. In the meantime, she retired back to her office and did some paperwork and legislation that she had been working on the day prior.

Somewhere over Velaheria

Several hours later she was told they were over Velaherian Airspace and had made contact with the Air control Authority over the airspace. It would be a few more hours before they were in Bastaria. So far, she had been shocked to see the landscape of Velaheria, in ways it reminded her of Dolchland which was a horrible mess in some area. She could see some of the farming projects and other things like that, but soon the airplane was climbing again after getting clearance to climb to a higher altitude out of local radar.Ā 

Soon though, the plane descended again for the last time which was making its way to land at the airport. What was waiting for the chancellor was unknown, deep down she really didn't trust landing in a Socialist nation due to the distrust of Socialists through her personal experiences, but she set that aside. Soon the runway was in sight, and she sat down for the landing. It was a clean landing, nothing out of the ordinary for these pilots who fly her and the Imperial Family around the Realm. The plane pulled up to a terminal and the door was opened. She grabbed her cover and her working briefcase and headed out the door placing the cover on her head. As she walked out, she could see some security along the walls and the area where she would be heading to. She was told the meeting would start at the Executive Building and that transportation has been arranged for her. She made her way to the car and got in and just like that she was on her way to have her meetings.

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Bastaria, Velaheria

It was no news that the chancellor was coming to meet with the chairman himself, as it had been decided quite some time ago, but what was suprising however, was the preparations that were made for the arrival of her excellency, in the velaherian capital, the city itself was bustling with, the other major metropolitan areas being similar as well, but on that day, there werent many people to be seen, besides the Peasant's guards and the VPA personnel, who guarded the key roads of the capital for her excellency's arrival. Velaheria according to some, had already surpassed dolchland in terms of growth, so it was not uncommon to see some people running here and there, or some shops being set up, besides the private malls that were also, filled with people, but those were far from the main route from which the chancellor would arrive, the roads were barricaded, and the usual party propaganda was seen on the walls of the relatively velaherian styled buildings, which was common the capital, huge monuments dedicated to the velaherian socialist ideology, and to socialist reality could be seen from a distance. There were also two cars which had went to the Bastarian airport, to pick up, the chancellor, and show her around the capital, before arriving at the People's assembly.Ā 

As the cars arrived at the airport, Her excellency, was instructed to follow the cars to, the velaherian people's assembly, where the meeting would take place in, and where she would talk directly with the chairman and the general secretary of the velaherian people's party about the issues in central argis. The cars were painted the usual black, which seemed all the more similar to the attire of the velaherian security services, which was a branch of the velaherian ministry of security and enforcement. The cars had the logo of the Velaherian Ministry of Security, and of the VPA, and toured the car of the chancellor, all around the city, showing them key sites such as the Supreme court, the statues of the father of the state "Arin Von Starinburg", The Art and Cultural meuseum, and the Velaherian war memorial, all of which were symbols of pride and honour to the regime and the people as well.

After some time, they finally arrive at the people's assembly, where armed soldiers were waiting for the chancellor, and she was followed inside the building by atleast a platoon of soldiers, all of whom were armed with K-24 assault rifles, as she is finally shown the room, where the conference is to be held, with the chairman, who according to the captain of the platoon, has been waiting for her for atleast an hour now, as he had also been doing his usual work, of checking through proposals and legislations, though some of them, were of concerns to the velaherian economy, and the interaction of it with the argic markets. The velaherians had been developing key ties with the rest of the continent through the argic rails and they have been a main source of exports for the state, but current situations had made that route a bit unstable, thus, the regime needed to protect its interests in central argis as well, and thus supporting dokvetska was a key factor in that.Ā 

Ander von starinburg, had heard a lot about the ahranan leadership and their distrust of the velaherian regime, for a long time, and thus he had decided to hold this meeting in his nation, instead of travelling there, as then he could show the ahranans that the velaheria that they perceived was not the same, and that the economy had grown a lot since the 2000's, and that the velaherian markets were as stable as any other state, if not more, and thus they shouldnt be distrustful of them anymore..and if it required some tour to convince them that, then he had a whole schedule planned for the chancellor, that she could visit, though it was mostly a small bribe from the socialist state, to get things done its way.Ā 

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On the way to the People's Assembly, she was given a tour of the Capital City, in her mind this was the last thing she wanted to do or even entertain. Nonetheless, she was guest to this nation and therefore she and to play whatever game it was they were playing at. As they drove around parts of the city did mine her of Dolchland in some ways, mostly the architecture was very similar. The number of statutes though that were found to be all over the city and almost every other block was a bit similar to Moskovo before the Revolution, "so that was one similarity to Ahranaian Society and a dozen to the Dolch" she said to herself in her mind giving a bit a laugh.

As the car drove around and around, soon she found herself at the People's Assembly finally. As the car stopped the door was opened and there was a line of guards up the stairs and into the building. She grabbed her briefcase and placed her cover on and made her way into the building. As she walked in, she took off her cover and followed a guard.

As the Chancellor was shown to the room where the conference was to be held, she noticed that Von Starinburg had been waiting in the room and seemed to be looking at papers of some sort. She made no notion of that but instead walked into the room and made her way over to where he was. They shook hands and Bjorkman look around to see if there was anyone else in the room to which there was not.

"I do not wish to sound rude but is it just you and me in this room where I suppose we are to discuss some stately matters? If that sounded a bit rude,Ā I do apologizeĀ in advance it'sĀ just a bit unorthodox I guess you could say from what I have experienceĀ in other visits."

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As the chancellor entered the room, and shook hands with the president, she was greeted by him to sit down, as two waiters, offered her some of velaheria's finest grape wine, and meat patties, along with an delicacy of canned meat saute, which was specially made for the elites of the nation, and was considered as one of the finest dishes in velaheria..though there were finer delicacies to be offered, the president still decided against it..

While all of this was being provided to the chancellor, Starinburg just scoffed, and lighted a cigar, as he kept the papers that he was reviewing, aside and gave his undivided attention to Bjorkman, he already knew what she had come to talk about, and was ready to get his share of rewards in exchange for some concessions, to the @AhrananĀ and tagmantine counterparts of theirs, Afterall the war had dragged on for far too long than he imagined it would, and the VFDB was already facing supply issues and lack of proper co-ordination, and the dokvetskans were already losing their ground, it was already a lost cause, but the velaherian forces couldnt just stop their operations like that, as that would signify that the velaherian state was bowing to tagmantine sanctions..so they needed some concessions before withdrawing from the baltican theatre.Ā 

Though they needed to still define their sphere's of influences in central argis, and a common ground, on where to co-operate, and if velaheria could sign agreements which would make it trade with other ATARA members freely, and greatly increase the economic potential of velaheria, as argis was still the largest market of velaherian goods..though trade with alharu and aurelia were slowly reducing velaherian reliance on argis, but it would still take a lot of time, to do that.Ā 

Starinburg, just gave a smile, as he nodded to bjorkman, and just give her a set of papers, which seemed to indicate the velaherian set of demands which, included the removal of sanctions imposed on velaheria, a closer integration with the ATARAN market, and non interference in @Stedorian and @DPR Velaherian politics, and internal matters, though he very well knew, that the ahranians wouldnt just accept his demands, so easily. But he wasnt ready to give up on his demands.

"Well..yes its just us two in this room, as its for security and privacy purposes, made sure that no one else can interrupt our talks, and about those demands, i expect you to think about them, if you want the velaherian forces stationed in baltica to evacuate and the bombings to stop"Ā 

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As the paper Staringburg handed the Chancellor came into view she saw some of the items that were listed and was quite stunned on some of them but not speechless, some of these things she expected from this country and its government. Yet if Staringburg thought the quick tour around the city was going to soften the stance of the Chancellor and the rest of her government, well he was hugely mistaken. She listened to Staringburg talk and when she looked up, she saw a smile come from him. She gave back a polite smile but nothing more.

As she read over this list, Bjorkman started to think of a response of what she was going to say to some of these "requests". Some of them were a bit far from considering the reasoning behind the sanctions were related to the Human Rights Abuses this Government allows to happen under its rule and has for some time now. Bjorkman sat the paper down from her hands and lifted her briefcase to the table and opened it and got out some papers and a folder and sat them on the table.

Mr. President, now some of these demands or what I am going to call "requests" are a bit much in some ways and I know you know that and yet it has not stopped you from placing those requests before me.

Bjorkman paused for a moment and slid the folder over in between her and the President but left her hand on the folder, on the top of the folder you could see the words; "Confidential Information, Top Secret Official Use Only", written in bold red lettering. On that folder was a title of "Investigation:Ā Bad Prodigy".

In this folder I have are several recorded incidents of Human Rights Abuses happening across the whole of Argis, how this information has been gathered I will not disclose the information to you and nor will I allow you to view into this folder. However, I will tell you how many articles and files of abuses I have in my office and in the Human Rights Institute of Ahrana stationed in Skaro. So far,Ā we have recorded for Human Rights Abuses committed in the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Velaheria are over a thousand. Yet on this paper here you have a request, well its actually seen by me as more of a demand than request, you want the sanctions that my government has imposed on your country and several governmental officials removed. In order for that to be even considered let alone happen by me or any Ahranaian Governmental Official your nation and your Governmental Officials must ensure Human Rights to your people.

She paused for a moment and slide the folder back and placed it in the briefcase and shut it and locked it back, which left the paper Staringburg gave her and her papers on the table.

unfortunately, I do not see these Human Rights being awarded to the people of Velaheria anytime soon and therefore the sanctions will remain. They will remain not only on grounds of Human Rights Abuse but also for the involvementĀ in the Baltican Civil War which has devastatedĀ that country and is going on to possibly destabilizeĀ that region of Central Argis. When we look into that conflict who do we find supporting a faction and arming them with weapons of war? We find your nations weapons and even at times your own Armed Forces on the ground. How can I in good conscienceĀ remove sanctions on a country that helps fuel a War that is brining death and devastation and possible Human Rights Abuse in my backyard basically? To simply answer that, I cannot. So,Ā no I am sorry the sanctions will be staying for the time being.

Bjorkman stopped for a moment and found the glass of wine and took a sip before continuing.

As far as trying to accessĀ the ATARA Market, I will not ask my DelegateĀ to ATARA to support an application of a nation that is not showing any signs of wanting to improve its Human Rights track record. If my government and IĀ were to see any form of improvements in this regard,Ā then it is possible we would support the idea. I am well aware of what the other members believe and think in the idea of Velaheria being part of ATARA let alone accessĀ that Market, and I agree with some of those Members in their opinions.

As far as a non-interferenceĀ in Velaherian and Stedorian Politics and Internal matters we do not truly care for anything else besides the Human Rights, which again is stipulated for many things if your nation wishes to have no sanctions and ATARA access. I do not support the idea of Velaheria interferingĀ in Central Argis however as we believe it could give way to more unstable movements in other countries in Central Argis.

My requests for the Government of Velaheria is simple and are the following:Ā ensure the Human Rights of all within Velaheria, the sphere of influenceĀ of Velaheria should stay behind the 15th longitude degree and go no further and if it must go furtherĀ then go west not east.

As Bjorkman finished talking, she slid the paper with the requests of the Ahranaian Government which gave stipulations for how the sanctions could be removed as well as ATARA Membership or even Market Access is desired those stipulations are what will guarantee Ahranaian Support in ATARA as well as Sanction Removal. The paper also listed that Ahrana would be willing to trade with Velaheria as soon as any improvement in Human Rights were seen and would allow Velaherian Companies to sell and operate in Ahrana again.

As she slid the paper, she returned the smile she was given at the start of this paper exchange and grabbed the glass of wine and took another sip and just gave Staringburg a lovely stare and another graceful smile.

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Starinburg gave her an slight smile as he called one of his clerks, and asked him to bring the file regarding the proposal of withdrawing of the troops and the ceasing of the bombing runs in the baltican theatre, which was being debated in the people's assembly for some months now, but was undecided on, due to the bickering among the reformists and the more hardline followers of the Velaherian socialist ideology, in the VPP; Though this was an issue, as the Velaherian state was bleeding its coffers dry, and supporting a regime that was a doomed to fall, from the start, and was now starting to lose the conventional fights in Baltica, and there wasnt any reason to back it anymore..So the People's assembly had finally decided to end its support to Dokvetska and slowly start pulling the VFDB back and with the confrontations with ateenia being a thing, the evacuation absolutely needed to happen, or otherwise, there would be many undesired losses on the VFDB and the VPAAF's side.Ā 

Another thing starinburg was worried about were all those sanctions that were being imposed on the velaherian state, by foreign powers whom, velaheria desperately needed equipments from, and thus this couldnt continue, and so, he needed to back out and get into some agreements with the ahranian side, as he hoped for atleast some of the sanctions to go away as soon as this meeting started to bear fruit, though he didnt really wanted to get velaheria isolated on the wurld stage, he still had his doubts of agreeing to the demands of the Ahranian chancellor.

Though for now; he just scoffed and clenched his tie, as he looked at bjorkman, and said with a smile on his lips

"Some of the requests that you have put through to be approved, for the complete removal of sanctions on velaheria, is simply unrealistic and unacceptable, as no sort of human rights violations have ever been conducted on the soil of the DPRV, more along, we have one of the lowest crime rates in all of eurth, and maybe the lowest in argis, though this doesnt means all of your accusations are not true, our people do agree that the mission to baltica was indeed a massive blunder and that velaherian people are suffering for that, and for that reason, we have decided to withdraw our troops from the baltican theatre in return for relief in some of the sanctions imposed by ahrana, as we believe that this might be the start of a reprosmo between our states"Ā 

He then presented the document which had the signatures of his on the withdrawal of velaherian troops from the baltican theatre, as he hoped that this might be enough to satisfy the chancellor for her to relieve and eleveate some of the sanctions imposed on velaheria, while he simply smiles at her again, and puffs another turn from his cigar, as he lets out the smoke.

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As Bjorkman sat there and listened to the usual lies and counter deflective answers to the requests, she grew annoyed with Starinburg, mostly because of his terrible smile or grim and his smoking obsession. She never understood why people smoked, she saw it as unhealthy and disgusting and plague on people and the society. Though she was happy with the prospect of the Velaherian Armed Forces leaving Baltica even if they learned that it was futile to try and aid a faction that may not even last the test of time. However, having it on paper is one thing and actually doing what it says is another thing entirely.

Now Mr. President, you know as well as I do that putting everything down a piece of paper saying this is what you are going to do is only that. It holds no actual assurance that this will be done by you or your government, and through my experience with many governments paper holds no promise of anything. So let the actions speak over the words in this aspect Mr. President.

She paused for a moment before continuing.

Then again if the Government of Velaheria does carryout what this document states it will then I am sure some of the sanctions in place on Velaheria will be lifted but not all. You will still face heavy sanctions for the Human Rights Abuses you say are not happening inside your borders. The Sanctions in place are impactedĀ on the fact of Human Rights abuses not your involvementĀ in Baltica, though that is some of the focus of the sanctions but not all of them.

The fact that you state that there have not been any human rights abuses inside your country is appalling and honestly dissatisfyingĀ to a great extent, but nonetheless I do not wish to talk about this the entire meeting I am here for. While we are here,Ā I want to use the rest of the time discussingĀ the fact that Velaherian Influence in Central Argis must not continue as it causes a huge stability effect. What I mean by that is simply look at Baltica, your governments influence there has brought more turmoilĀ and fueled the war to a degree the coalition forces were hoping would not happen. There is also the possibilityĀ that the Kingdom of Ateenia might join in the civil war siding with another faction because of your government'sĀ involvement. The Directorate of Intelligence in Ahrana has been getting reports that the Government of Ateenia has seen your involvementĀ as a provocationĀ and that the Communist ideals must be stomped out of Central Argis.Ā 

The Ahranaian Government does not wish to see any Political Ideals squashed orĀ wiped off the map in Central Argis, but we are very alarmed when to very left leaning, and rightĀ leaning government are caught in a war and fight each other with one planning to wipe the other out entirely. So here is what Ahrana is willing to do. If the Velaherian Armed Forces are to evacuate from Baltica then the Ahranaian Royal Air Force will set up a no-flyĀ zone over the area of retreat along with deploying peacekeepers to cover your forcesĀ evacuate Baltica. If the People of that are to which you were helping in this war wish to have a Peacekeeper Presence,Ā then we will carry outĀ that request for those people. We also ask that any equipment that your forces cannot take with them to either be scuttled or handed over to the local forces, we will not allow that equipment to fall into the hands of the Ateenian Armed Forces who could use that equipment to their advantage.Ā 

I do hope this seems like an opportunityĀ for Ahrana to show you that we only want to help achieve peace in the area and to keep War down to a minimum due to the blood lossĀ that results in wars. We have seen our share of wars over our history,Ā and we only wish to bringĀ stability to the area around Ahrana and if Velaheria is willing to help with that by ensuring the Southern area of Argis stays in a stable and peaceful manner than that would be great!

Bjorkman stopped and decided that she would let Staringburg respond to this which was a lot to think about. She sat there taking a few more sips from her water while waiting for his reply.

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Ā Starinburg chuckled as he looked at bjorkman, with a wide grin, he knew exactly what this meant for Velaheria, an end to this bloody war, that had been bleeding its coffers dry, for the last 5 months and it had made velaheria suffer from unnecessary sanctions, all that starinburg wanted now, was to make sure that the velaherian forces succesfully evacuated from the baltican theatre, as further losses there could serve as an massive egg on the Velaherian regime's face. He was going to ensure that this would not ever happen, and thus he had decided to make sure that bjorkman would sign a defining treaty with him.Ā 

Mrs Bjorkman, the fact that the act has been written on a piece of paper, is the proof that it is already in effect, and by the end of this month, most if not all of our forces would leave baltica for good, and i ensure you, that the velaherian regime's intentions are not to destabilize the central argic region.

He pauses for a moment, and coughs, as two VPA soldiers, seem to appear, and take away the ashtray, and the empty glass of wine, away from the table, after which he resumes to speak with Mrs.Bjorkman.

If that happens then it would be the best for both of our nations, and regarding the sanctions on our supposed human right abuses, those can stay in place, as there is nothing i can do which would prove that the democratic people's republic of Velaheria doesnt has any human rights violations commited against its citizens, and thats all, well..now i wish to say that..well, we would take any weapons that can truly be in the possesion of any soldier of the Varnar, and we would also like to have an no fly zone applied in our evacuation zone, as we dont wish to wipe out the varnar, or more of our soldiers, due to the VFDB, suffering unnecessary losses during the war.


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Very well Starinburg, I will however hold you to this and if what is expected is not what was done well the sanction that will be lifted will return indefinitelyĀ until the Ahranaian Government deems it possible to lift them. As for your troops, they should withdraw,Ā and we will provide shelter from the air and if need be Ahranaian Ground Forces can help transport your forces to the evacuationĀ zone including the possibilityĀ of air evacs if need be. It is my hope that by allow and helping in this manner some sort of relationship can be formed and that hopefullyĀ your government can instituteĀ changes that are needed.

Also, with the Dniesterian and Ahranaian borders becoming very tense recently and with the possibilityĀ of the outbreak of war, we the Ahranaian Government hope that the Velaherian Government will not do anything to rash that could destabilizeĀ that area next to Ahrana. It would be a shame to have to put an end to our recent friendly relations.

As she sat there and gave a deafening glare to Starinburg she took a few more sips out of the glass next to her before giving her final sentence.

I have nothing else to discuss and if that is all we both wish to discuss I would like to be able to return back to Moskovo as I have important business to deal with.

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